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Chapter 54

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“Since I have already provoked him, I’ll hold on till the end! The first thing to do is to improve my strength as soon as possible . In the Pill Refinement Competition next month, if possible, I will fight for the top ten places to enter the Original Secret Place .  As for the qualification of the nomination of the Elder Master that the most outstanding one can get, it is more suitable for me!” Yun Chuan says to himself in the heart .

He goes to report this mountain and names it as Luoyun Peak .  In a moment, many people come to build the main hall for him . In less than three days, several palaces have already stood on the Luoyun Peak according to the requirements of Yun Chuan .

“Senior Sister Dan once told me that the Dao-preaching Cliff is a good place to go, and maybe today I can have a look . ”

Thinking of that, Yun Chuan walks down from his Luoyun Peak and moves towards the direction of the Dao-preaching Cliff .

The Dao-preaching Cliff is located in the southeast of the Daoist Pill Sect . That huge cliff is so void that it can accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time, and it is divided into different areas . From time to time, there are Elder Masters or disciples who have achieved accomplishments preaching here .

In fact, Dao-preaching is not only the Dao about the martial arts, but also that about the Pill Refinement .  The Martial arts mostly depend on personal qualifications and sensitivity . Although the Pill Refinement values the talent much, it will be better to understand with the explanation of its Dao . The experience of the elders can always make the disciples learn faster .

Because this kind of teaching is open to everyone in the Sect and not forced by others, the disciples who come to listen can make the choice by themselves . So some areas are full of listeners, while others have only few followers .

Yun Chuan walks through the Dao-preaching Cliff and stops to listen from time to time . After a while a trace of admiration shows on his face .

“This Dao-preaching Cliff is indeed worthy of its name, and it can really benefit people a lot .  With all the wisdom of a Sect colliding here, no wonder that the strength of those Sects and Schools is so much stronger than that of the Clans .  Oh? It’s like Yun Tian over there, is he also here? Let me see . . . oh, it’s Xiao Ying teaching over there . ”

Yun Chuan looks to one side and his look changes a little bit .  He finds that Xiao Ying, who has a quarrel with him before, is also holding a platform and preaching not far away .  Many disciples under the platform are listening carefully to him, and there are about totally six or seven hundreds of them .

“Xiao Ying is teaching there? That’s good, for I can also go to see the real level of that Elder Master Xiao!”

Yun Chuan’s interest and curiosity drive him go to the direction where Xiao Ying is preaching . He firstly goes to the side of Yun Tian, nods to him and then takes out the futon and sits on the ground .

Yun Tian also nods without a word . During the teaching, the hearers will usually not whisper, so the nodding means the greeting between them directly .

Yun Tian lowers his eyes and clenches his fists quietly .  It was not until he joined the Daoist Pill Sect that he knew the gap between the Outer Disciples and the Inner Disciples, but he never admits defeat in his heart . So in these days, he has been learning in the Dao-preaching Cliff day and night, forgetting all about eating and sleeping, only to prove that he is no worse than Yun Chuan .

Previously it was him who had been looking down on Yun Chuan, but after just a few months, Yun Chuan’s status and strength are now far beyond him . This psychological gap serves as a big blow to Yun Tian, a used-to-be and proud talent . But at the same time, it also firms the aspiration of Yun Tian to go forward .

Yun Tian has been learning on the Dao-preaching Cliff for several days . At present, this Elder Master Xiao Ying’s attainment in the Pill Refinement is very impressive to him, especially the refining of the Heaven-conversing Pill he explains today .

“Is he talking about the refinement of the Heaven-conversing Pill?”

Looking at Elder Master Xiao in front, Yun Chuan shows a strange look .

Xiao Ying on the stage also sees Yun Chuan at the moment and he frowns slightly, but he says nothing about it and still pours out words on his former explanation .

There are many reasons why so many Elder Masters are very keen to come to teach on the cliffs .  Apart from the reward from the Sect to the teachers with good teaching response, the most important reason is that a waterfront pavilion gets the moonlight first— they can find good talents for further cultivation among the disciples who come to listen .

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What has gratified him a little during these days is that among the disciples here, he really finds a target disciple of a perfect fourth-level blood .  And that youngster has also been worshiping what he says very much . He has done some investigation, and finds out that the boy is a new Outer Disciple Yun Tian .

“Though he comes from the same Yun Clan as that little jerk Yun Chuan, this boy called Yun Tian looks more pleasant, and he really gets a good aptitude . . . ”

Looking at Yun Tian being absorbed to his lectures in the crowd, Xiao Ying shows a satisfied look .  Then he keeps doing his best to explain, and many people under the platform seem to become enlightened at once .

But there is also an exception, that is, Yun Chuan who keeps giving yawn one after another . In recent days, he has been working hard for the construction of his Luoyun Peak, so he is totally tired . What’s more, in Yun Chuan’s view, some points of the refinement of the Heaven-conversing Pill one sentence which can be explained clearly in only several sentences become totally complex and hard to understand in Elder Master Xiao’s bug-ridden teaching, for he has spent lots of words but still fail to make them clear .

Yun Chuan’s understanding of the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill has reached a perfect-stage . At this moment, it’s very boring for him to listen to the explanation of Xiao Ying from a higher position .  Shaking his head, he tells Yun Tian that he is going to leave and stands up .

But his performance falls into the eyes of Xiao Ying who has been paying attention to Yun Tian .  Yun Chuan sits close to Yun Tian, so his yawn and head-shaking are caught by him clearly, which makes him furious at once .

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“Yun Chuan, it seems that you have something to say about my explanation .  If you have any comments, say them out now!”

Xiao Ying stops lecturing and releases such words with deep grumpiness towards Yun Chuan . His narrow eyes are even colder, showing his obvious dissatisfaction with Yun Chuan .

Many people are shocked as soon as his words come out, and there comes a commotion among the crowd at the next moment .

“Why does Elder Master Xiao aim at that boy?”

“I know that boy, he is called Yun Chuan . It’s said that Elder Master Dan Ling likes him a lot, and she even used her once-in-lifetime chance to introduce him as an Inner Disciple . Just now I saw clearly that when Elder Master Xiao was speaking, he yawned and shook his head for many times .  A so-called Inner Disciple who gets in our Sect through the back door dares to be so arrogant!”

“I see . Elder Master Xiao’s explanation of the Heaven-conversing Pill is simple but profound, and we all admire him very much .  How dare Yun Chuan show his impatience? If it were me, I would also be angry, let alone Elder Master Xiao who always has a low ceiling of tolerance . ”

“Yun Chuan will pay for it today . . . ”

Even Yun Tian beside him can’t help shaking his head at the moment . He also saw the performance of Yun Chuan just now and he sighs in his heart: Yun Chuan is so impetuous that even if he has a higher starting point than me now, it may not be able to last for a long time .

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