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Chapter 69

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Seeing that Yun Chuan has already made up his mind, Sima Tian sighs and stops persuading . Yun Chuan turns back and says, “Brother Sima, do you know where I can exchange pills for Primordial Stones? There are only about 8000 Stones on me, that’s not enough . However, I still have a most excellent Heaven-conversing Pill at the first-level with three Pill Marks . According to the price of the pills I saw along the way, this pill should be worth about 4000 Stones, and that will be enough . . . ”

Bei Yuanguang’s death has left Yun Chuan all the wealth accumulated by robbery of these five brothers on the Shore of the North Sea, thus he makes a small fortune . In addition, he has accumulated a lot of Primordial Stones before, which makes his current store reach about 8000 Stones .

“You got a pill at the first-level perfect-stage with three Pill Marks, Brother Yun, and you want to sell it for a bunch of rags? My dear Heaven . . . ” Sima Tian gasps and looks at Yun Chuan with a strange look; the reproaching word “wastrel” is already on the tongue but he holds on to himself .

“The pill with three Pill Marks? Young master, you don’t have to change it into Primordial Stones .  Just give it to me directly as 4000 Stones, and that will be fine .  How about this? I’ll give you a thousand Stones discount . ”

Seeing that Yun Chuan is going to be bankrupt at the moment, and even takes out a pill at the first-level perfect-stage for exchange, the stall owner even starts to express his sympathies . After all, Yun Chuan’s current performance obviously shows that he is still helping count money for the one who sold him, which makes the stall owners feel embarrassed, so he puts forward a thousand Stones discount for Yun Chuan . After the deal is struck, he immediately closes the stall and leaves, as if being afraid that Yun Chuan will repent .

Yun Chuan takes over more than a dozen jade slips he has selected and shows a satisfied look . Looking at the stall owner who has already closed his stall, he can’t help laughing: “Why is he running? I won’t beat him . ”

As soon as these words come out, not only Sima Tian, but also many martial arts cultivators around look at Yun Chuan as looking at a fool . Sima Tian can’t bear it anymore and persuades him: “Brother Yun, I think I should send someone to chase back that stall owner . Eight thousand Primordial Stones and a Heaven-conversing Pill with three Pill Marks, does he really think my brother is a fool? He dares to accept that . . . Brother Yun, if I don’t find him back for you this time, I’m afraid you will lose everything directly .  And at that time, there will be no place for you to cry . ”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and says with a smile, “Don’t worry, it doesn't matter . The stall owner is short-sighted and let the real treasure go . I’m afraid he will be the one to cry after a few days . ”

Seeing the youngster’s confident smiling face, Sima Tian sighs secretly and says nothing, but feel a pity for Yun Chuan in the heart .

It is late, and after Sima Tian leaves, Yun Chuan enters an Inn .  After closing the door, the boy can’t hold back the excitement that he had previously concealed in front of the stall owner anymore .

“I didn’t expect to be so lucky . . . As soon as I arrive at the Fanghu Island, I get the matching skill of the Xuanyang Sword, a treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul!”

Yun Chuan takes out a jade slip and starts to perceive it carefully .  On this jade slip a inferior martial skill at the Black level called Xuanyang Skill is recorded, and judging from its implicit resonance with the Xuanyang Sword, it is exactly the matching martial skill of that Sword, which is a treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul from Zhan Mufei .

“This is just a matching martial skill of a treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul, and it still needs 3000 points of soul value to understand its perfect-stage .  With the help of the Golden Scroll I still need so many soul values, not to mention others .  No wonder that only few can use these kinds of martial weapons . . .  However, the death of the Five Brothers in the North Sea has contributed more than 7000 points of soul value for me, which is enough for my present needs . As for the other martial skills, they are all superior ones at the Yellow level selected from the hundreds of jade slips . With such a low chance of winning, there is no doubt that many people have lost all their money . However, according to the current prices on this Island, I can make a net profit of at least 20000 Primordial Stones by selling these martial arts skills . ”

A trace of smile climbs on Yun Chuan’s face . If that self-righteous stall owner knows about it, definitely he will spit blood . Even Sima Tian didn’t think that Yun Chuan, who had already lost all money in his eyes, will be the biggest winner this time!

With his eyes closed and his knees crossed, the youngster begins to understand the matching skill of the Xuanyang Sword .  The night passes as if in a flash .

The next day, Yun Chuan walks out of the inn .  The Fanghu Island is still a sea of people, and the crowd is even denser than yesterday .

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However, Yun Chuan doesn’t continue to wander around the peripherial area this time . Instead, according to the distribution introduced by Sima Tian yesterday, Yun Chuan goes towards the continuous temples in the front .

The buildings in front of him are the industries operated by those Sects or Schools that Sima Tian mentioned earlier, but he cares nothing about the owners of these industries . After a brief inspection, he enters a shop selling martial skills . A moment later, he comes out with a smile on his face .

“I really make millions this time! I got 23,000 Primordial Stones by selling those superior martial skills at the Yellow level . With these Stones, I should be able to reach the stage of Martial Core!”

The plan pleases Yun Chuan greatly, and he wanders for a moment again .  The sun is already high in the sky . In front of him there is a grand and gorgeous restaurant dozens of stories high, and its signboard saying “Blue Sky Restaurant” can be seen in the distance . Yun Chuan’s eyes light up and he walks towards that building .

People are hurrying to and fro outside the restaurant, and on both sides of the entrance there stand a row of little Foxtrels who welcome guests . They all look like human girls, but behind each of them there is a hairy fox tail, which vibrates gently and arouses people’s excitement . They all smile sweetly, and when a guest comes, they bow down slightly, revealing a large area of snow-white cleavage .

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Yun Chuan is totally amazed .  He wonders that which Sect or School this restaurant belongs to, for it looks so luxurious and powerful .  It is known to all that this kind of little Foxtrels which can transform their appearance are all at the stage of Body Cultivation, but at the moment, they are merely doing the greeting job outside the restaurant .

Generally speaking, the monsters can transform into the appearance of human beings after they have reached the stage of Body Cultivation . However, some characteristics of the monsters are still maintained, just like the fox tails and furry ears outside the Blue Sky Restaurant .

And with the promotion of cultivation, their monster characteristics will disappear completely to a certain extent . At that time, the monster could not be called as a monster, but a powerful demon!

Yun Chuan steps in, and that row of little Foxtrels all bow with a sweet smile, showing temptation silently . All of a sudden, one of them asks in surprise: “Excuse me, are you Master Yun Chuan from the Daoist Pill Sect? Young Master Sima once went to look for you but failed . Today, many outstanding disciples of all major Sects and Schools are going to gather in our Blue Sky Restaurant .  Young Master Sima ordered us to tell you that he would be waiting for you on the second floor of the Restaurant . ”

Yun Chuan goes blank for an instant and then nods with a smile . At the next moment, he enters the Blue Sky Restaurant in the curious eyes of a group of small Foxtrels .

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