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Chapter 60

Proofread by Peter Gong

“It won’t be long,” Yun Chuan says apologetically, “I think a month or so will be almost enough . ”

As soon as he finishes his words, Zhan Mufei’s look changes greatly .  For him, everything will be late after a month .

Seeing Yun Chuan’s look at the moment, Zhan Mufei sighs at his misfortune . He is also very good at detecting ones thoughts from what he or she says and the expression on the face . Although Yun Chuan doesn’t say too many words, Zhan Mufei can still judge that he is obviously a tricky one who won’t let the falcon attack until he sees the hare .  Without some price today, this young Junior Brother won’t tell him anything he wants at all .

If his business is not urgent, he should have the patience to sit it out . But what he asks for this time is closely related to his bright future, which is of great significance, so he has to think carefully .

“Junior Brother Yun, your Luoyun Peak has just been built, and it seems that its decoration is still in need of improvement . How about this? I have a thousand Primordial Stones here . If you have any need, just take them all . ”

He says that with an unwilling look, for a thousand Primordial Stones is a huge fortune for him . Zhan Mufei has known before that Yun Chuan is from a small Clan, so these Primordial Stones must be a great fortune that many disciples from those small Clans have never seen in their lives .

What he doesn’t expect is that after he has said such a huge number, Yun Chuan just looks up lazily, glances at him and says listlessly: “What’s the matter, Senior Brother? If no other things, I’d like to have a rest . ”

“Junior Brother Yun, to be honest, I’m here to discuss the refining of the Qi-promoting Pill with you . After all, you also know that, along the journey of the Pill Refinement, the most taboo is to only practice behind closed door . Now, I have accumulated a lots of experience in the refining of the Qi-promoting Pill .  As a Senior Brother, I truly have the responsibility to help you, a Junior Brother new here; and it’s incumbent on me to give you some advice . . . ”

He seems to be so generous and righteous, caring everything for Yun Chuan’s benefit . In the end, even he himself is moved by these words .

However, before he has finished his words, Yun Chuan seems to be a little exhausted and listless: “Senior Brother Zhan, how about we discuss this later? I’m really tired now . . . ”

Yun chuan slouches back to his Luoyun Peak, showing no interest in Zhan Mufei’s moving words and the huge amount of Primordial Stones . Though Zhan Mufei is a man of good patience, he can’t help but feel totally worried .

He can tell that Yun Chuan’s cool response to his one thousand Primordial Stones is not a pretense of reserve, but truly a feeling of sincere indifference .  It’s hard for him to believe, but he has to accept the reality .

Of course he knows nothing about the reason . Though a thousand Primordial Stones is a huge fortune for many disciples of those small Clans, it is not uncommon for Yun Chuan, who just got a lot of wealth by putting on a good bluff from two Clans before he came to the Daoist Pill Sect .

Zhan Mufei doesn’t ask for much, and his character of puffing himself up at his own cost makes Yun Chuan feel quite interesting .

But Zhan Mufei is really anxious . At this moment, seeing Yun Chuan’s figure going away, he gnashes his teeth with the muscle around his eyes trembling, and suddenly he shouts out: “Come back! I have a Magic Treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul here!”

Yun Chuan is much surprised and looks back .  With an unwilling look Zhan Mufei suddenly opens his Dantian storage space and throws a fossilizing sword to Yun Chuan and says angrily, “Junior Brother Yun, you are a vampire! Don’s tell me you are not interested in a Magic Treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul!”

Yun Chuan is even more shocked . He takes the long sword from Zhan Mufei and looks at it up and down . A moment later, he smiles and says: “No wonder Senior Brother Zhan is so generous this time . It turns out that this Magic Treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul is one with defects . ”

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The long sword that Zhan mufei just handed over in his hand doesn’t have any fluctuation of the original force at all .  The original force injected by him into it disappears instantly, and nothing happens; it looks just like an ordinary stone sword .

“What defects?!”

Zhan Mufei gets exasperated and says: “Junior Brother Yun, don’t talk that if you know nothing about it! How do you judge this sword to be defective? By the way, you are still at a lower stage now, so maybe you don’t know how to refine a Magic Treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul, do you?”

A dull red flush suffuses Yun Chuan’s face, and he hums and haws: “I really don’t know . But I injected my original force into it, and the sword didn’t respond to me at all . I’ve seen Senior Sister Dan’s Ship of Tripmaster before, and the power of this sword is far less than that of it . ”

Zhan Mufei gets even angrier: “This long sword is called Xuanyang Sword .  When the refining of those Magic Treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul is about to be finished, many great Dhyanas at the Stage of Nascent Soul will store their own martial skills in those Magical Treasures .  The Treasure itself and the martial skill in it are inseparably interconnected .  Without the corresponding skill, the power of the Treasure can never be explored . And the higher the level of the matched martial skill is, the greater the power of the Magic Treasure will be!”

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Yun Chuan suddenly realizes and nods: “Then where is the martial skill of this Xuanyang Sword, Senior Brother Zhan?”

“Er, well . . .  Junior Brother, the martial skill of the Xuanyang Sword isn’t in my hands now . ”

Yun Chuan smiles coldly and teases: “No wonder Senior Brother Zhan becomes so generous . It turns out that Magic Treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul can’t be used at all . ”

Zhan Mufei’s face turns red with awkwardness, but he still manages to argue: “You can’t say that . Although the Xuanyang Sword can’t wield enough power without its matching martial skill, it’s still a Magic Treasure at the Stage of Nascent Soul . If you can find the matching martial skill, Junior Bbrother, this Treasure will surely shine in your hands!”

Rolling his eyes, Zhan Mufei sends congratulations directly .  In fact, he has already obtained this Sword for quite a long time, but the corresponding skill is still nowhere to be found . As for those general Treasures at the Stage of Nascent Soul, the skill and the function will be directly branded on its surface, for those two have always been complementary to each other .  But this skill is missing . . . Such a situation rarely occurs . Therefore, he doubts whether he can find the lost skill at all .

It’s just like the food called “chicken ribs"—tasteless when eaten but a pity to throw away . If not, he would not give it to Yun Chuan at all .

Yun Chuan shakes his head and puts this Magical Treasure away unwillingly . He says with a smile, “What are you talking, Senior Brother Zhan? I didn’t want to accept it at first, but since you insist, I’d better obey rather than refuse . By the way, has Senior Brother said that you want to taste tea and discuss the pill refining with me? That will be fine .  Come in with me please . ”

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