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Chapter 68

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They walk along the street and chat with each other . All of a sudden, Yun Chuan’s eyes light up and he looks out to the side .  A lot of martial arts cultivators are now gathering together in a distant booth packed with a dense crowd .

With a look of interest, Yun Chuan heads for that popular stall over there .  Sima Tian shakes his head and says with a smile, “A bad shot, Brother Yun . This kind of stalls that seems to be extremely popular, but after you have visited enough stalls, you won’t care about them at all .  Some gizmos, some things stolen, robbed or with other unknown sources are often sold on these stalls .  If you put them in the ordinary place, no one will pay attention to them . However, during the Grand Gathering on the Fanghu Island, some people just bring those things as well as the martial skills of unknown grades together, and sell them with the help of people’s curiosity . Most of the cultivators you see there are the confederates of the sellers to attract more buyers who know nothing about the inside story . ”

Yun Chuan shows a surprised look: “I see . I also wondered that why the stalls was so popular, and that’s the reason . ”

The youngster is full of enthusiasm, and he pushes his way through the crowd . Hundreds of items, including pills, puppets, martial skills and herbs, are all placed and showed at expressly marked price on the front stalls . Yun Chuan glances at these prices and get secretly surprised . As Sima Tian said earlier, the price of the goods sold in this stall is several times higher than that sold in a normal one, and most of them are of unknown use .

It is also because of this that some inferior martial skills at the Yellow level can be sold at a price of thousands of Primordial Stones, which is dozens of times higher than a normal one .  Equally, it is also possible to buy martial skills worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Stones at the price of only a thousand Stones .

Of course, this kind of possibility is extremely rare . From time to time, some martial arts cultivators are attracted by the fanatical atmosphere here, and spend all their savings to buy back a pile of useless inferior martial skills at the Yellow level .

The only way to judge whether it’s a treasure or a waste is that the stall owner will copy parts of the unknown martial skills and pill prescriptions onto the jade slips, making it possible for those customers who come here with a desire to buy to feel a moment .

However, this so-called feeling moment is often shorter than fifteen minutes .  In such a short period of time, except for that kind of talents with fifth or sixth blood levels may perceive something, other ordinary people will not have any feeling; but this trick can completely seduce people’s curiosity .

But at the moment, the youngster seems to think of something, and his eyes becomes more and more bright .  A very interested expression then shows on his face .  

“Maybe I can use the Golden Scroll to understand the different levels of martial skills by the soul values they need .  So that I can easily identify the level of them . ”

This idea kindles Yun Chuan’s eyes, and this scene is also seen in the eyes of the stall owner . This shifty-eyed stall owner is not unfamiliar with Yun Chuan’s interested look, for he has often seen this kind of look these days . And every martial arts cultivator who has showed this kind of look finally all spent a huge amount of Primordial Stones here for a pack of wastes, dissipated his or her fortune and gained nothing .

No one knows the exact level of the goods sold in his stall, but they have been examined before selling, and the probability of finding a treasure among them is almost zero . Most of the goods on the stalls come from bandits on the Shore of the North Sea, such as Bei Yuanguang and other villains .

At the moment, seeing the coming customer, this guilty-looking stall owner wears a joyful face at once . He hands a lot of jade slips to Yun Chuan and asks with a smile, “Young master, you wanna to try your luck? A few days ago, someone just used a thousand Primordial Stones and bought a martial skill at the Black level worthy of tens of thousands of Stones from my stall . . . ”

Yun Chuan smiles, nods and takes those jade slips . Sima Tian comes over and suggests in a low voice with a trace of worry in his eyes, “Brother Yun, don’t believe him . It has been investigated that ‘lucky’ cultivator was a partner of him . . . ”

“Don’t worry, Brother Sima . I’m just trying my luck for fun . ” Yun Chuan chuckles and comforts Sima Tian, and then he closes his eyes and begins to feel the martial skills imprinted on those jade slips .

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When the stall owner hears that Yun Chuan just wants to play for fun rather than gamble, he cannot help but shows a trace of disappointment on his face . Yun Chuan isn’t been moved by the previous tricks, so it can be expected that he can’t earn much from this youngster today .  But still, he waits for Yun Chuan to open the eyes on the other side with eagle eyes .

Hearing Yun Chuan’s words, Sima Tian puts his heart down .  He believes that Yun Chuan is not the kind of person who has no sense of propriety, so he also waits quietly on the side .

A moment later, the youngster opens his eyes and a trace of joy shows on his face; but soon it is immediately concealed by him .  The next moment, he directly picks out a dozen jade slips, pushes them to the stall owner and says, “That’s all . How many Primordial Stones?”

“Twelve thousand Primordial Stones in all!” The stall owner does a double-take and replies subconsciously .

“Brother Yun, think twice!” Sima Tian’s eyes widen and he seems to get a new perception of Yun Chuan . He murmurs: “Didn’t you say that you are here just for fun?”

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Twelve thousand Primordial Stones are a huge sum of money even for him, not to mention Yun Chuan, who has not even reached stage of Martial Core at the moment . In his opinion, even if Yun Chuan can take the Stones out, he will lose all his fortune this time; let alone he is using them to buy a pile of useless wastes where to find only one superior martial skill at the Yellow level it’s such a blessing .

It is because Sima Tian knew that this kind of gambling business is not reliable, so he persuaded Yun Chuan before .

And at the same time, the almost disappointed stall owner also shows a look mixed with shock and ecstasy . Previously, he heard that Yun Chuan said he was just playing . He thought he would not earn much this time, but he didn’t expect that Yun Chuan’s “playing” was all about spending 12,000 Primordial Stones in one breath .

Apart from several partners arranged by him before, Yun Chuan is the first to make such a big deal .  Meeting such a fat lamb to be slaughtered, he can’t control his trembling voice with excitement .

“Just for fun, of course . I’m going to try my luck this time, for I’ve been lucky recently . ” Yun Chuan smiles lightly .

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