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Chapter 66

Proofreader:Liang Yaping

Yun Chuan sneers: “You are but an Inner Disciple of the Falling Star School, how could you be so arrogant? I’m also an Inner Disciple from the Daoist Pill Sect, a middle-stage School same as yours . I’m afraid that the Falling Star School will not burden themselves with your death . ”

Xing Wudao’s face turns ghastly pale: “That’s impossible! I know all the Inner Disciples of the Daoist Pill Sect, but I’ve never heard about you! Since you won’t let me go, then we will die together! The explosion of the Martial Core of the strong at the stage of Martial Core will spare no one . You are merely at the stage of Near Core, even if you have great skills, you will die with me!”

    The original force starts to surge through Xing Wudao’s body, and gradually it becomes violent . At the same time, he suddenly makes a pose to rush toward Yun Chuan .

Yun Chuan’s face changes and he quickly backs away . The power of the self-explosion of the strong at the middle-stage is horribly huge .  Though his strength has increased now, he will directly die or at least, get seriously injured if he is at the center of the explosion .

But at the next moment, a complex look of astonishment and annoyance appears on Yun Chuan’s face, and he shouts angrily: “Xing Wudao, you hang up on me?!”

Following his gaze, people can see that although Xing Wudao wears an angry and vicious expression while his original force in his body rushing towards Yun Chuan, he is actually retreating towards the opposite direction at a very fast speed .  With his legs turning like wheels, he withdraws for more than ten miles in a blink of an eye and is about to disappear in Yun Chuan’s sight .

    Not only Yun Chuan, but all the martial arts cultivators here are totally shocked . Previously, as an Inner Disciple of the Falling Star School, Xing Wudao has always been calm and unhurried .  But now he uses this way to escape . . .  A way even can be regarded as dirty, low-down trick, which astonishes everyone here .

“Xing Wudao, you are really worthy of the title of an Inner Disciple of the Falling Star School, that even your way of escape is so different from other people! Really eye-opening!”

    Although Yun Chuan is quite startled, he suddenly takes it, chases Xing Wudao about to run away and jeers loudly .

Yun Chuan has always been a simple guy, and he does things according to the principle of “a drop of water in need shall be returned with a spring in deed” .  Samely, for those evil people and things, he will cut off the grass and take out its roots, leaving no chance for its revival .

   Since he has made enemies of Xing Wudao, it is the best choice for them to kill the other one directly . Otherwise, being remembered by such a strong but vengeful cultivator at the middle-stage of Martial Core is merely storing up trouble for the future .

However, although his speed is not slow, he still can’t catch up with Xing Wudao escaping desperately; all he can do is to keep the distance behind him .

    Xing Wudao pours out his endless grievances secretly while running for his life .  Feeling the approaching breath of Yun Chuan behind him, he spews out a mouthful of blood essence again to speed up at the cost of damaging his cultivating potential .

He is now heading for the direction of the Fanghu Island .  He clearly knows that today is the biggest crisis he has met since he was born, and the only way to escape is to step on the Fanghu Island before Yun Chuan catches up with him, for killing and fighting is banned on that Island .

At the moment, Xing Wudao has also guessed Yun Chuan’s identity from the previous words of Yun Chuan . Although he had heard that there was a talented Inner Disciple named Yun Chuan recommended by an Elder Master in the Daoist Pill Sect, he did not pay much attention to it, for that talent is specialized in the Pill Refinement .

After all, to all the cultivators, the Pill Refinement and the Martial Arts Cultivation both require a lot of time and energy, so it is difficult to be well-rounded . Since Yun Chuan’s talent in the Pill Refinement is excellent, then correspondingly, his accomplishments on Martial Arts Cultivation will not be worth mentioning because there is no spare time for him .

But now, what he feels personally has completely overturned his previous ideas .  He knows nothing about Yun Chuan’s talent in the Pill Refinement, but judging from his martial arts achievements, even some elder cultivators who have been immersed in practice for decades have not been able to use martial arts as smoothly as he does, let alone those are all martial skills at the perfect-stage .  

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    “He is a monster, a madman! Damn, how can I provoke such an evil monster?!”

After all, Xing Wudao had been seriously injured before, and his speed gradually slows down because of that . Feeling the breath of Yun Chuan after him, he becomes even more furious and anxious . He suddenly pats his chest and burns a mouthful of purple blood essence, and speeds up at the cost of a great loss of vitality, barely keeping a distance with Yun Chuan behind him .


The chase never stops .  After half a day, they have run out millions of miles . Many martial arts cultivators heading for the Fanghu Island has witnessed all of this, and this news soon spreads out .

“Isn’t him Xing Wudao, an Inner Disciple from the Falling Star School? How can he be put to rout by a youngster who seems to be at the late-stage of Body Cultivation?” Someone asks in surprise .

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A cultivator who has witnessed that scene before is also going towards the Fanghu Island . Hearing this, he can’t help laughing and answers, “You haven’t seen the previous scene, have you? The youngster chasing Xing Wudao is a new Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect, named Yun Chuan . Previously, the Five Brothers in the North Sea provoked him blindly . However, they were all killed by Yun Chuan as easily as cutting melons and cabbages . Bei Yuanguang even asked Xing Wudao for help, but that was useless and he still died . ”

“How could it be? As far as I know, how can Bei Yuanguang be so vulnerable as you said? Isn’t he a cultivator who has been at the first-stage of Martial Core for many years? Well, under the wings of the Falling Star School, the Five Brothers of the North Sea have been doing all kinds of evil on the shore of the North Sea over the years . Now their death is truly a great satisfaction to us . . . But it just sounds incredible . ”

“Incredible? Didn’t you see that Xing Wudao at the middle-stage of Martial Core was hurt seriously and chased by him? However, Fanghu Island is just ahead of us .  No fighting is allowed on that Island, and Xing Wudao may survive today . ”

“I’ve heard about this Yun Chuan, a new Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect, and he is quite talented in Pill Refinement . . . even the Elder Master Xiao in their Sect is no match for him . However, why is his martial arts achievement so outstanding? I think he’s only sixteen or seventeen years old . How can he have so much time to practice these together?”

    “You are right . . . But what we have just said is actually what we have seen with our own eyes . If it had not been for this, I would not believe it at all . ”

A moment later, an island shrouded in fog appears in the distance .  It is partly hidden and partly visible, covering an area of millions of miles, showing an irregular shape .  The terror lurking on the island is faintly tangible, and many martial arts cultivators are just coming from all directions .

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