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Chapter 67

Proofreader: Liang Yaping

The most shocking thing is that there is a huge mountain for tens of thousands miles around above the center of the Fanghu Island . The mountain is not in a normal awl-like shape, but is completely reversed; the more it goes up, the huger it is, making the whole mountain seem to be like an inverted awl . Dozens of thick chains fall from the top and all of them are deeply embedded in the ground, as if to keep the mountain firmly locked .

    Xing Wudao looks pale and faltering .  Again he spits out a mouthful of blood essence to speed up, turns into a bloody shadow and finally, steps on the Fanghu Island .

The breath from his body has been weak to the extreme, but his face still shows a strong color of happiness that belongs to a survivor .

His running for life lasts for half a day that has almost become the jaws of his death . If he was overtaken by Yun Chuan, he would have been dead .

Xing Wudao sets his teeth with rage, balls his fists, and a trace of extremely strong hatred shows on his face .  He has always been narrow-minded; if he was beaten by a cultivator at the same stage as him, he would admit defeat reluctantly . However, Yun Chuan has not even reached the stage of Martial Core, but being exactly the one who has made him so miserable .

    “Yun Chuan, what an Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect! No fighting is allowed on the Fanghu Island, so I can heal my wounds safely .  The day when I’m recovered will be your turn to die!”

Xing Wudao swears to himself cruelly with a gloomy face . But the next moment, his face changes, for he has seen the coming shadow of Yun Chuan in the distance . Even if he has on the Fanghu Island now, he can still feel the killing intention of Yun Chuan rushing towards him combatively .

Xing Wudao’s heart sinks and he complains secretly . It suddenly occurs to him that Yun Chuan has been a newcomer from a small Clan to the Daoist Pill Sect, and this is the first time for him to come here, which means he knows nothing about many rules on the Fanghu Island .

“Damn . . . I’ve met a lunkhead .  Although it is said that fighting recklessly on the Fanghu Island will be punished by the Tianyi School on the Fanghu Island, I’m afraid I can’t hold on till they come here . . . What should I do? My Heaven, I’m so lucky! I see Sima Tian, he is one of the young leaders of the Tianyi School, he is coming towards this direction! Although there are some friction between the Tianyi School and my Falling Star School, Sima Tian will never stand by when the rules of their School are broken and ignored by a youngster!”

    “Master Sima, help me please! A villain wants to kill me on the Fanghu Island . Isn’t that a violation of the rules on the Island?!”Looking at Yun Chuan coming to him, Xing Wudao cries out in a hurry .

A handsome young man at the middle-stage of Martial Core looks this way with surprise .  He looks quite handsome with the splendor of his dress, clearly being an elegant gentleman from a decent School .  Xing Wudao’s high voice makes him frown lightly, but he still comes to Yun Chuan and greets .  He cups one hand in the other before his chest and says with a smile:

“Yu must be Yun Chuan, Brother Yun, a new Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect .  Zhan Mufei wrote me a letter to tell me that he had handed over his invitation to you . I was still surprised that day, but after I saw your talent today, I have nothing to say .  Brother Yun, you are a new comer, so accordingly you don’t knows that fighting has been banned on the Fanghu Island for thousands of years .  Brother Yun, for my sake, how about let him go today?” 

Yun Chuan sighs in his heart, and his killing intention disappears . He knows that since today, with the appearance of the young leader of the chief School on the Fanghu Island, he will not be able kill Xing Wudao here . Although there are some regrets, he still wears a smile on his face and answers, “Sorry for being thoughtless . In that case, I won’t make things hard for Brother Sima . Anyway, a nobody is nothing for me to worry about . ”

Xing Wudao can’t conceal the resentment on his face anymore . He leaves far away, and his voice comes from afar: “Yun Chuan, you are doomed to die after I’ve recovered from my injury . Next time, I won’t be so easily knocked down by you . I’d like to see if you can be so arrogant without those evil tricks!”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and chuckles carelessly like nothing matters: “Xing Wudao, since I have the opportunity to kill you this time, I can do that next time, or any other times . If it were not for Brother Sima’s sake today, do you think you can still talk nonsense here?”

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The Tianyi School is the chief School on the Fanghu Island with a profound foundation almost equal to that of the Daoist Pill Sect, so Yun Chuan doesn’t want to violate the rules here . What’s more, Sima Tian has been very polite to him, and he is also familiar with Zhan Mufei; Yun Chuan also takes these things into consideration .

Sima Tian looks at Yun Chuan, and his eyes are then full of wonder . He says with a smile, “Zhan Mufei once told me that your talents on the Pill Refinement are extremely outstanding . At that time I didn’t believe it at all, but after today’s meet I do agree with him . Brother Yun, you can put Xing Wudao at the middle-stage of Martial Core to flight while you are still at the late-stage of Body Cultivation . . . that’s really amazing!”

    Yun Chuan shakes his head and answers modestly, “Brother Sima, you flatter me .  To be honest, Xing Wudao’s strength is quite impressive, and it’s really a pity for me that he could escape even though he was severely injured at the beginning . ”

Sima Tian shows an astonished face, but he still says with a smile: “This man called Xing Wudao is too gloomy and insidious, and his conduct is just disgusting . However, it is my inevitable duty to maintain the rules here; so this time, it’s still my fault to let him go . Brother Yun, is it your first time to visit the Fanghu Island? How about I show you around?”

Yun Chuan nods and agrees with a smile . It is indeed his first time to come here, and it will be nice to have a local leader around when visiting . And in the previous short contact he can tell that Sima Tian’s temperament is also quite to his taste .

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Sima Tian leads the way ahead and introduces with a smile: “The Grand Gathering on the Fanghu Island is an excellent place for us to improve our martial arts cultivation . We have all kinds of pills, martial skills and magical weapons here, for many martial arts cultivators will take out the treasures that they can’t use for exchange . ”

    Yun Chuan seems to be a little impressed .  Many stalls lie in front of them, showing all kinds of things that belong to many cultivators, so dazzling and making people have no time to take in the scene as a whole .

At the first glance, the end of this kind of stalls can hardly be seen . Numerous martial arts cultivators are crowded here, but thanks to the order maintenance of many cultivators in Tianyi School’s costumes, the whole gathering keeps working in a perfect order .

“This is the free exchange zone . In front of us, there are also a number of businesses and shops of many Sects and Schools .  Actually, there are so many Sects and Schools that have interest involvement on the Island, and Tianyi School is just the one elected to be the leader . Otherwise, the rule of no fighting on the Island can’t be achieved only by the force of our own . ” Seeming to see Yun Chuan’s doubts, Sima Tian explains actively .

 “Wait, what treasures are they selling over there? Why are there so many people?”

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