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Chapter 61

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The speed of Yun Chuan’s face-changing surprises Zhan Mufei . Although Yun Chuan’s words are warm, they make him feel disgusting in his heart like having eaten a fly .  But he can’t argue at all, so he only smiles reluctantly and follows Yun Chuan into the Luoyun Peak .

Two days later, Zhan Mufei comes out from the Peak . The previous negative look on his face now disappears, and on the contrary, his face is now full of joy like a spring breeze .  Moreover, he even turns back a few times to give thanks to Yun Chuan .

It is obvious that he is extremely satisfied about his gain in these two days .

“Junior Brother Yun, thank you for your hospitality . ”

Zhan Mufei suddenly feels a little bit embarrassed .  During these two days, Yun Chuan has instructed him without reservation . At least, the assessment of his Master Zhao Chunyang is no longer a problem for him . However, the Xuanyang Sword that he gave to Yun Chuan is exactly a “chicken rib”, that is, a thing of little value or interest .

He thinks for a moment, and suddenly his eyes light up . He says, “Junior Brother Yun, seven days later, there will be an annual gathering of martial arts on the Fanghu Island . Many disciples from different Sects and dignified people will be invited there .  And also, many rare treasures will be sent to those cultivators there for sale .  Junior Brother, you have just become an Inner Disciple of our Sect, and normally you will have your own invitation next year . But it doesn’t matter . I have an invitation here .  Originally I decided to try my luck there to see if I could find the matching skills of Xuanyang Sword . However, I need to practice for the assessment this period of time so I can’t be there .  I’ll give it to you, and you can go to the Fanghu Island to have a look . ”

Yun Chuan takes the invitation from Zhan Mufei, nods and smiles: “Thank you, Senior Brother . It’s a good time for me to go to the Fanghu Island and have a look after a long-time cultivation . ”

Zhan Mufei leaves . Yun Chuan looks back and forth at the invitation in his hand and says to himself: “Fanghu Island is located on the Shore of the North Sea, hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Daoist Pill Sect .  Counting the days, I’ll be able to have a round trip in more than ten days, so as to attend the Pill Refinement Competition next month in time . ”

With a little preparation, he goes towards the location of the Fanghu Island written in the invitation .

After a few days travel, Yun Chuan finds he is now near the Shore of the North Sea .  It can already be seen that many martial arts cultivators coming from all directions, all move towards the direction of the Fanghu Island in groups of three or two .

“It seems that these are all the cultivators going to participate in the gathering .  Seeing from all the people along the way, the scale of this Gathering on the Fanghu Island is really not that small . It’s worth seeing and my efforts of coming all the way here . ”


Suddenly, several fluctuations of the original force rush to the back of Yun Chuan .  The attack comes without any sign, so although Yun Chuan responds not that slowly, he still can’t completely avoid the harm .  The after-wave of the original force causes the sea to explode, and the water mist spreads all over the sky, smashing Yun Chuan severely into the sea .

“This boy at the later stage of Body Cultivation does have a quick sense, but under the attack of our Five Brothers in the North Sea, he must be dead!”

“During the Grand Gathering of the Fanghu Island, we’ve made a big money . The disciples from those major Sects and Schools are the ones not to be provoked, but I think this boy looks totally unfamiliar .  He must not be in those Big Sects or Schools that we can’t afford the result of robbing .  Well, it’s probably a disciple of a small Clan who comes here to see the world . Unfortunately, you haven’t seen anything today but lost your life here . ”

“Third Younger Brother, just stop talking nonsense and go over to have a look that what good things he has left . . . ”

Not far away, five fierce looking martial arts cultivators come together . It can be told from their breath that the highest cultivation among them is at the early stage of Martial Core, while the other four are all at the stage of Near Core .

Judging from the strong gangster-like appearance of them, it is obvious that they are the kind of people who are used to killing and robbing . At the moment, when they see Yun Chuan has been blown down without any preparation, they all look happy and rush to where Yun Chuan falls .


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But at the next second, suddenly the surface of the sea bursts, and the water rolls up so high that it even blocks out the sun . The figure of a youth looms in the water mist, standing in the air . Although several arms formed by his original force behind him are somewhat disabled, the youngster himself has no other injuries on his main body .

“Five Brothers in the North Sea, right? After today, you will become Five Bodies in the North Sea! Since you choose to provoke me rather than any other people, I’ll help you if you ask to die!”

Dressed in spotless white, the youngster operates the original force in his body to evaporate the wet clothes .  With a livid face he says to those people word by word, both clearly and coldly .

Yun Chuan really goes angry .  Not long after he has just come to the North Sea he is then regarded as a push-over . If he didn’t detect it in time and use Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing to block most of the attacks, he would be hurt by these bandits badly this time .

Yun Chuan’s recovery from the attack just now shocks those people . But listening to Yun Chuan’s angry words, the Five Brothers in the North Sea looks at each other . After that, they all stare at Yun Chuan like watching a fool and laugh wildly .

“It’s lucky for him that this little guy didn’t die under our attack just now . But now it looks like that he doesn’t lose his life, but loses his brains . ”

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“What was he talking about just now? Elder Brother, did I hear that right? I just seemed to hear that a little guy at the late-stage of Body Cultivation said that he wanted we Five Brothers in the North Sea to be Five Bodies in the North Sea, am I right?”

The leading man at the early stage of Martial Core takes a step forward and clenches his fists, and his knuckles all clatter . He smiles grimly: “Fifth Younger Brother, you didn’t hear that wrong .  I, Bei Yuanguang, have ridden this territory in the North Sea for years under the protection of the Falling Star School, who won’t give us Brothers some face? I heard for the first time today that someone is going to turn us into the Five Bodies in the North Sea, and that one, is a brat still at the stage of Body Cultivation . ”

Many martial arts cultivators are gradually attracted by what’s happening here . Seeing this scene, although many people share a pitying face, no one comes to stop them .

The strength of the Five Brothers in the North Sea is not very strong, but the reason that they have been rampant along the coast of the North Sea for so many years is, as Bei Yuanguang put it, the support of the Falling Star School behind them .

In other words, the reason why they can do robbery freely is that they have the tacit consent of the Falling Star School . Not all the properties and treasures robbed by the Five Brother are at their own disposal; some of them should be handed over to the Falling Star School for return .

The Falling Star School is a medium-sized School as big as the Daoist Pill Sect, or to say even stronger than the Daoist Pill Sect, so many people dare not to offend them .

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