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Chapter 59

Proofread by Liang Yaping

But not long after Yun Chuan has returned to his Luoyun Peak, Yun Tian, who has been discontented and unhappy since he has left the Dao-preaching Cliff, finds that an Inner Disciple with excited face comes to the door .

This Inner Disciple is none other than Zhan Mufei who once met Yun Chuan before .

At the moment, Zhan Mufei is pacing back and forth in the unified area where the Outer Disciples all live, being a little bit uneasy .  He has talked big in front of his Master Zhao Chunyang, so now he is eager to find the Junior Brother who had shocked him with his great talents; but Yun Chuan just left without saying goodbye that day .

Because Zhan Mufei has been studying the Pill Refinement with his door being closed, he doesn’t care much about other affairs of the Daoist Pill Sect . On that day he forgot to ask Yun Chuan’s name, and he only knew that that Junior Brother was introduced by Elder Master Dan Ling . With this clue, he shifts his focus to the Outer Disciples who have just joined these days . After a few days, he finally finds this boy named Yun Tian who meets his requirements .

Standing outside Yun Chuan’s abode, Zhan Mufei is also a little worried . He secretly complains this little Junior Brother for acting like noting special and causing misunderstanding that day; how blind was he that he treated that Junior Brother as a leg man for such a long time?

At the moment, he is standing outside like an ant on a hot pot, because he is eager for help and also afraid that this Junior Brother will hold a grudge because of what happened on that day .  Suddenly his eyes brighten .

“As the saying goes, “don’t be angry to the person in smiles” . Later, when he comes out, I will bow to the ground first and keep my profile to the lowest level . I don’t believe that can’t move this Junior Brother!”

At this moment, Yun Tian is a little bit surprised to learn that an Inner Disciple comes to find him .  He is new to the Sect, so he has no chance to get to know even one Inner Disciple except Yun Chuan . After all, the identity and status gap between the Inner Disciples and the Outer ones is quite enormous .  Without special opportunities, the ordinary Outer Disciples won’t have the chance to get involved with the Inner Disciples in their whole life .

But now, there is an Inner Disciple waiting outside with a direct mention on his name, which immediately makes Yun Tian fall into a reverie .  He asks to himself, is his lucky chance coming now?

With a touch of excitement, he goes out . At that time when Zhan Mufei sees a figure coming out of the opened door of the adobe, he directly bows to the ground and says: “Junior Brother, it was my fault that day . I was totally blind! So today I come to make it up to you . ”

Yun Tian is stunned by the sudden apology and looks with confusion at Zhan Mufei bowing to the ground in front of him . He doesn’t know what’s going on . He passes the salute of Zhan Mufei and asks, “Senior Brother, you seem to take me for somebody else . . . ”

Zhan Mufei is also confused . He looks up and sees that Yun Tian is not the Junior Brother he saw that day, knowing that he has truly identified the wrong person . He wonders: “Well, according to the information I found these days, you are the only Outer Disciple introduced by Elder Master Dan Ling . How come you are not the Junior Brother I saw that day?”

Hearing the words of this Inner Disciple, Yun Tian is sure that this Senior Brother has taken him for somebody else, and he is a little disappointed . However, he finds that the description of the person that Inner Disciple is looking for is so similar to Yun Chuan . . .

A huge wave then surges in his heart . Yun Chuan is also a newcomer to the Sect, but in a few days an Inner Disciple has been overwhelmed by him; for from the deep bow he can tell that the Senior Brother in front of him admires Yun Chuan from the heart .

 “Senior Brother, the person you are looking for must be Yun Chuan . He is not an Outer Disciple, but an Inner Disciple same as you . He lives on the newly built Luoyun Peak over there .  His competition with Elder Master Xiao on the Dao-preaching Cliff is truly an eye-opener for us!”

Just then, a passing-by disciple who has just returned from the Dao-preaching Cliff answers Zhan Mufei with a smile .

“Inner Disciple? But as far as I know, the trial of the Inner Disciples has not been opened recently . ” Zhan Mufei is shocked .

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“Elder Sister Dan Ling used her once-in-life chance for him . Such kind of thing hasn’t appeared in our Sect for decades . Although I was not satisfied before, today I’m totally convinced by his excellent performance . ”

Many of the disciples who come back from the Dao-preaching Cliff all talk about each other with excitement and shock .  Yun Chuan’s success runs from mouth to mouth, and more and more people know what happened on the Cliff .

Zhan Mufei’s eyes brighten as he hears the comments around him . If there is no accident, he feels that this Yun Chuan at the center of discussion must be the Junior Brother he wants to find .  To his surprise, however, Yun Chuan is not an Outer Disciple, but an Inner Disciple with the same status as him .

He takes his leave to Yun Tian in a hurry and goes toward the direction of the Luoyun Peak, leaving only Yun Tian with complex and inexplicable feelings standing at the door of his abode .

The Luoyun Peak .

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Yun Chuan is a little bit taken aback to learn that Zhan Mufei has come to see him . Just as he is greeting out, Zhan Mufei walks towards with bright eyes as he has seen his relatives . He steps forward and says, “Junior Brother Yun, I finally find you!”

His flattering and ardent look on the face is totally different from the arrogance when Yun Chuan first saw him on that day, and it makes Yun Chuan confused .  He leans slightly away from Zhan Mufei quietly and asks with a smile, “Well, I didn’t expect that Senior Brother Zhan will come here . What can I do for you?”

Zhan Mufei rubs his hands, being a little bit embarrassed . He wants to talk and then stops .  Finally he opens his mouth: “Junior Brother Yun, I never thought that you could have such great attainments in the Pill Refinement .  It’s really a pity that I left in a hurry on that day . This time, I come here for a tea tasting and a discussion about the Pill Refinement with you . Let’s talk about the Dao of the Pill Refinement, shall we?”

Yun Chuan changes his look strangely . From Zhan Mufei’s expression and words, he has already guessed the purpose of him, that is, the Qi-promoting Pill he did not finish on that day . After all, apart from this reason, there is no other thing that can make Zhan Mufei, a proud Inner Disciple, look almost flattering to him .

The boy feels a little funny . Zhan Mufei now seems to be begging for him, but the words he uses is like beating about the bush; as if he is doing that for other’s benefit . So at the moment, Yun Chuan replies plainly, “Elder Brother Zhan, I really want to talk with you about tea tasting, but my cultivation now is at the most critical moment, so I can’t get away from it .  How about this? After a few days I’ve finished my cultivation, I’ll find you in person . ”

“A few days . . .  how many days then?”

Zhan Mufei’s heart sinks .  The time for his Master Zhao Chunyang to recruit true disciples will come in a few days . He has boasted to his Master before, and even said that it was him that made the pill refined by Yun Chuan . If he can’t show some real skills at that time, he may have more than being unable to be a true disciple of his Master to worry about .

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