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Chapter 53

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Xiao Ying’s eyes suddenly turn to Yun Chuan and he sneers: “A year ago, our Daoist Pill Sect investigated many old and well-known martial Clans, and this Yun Chuan’s Yun Clan was also among the list . In that survey, Yun Chuan was just of the lowest first-level blood . With such poor martial arts qualification, it’s impossible for him to enter the stage of Martial Core in this life . Isn’t it ridiculous that an Inner Disciple of our Daoist Pill Sect is only a martial arts cultivator confined within the stage of Body Cultivation all his life? What do you think of this?”

With his long and narrow eyes, Xiao Ying looks up and down at Yun Chuan with a serpent-like sight and says: “If it’s the normal condition, it doesn’t really matter whether he’s a waste or not . But today it’s different from the past, for there will be a once-in-decade Pill Refinement Competition of our Daoist Pill Sect in the next month . Many famous Sects and Schools will participate in the competition at that time, and all the Inner Disciples of our Sect will also be tested there . But Yun Chuan is just a newcomer to the Pill Refinement and unable to refine the pill by himself; besides, his poor martial arts qualification and the lowest first-level blood can do nothing help .  At that time, the thousands-year reputation of our Daoist Pill Sect . . . ”

Xiao Ying’s words make many of the Elder Masters here who have not yet spoken hesitate at once .

“Well, then I don’t think it’s proper for Yun Chuan to become an Inner Disciple . . . ”

“If the Pill Refinement Competition is coming next month, the choice of the Inner Disciple still needs more consideration . ”

“Elder Master Dan, if it is any other time, we will surely support you . However, you also know that now we are going to have the Pill Refinement Competition . The Sect Leader and the ten Supreme Elder Masters all attach great importance to this competition, and it is said that the rewards of the top ten are not only the regular ones, but also the qualification to go to the Original Secret Place opened by the founder of our Sect and practice there!”

“The Original Secret Place opened by the founder is extremely precarious because of its long history, and every discovery of it costs a lot to our Sect . As a result, it has not been opened for hundreds of years . But it was in the last opening that someone got a rare ancient Pill Prescription in that Secret Place!”

“I heard that there was also someone who got a part of the Enlightenment of the Pill Refinement from our founder in it, which endowed him with a spurt of progress in the Pill Refinement . But it’s a pity that the Original Secret Place is now on the edge of collapse, and I’m afraid that this time will be the last time to open it . ”

“There will be elites from other Sects and Schools in the Pill Refinement Competition at that time . Therefore, in this period of time, no mistake is permitted for the Inner Disciples of our Daoist Pill Sect; these precious quotas must belong to us!”

“I also heard that the Sect Leader has discussed with the ten Supreme Elder Masters, and they all agree that the most outstanding winner in the Competition will be qualified to get a nomination of an Elder Master!”

“Elder Master Dan, how about this? Yun Chuan can be an Inner Disciple after the Pill Refinement Competition, that is, after a month . ” An Elder Master asks in a tone of consultation .

A trace of angry appears on Dan Ling’s face . At the time she is about to say something, Yun Chuan, who has not spoken after her, suddenly steps forward . He looks at Xiao Ying and smiles:

“Elder Master Xiao, how do you see that I am just of the first-level blood? I’m new here and the first impressive thing in the Sect is Elder Master Xiao’s skill of deceitful statements, which I should admire much . ”

The youngster’s tone of speaking is filled with a strong satire, which suddenly angers Xiao Ying a lot: “Why, is there even a trace of what I can say wrong? You are just a waste of the first-level blood . When did the enrollment of the Inner Disciples of our Daoist Pill Sect fall so low?”

“Elder Master Xiao, I said that none of what you said was correct, and you are still talking wilful nonsense here . Who says I’m of the first-level blood?”

Yun Chuan glances at Elder Master Xiao, looks around again, and then he strides to a nearby Blood-testing Stone . After the flash of light, two clearly visible traces appear on that black stone .

“Second-level blood!”

Seeing the two clear and visible traces, many Elder Masters in the Pavilion immediately change their faces and look at Xiao Ying with doubt .

“How is it possible?! I saw clearly that in the records of the Yun Clan that you’re just of the first-level . . . ” Xiao Ying looks at the two clearly visible traces on the Blood-testing Stone, and the color of his face keeps changing . Yun Chuan didn’t say much, but he now uses his action to make everything Xiao Ying had done become a joke .

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At the moment, Xiao Ying can sense that the suspicion in the eyes of the Elder Masters around him is growing .

“How about it, Elder Master Xiao? Are you satisfied with the result?” Yun Chuan asks with a kind of smile forming on his lips .

“Or to say, the information I saw earlier is wrong? However, although your blood level is of the second one, your achievements in the Pill Refinement . . . ”

Here comes coughing sound .

An Elder Master who can’t bear it anymore gives a little cough at the moment: “Elder Master Xiao, Yun Chuan comes from a small Clan after all, and it’s the first day for him to join us .  How could he get any achievement in the Pill Refinement? Since all misunderstandings have been clarified, we have no objection about Yun Chuan’s membership as an Inner Disciple . . . ”

“Yun Chuan, follow me to make your report . . . ”

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Xiao Ying wants to say something more .  But when he sees that all the Elder Masters around have agreed, he knows that it will be useless even if he keeps persisting . He snorts angrily and turns away .

After finishing the report at the Elder Master pavilion, Dan Ling leads Yun Chuan to the area where the Inner Disciples live .  She looks worried and says to the boy: “Xiao Ying has always been an insidious guy . If he asks you for trouble in the future, just tell me . After all, your level of cultivation is not so high as him, so it’s not bad to endure for a while . By the way, I also remember that someone in the Yun Clan says that your blood is only of the first-level . How can you . . ”

“After all, my Yun Clan is a small one; maybe the Blood-testing Stone is not so accurate . ” Yun Chuan finds a reason carelessly and turns the topic aside: “Is that the area where the Inner Disciples live in front of us? As you said before, now I can choose a mountain as my abode from that area, right?”

“Yes, each Inner Disciple can choose a mountain in the front area . After you settle down, you can go to the Dao-preaching Cliff not far away, where some teachers will open the public platform to teach every day . ” Dan Ling explains .

“Well, the mountain ahead is not bad . ” Suddenly Yun Chuan’s face brightens .  Dan Ling then lands with him on a mountain .  Yun Chuan looks around and says, “That’s it . Thank you very much today, Senior Sister . ”

Dan Ling chuckles and leaves after exchanging a few words with him . Looking at the bare mountain at the moment, Yun Chuan shakes his head slightly . There are no buildings on this mountain at all, for only after he chooses the mountain and makes a report, someone will then come to build the buildings here .

The youngster stands on the top of the mountain with a trace of pondering in his eyes .  The gloomy sight of Xiao Ying left when he turned away is a fishbone getting stuck in Yun Chuan’s throat .  After all, Xiao Ying is a strong cultivator only half step to the stage of Nascent Soul . If it’s not for the aggressiveness this senior showed towards him first, Yun Chuan doesn’t want to provoke him as a newcomer to the Daoist Pill Sect .

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