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Chapter 65

Proofread by Liang Yaping

It maintains so powerful offensive that no matter who is here, he or she may have a helpless despair in heart at a glance .

The previous meteor condensed in the Falling of the Meteor released by Bei Yuanguang was just a faint shadow, and it can be seen that his understanding of this inferior martial skill at the Black Level has not even reached the entry-stage . But at the moment, the meteor formed by Xing Wudao has almost completely condensed into essence like a real falling star, and its power is more than ten times larger!

Yun Chuan shouts out and releases original force wildly, and several original-force-formed arms appear behind his back . The meteor falls so fast and gets a so wild range that he knows that he cannot avoid it at all .  So at the moment when the huge meteor roars down on him, Yun Chuan lifts all his six arms up .

   His understanding of the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing has already reached the perfect-stage, so that now he can exert his power several times more than before .  The original force surging under his feet causes the condensation of the sea water for a short time, making a pressure point so that he can bear the attack . With all those efforts, he even directly gives the falling meteor a lift in the air!

Just like cooking oil in hot water, Yun Chuan’ original-force-formed arms melts under the extremely horrible temperature, consuming crazily the original force in Yun Chuan’s body . But  Yun Chuan cares nothing about it . The original force is still surging out in frenzy, even enveloping the meteor held by him, and cutting off the connection between Xing Wudao and the meteor .

Yun Chuan laughs loudly and freely with a trace of madness on his face . In the eyes of Xing Wudao who is totally shocked, veins throb on Yun Chuan’s forehead; and at the next moment, his several arms works together at a speed several times faster than before, leaving a ghosting image behind in the air . With an unparalleled prestige, Yun Chuan rushes towards Xing Wudao!

“Xing Wudao, you really got a nice martial skill . Enjoy it now!”

Although the meteor with a diameter of tens of meters is formed by the condensation of Xing Wudao’s original force, it is no different from the real one at the moment . After being thrown out by the terrifying power of Yun Chuan, its speed is several times faster than before; and the most significant change brought by the acceleration of speed is the sharp increase of power .

Xing Wudao doesn’t respond; or to say, with that terrifying speed Xing Wudao doesn’t catch any chance to react at all .  In just a blink of an eye, the meteor containing great power has come to him .

“Little jerk, crazy, you are crazy! Damn you!”

Fear appears in the eyes of Xing Wudao .  He naturally knows the terror of his own martial skill; even if he confronts it, he will be hurt seriously . Besides, the meteor at this moment is several times faster than when it was just released, and its power is also several times stronger .

He can expect that he may not die if he was hit head-on, but still serious injury will be caused .  What raised a trace of desperation in his heart is that even though he knows that he cannot face and fight it directly, he doesn’t have enough time to respond to the horror of the meteor .

And Xing Wudao has never thought that Yun Chuan was so crazy and powerful .  In fact, any other person, even he or she is at the stage of Martial Core, may be already dead at the moment in such a way of fighting . After all, the Falling of the Meteor is a martial skill at the Black Level . Even if it’s an inferior one, it can’t be dealt with as easily as Yun Chuan did, for human arm will melt directly under the horrible pressure and heat .

However, Yun Chuan has mastered the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing at the perfect-stage, and his arm formed by his original force is the perfect way to make up for this . At the next moment, Yun Chuan treats Xing Wudao in his own way . With the outbreak of terrorist forces, even though Xing Wudao has reached the middle-stage of Martial Core, there is no time and space for him to dodge at all .

A series of bone-breaking sounds come, and suddenly Xing Wudao is hit hundreds of meters away by the terrible force contained in the meteor, and his dozens of bones are broken all over the body . He finally gets unable to bear the force and spits out blood, where even some pieces of internal organs can be seen .

Now Xing Wudao’s whole body turns to be burnt black, and even some bone stubbles are exposed in many places .  His breath is even fainter to the extreme, and the precious calmness on his face now gone without a trace .

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The fighting between martial arts cultivator is often very fast; and the higher the level they are, the faster the fighting will be .  It is often in a flash that a success or failure will be divided out .

But Yun Chuan really makes a dangerous move this time .  He knows clearly that if he uses ordinary means to fight with Xing Wudao, a strong opponent at the middle-stage of Martial Core, it is almost impossible to cause fatal injury to him in a short time; or even worse, he will fall into a more unfavorable situation with the passage of time .

After all, Xing Wudao is a real cultivator at the middle-stage of Martial Core . Yun Chuan is quite confident, but he will not dream of being able to kill him with the huge gap between the stage of Near Core and that of Martial Core when facing Xing Wudao .

But at the moment although he has consumed original force wildly, and his internal organs also suffer a lot, but Xing Wudao on the other side is hurt worse!

Yun Chuan wipes off the blood spilling from the corner of his mouth, slowly steps towords Xing Wudao with a smile: “Brother Wudao,  I told you before that you’d better prepare about your last words in advance . How about it now? Are you done? If you are, how about I help you to get on your way?”

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Xing Wudao struggles to get up, and a miserable smile appears on his face . He takes a deep look at Yun Chuan and says with a note of coldness and venom in his voice: “it is the first time that I have suffered such a big loss since I was born .  Yun Chuan, I remember you . You’d better never show up in front of me again, otherwise, without such tricks, I promise, you will definitely die miserably!”

“Brother Wudao, have you misunderstood me? When did I say to let you go?” Yun Chuan wears a surprised look and still goes towards Xing Wudao step by step .

Yun Chuan doesn’t give up his vigilance because of the heavy injury of Xing Wudao at the moment .  For this kind of figures at the stage of Martial Core, especially the Inner Disciples of the Falling Star School, they surely have some means to stay alive .

Although he doesn’t come forward at once, his original force begins to surge through his whole body . If Xing Wudao makes any unusual action at this moment, he will not hesitate to kill him!

The miserable smile on Xing Wudao’s face becomes even deeper . He gnaws his teeth and warns in hate: “Yun Chuan, I am an Inner Disciple of the Falling Star School . If you dare to kill me, you will be an eternal enemy of School; and you can’t get rid of us even you escape to the ends of the earth!”

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