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Chapter 71

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Of course I do!”

The ugly man becomes so proud that some pustules on his face start to crack and weep .  He laughs out loudly: “My name comes from my mother when she was giving birth to me .  She dreamed about a phoenix that night, and here comes my name . Boy, you are quite honey-mouthed .  For the sake of your praise, I will make you suffer less when I kill you . ”

The youngster wears an innocent look . Blinking his eyes, he can’t help but says, “I didn’t expect that Brother Da’s name could have such a deep meaning .  But there is one thing that I dare not to think about .  If your mother didn’t dream of a phoenix on the night when you were born, but dreamed of a rooster, then your name would be . . . ”

“Dreaming of a rooster? What name will it be?” That simple-minded man fails to make a quick response .

“Da Cock (it means big cock) . . . ”

Someone can’t help laughing and reminds him with good intention . After his words, all the people on the second floor of the Blue Sky Restaurant burst into laughter, including Sima Tian .  Well, Yun Chuan is really “honey-mouthed”!

“You, you . . .  I will tear you to pieces!” Da Pheonix just understands Yun Chuan’s meaning and becomes furious . His face turns red, and his head seems to be swollen .  More and more pustules on his face start to crack and weep, and the white pus begins to flowing down .

Yun Chuan becomes even more innocent . He points to Da Pheonix’s red and swollen head and says, “I’m just telling the truth .  Everyone, let’s make a judge together .  Look at his face, is it red and swollen? And there’s something white on it . . . ”

Many people secretly looks at Da Pheonix and shows a look of approval . Then the laughter becomes even greater, making Da Pheonix tremble with anger .

Xing Wudao also goes to this focused private room . He presses down Da Pheonix already speechless with fury on the shoulder and warns in a cold voice, “Evil tricks again? Yun Chuan, you are just like a dog returning to its vomit . Do you believe it or not? After you walk out of the Fanghu Island, I can kill you in a moment!”

Yun Chuan yawns and sits down without even having a little look at Xing Wudao . He takes up his cup and says with a smile, “Brother Sima, here’s to you . ”

With such contempt and ignorance from the youngster, Xing Wudao’s anger finally overflows .  For those previous aggressors, Yun Chuan at least asked their names politely; but for him, Yun Chuan completely ignored and responded nothing .

This is not ignoring at all, but directly slapping him in the face, which makes Xing Wudao more embarrassed than being sneered at .  Yun Chuan did this as if Xing Wudao, this strong man at the middle-stage of Martial Core, is not qualified at all to speak with him at the moment . Ironically, seeing Xing Wudao being so face-slapped by Yun Chuan, those who were taunted by Yun Chuan just now, like Da Pheonix and others, now even take a kind of dark pleasure .

“I’m talking to you, little jerk,” Xing Wudao growls out, “Are you deaf?”

“Trash . ”

Turning a deaf ear to Xing Wudao’s anger and shout, Yun Chuan glances at Xing Wudao carelessly and disdainfully, and spits out a word, which almost drives Xing Wudao mad by anger .

“Who do you mean by ‘trash’?” Xing Wudao has completely lost his head with anger at the moment, and his whole body is trembling . He has even made up his mind to kill this little brute here at the cost of being punished .

But just then, Yun Chuan stands up . He waves his hands and explains, “Brother Wudao, don’t be so angry . I mean not you . . . ”

Xing Wudao’s face slightly eased . He has always behaved gentlemanly, but just now his face was somewhat ferocious in a rage .  Now hearing Yun Chuan’s explanation, he forces out an ugly smile and is about to open his mouth .

But suddenly, Yun Chuan steps forward and looks around . His eyes are fixed on the whole private room where Gui Yantian sits .  Then he speaks softly:

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“I mean, everyone in your room is trash, a bunch of trash . . . ”

These words are followed by a deathly silence .

As soon as Yun Chuan’s words come out, the original force of all the people in that private room starts to surge through their bodies, and the room is then full of terror .  Clearly they cannot hold their anger back any more, and they finally realize the feeling that Xing Wudao once had .

Sima Tian’s look changes . He stands in front of Yun Chuan and warns in a sharp voice, “Why, you want to break the rules for generations on the Fanghu Island? No one has ever dared to do that!”

Both sides are at loggerheads .  Suddenly, an old man in the costume of the Tianyi School comes in, followed by ten good-looking little Foxtrels . On the tray inlaid with gold and jade in his hand, there lies a palm-size white stone shining softly .

The old man’s breath is even more horrible than that of Dan Ling only half step to the stage of Nascent Soul . He must be a real powerful man at the stage of Nascent Soul, and probably he is an Elder Master of the Tianyi School .

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“I am an Elder Master of the Tianyi School, Sima Tiangang . Today, I will auction the last ten Stones of Mirages here, and the one with the highest price will get it . ”

As soon as Sima Tiangang’s words come out, the tense situation on the whole second floor of the Blue Sky Restaurant disappears, and it falls into a frenzy at the next moment . Each of them is now staring at the ten Stones covered with white fog .

After all, although most of the Stones have been obtained by the major Sects and Schools, there are only about 100 Stones in total this time .  Each Sect or School may have only one or two Stones, and they are all given to the most outstanding disciples . However, those who come here now are those martial arts cultivators in an awkward position in their Sects or Schools . They are also doing well among peers, but they are not on the top . Therefore, they have no chance to get the first batch of Stones and be in the first group to enter the Land of Mirage .

Everyone knows how precious these Stones are; for they mean the first-group ticket to the Land of Mirage .  Although there will be another batch of Stones in a few days, if there are some lucky chances in the Land, people who firstly explore it will definitely gain far more than the followers later .

As for the hidden danger in the Land of Mirage, it has been ignored by many people . Stimulated by the news that the martial arts cultivator who has risen directly from the middle-stage of Martial Core to the stage only half step to that of Nascent Soul, everyone is now eager to try . Moreover, they all know that the cultivation of martial arts is always on the way of challenging the Heaven .  No lucky chance will be found in an absolutely safe place .  The more risks there lies, the more gains there will be .

Looking at those fanatical eyes around, Yun Tian’s heart jolts a little bit . He knows that the fight for the Stones this time must be fierce .

Although he has made a small fortune before, Yun Chuan is not so confident about his strength if he wants to compete with all those disciples with quite good qualifications .

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