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Chapter 52

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Seeing the man walking out, Dan Ling slightly frowns, but she still greets to that man .

“Oh? I don’t know there comes a new Inner Disciple in our Sect . It seems that no one has been promoted to an Inner Disciple recently . Why, Junior Sister Dan, do you really give your once-in-life chance of recommendation to this boy?”

Elder Master Xiao glances at Yun Chuan and says with a foxy smile: “I’ve heard that many people on the way are talking about your close relationship with a youngster . I thought it was just nonsense, and I didn’t expect that Junior Sister Dan truly used the quota on this boy called Yun Chuan . I don’t think there’s anything special about him .  Junior Sister Dan, you still have time to regret now . ”

He suggests in all earnestness .

Dan Ling shakes her head, and answers with a cold voice: “Thanks for your worries, Elder Master Xiao Ying, but I think Yun Chuan is a right choice . Since Elder Master Xiao has something to do, we will take our leave first . ”

She takes Yun Chuan’s hand and continues to move round Xiao Ying .  Obviously, she doesn’t want to talk to this Elder Master Xiao at all .


Seeing that Dan Ling holds Yun Chuan’s hand, Xiao Ying suppresses the trembling of his eye muscle and says: “Junior Sister Dan, although our Elder Masters have the chance to nominate one of them to be our Inner Disciple, there are always some rules .  A man without innate talents can’t be our Inner Disciple . Otherwise, he or she won’t be able to convince the public . But according to my knowledge, I don’t think Yun Chuan has much talent; he has not yet reached the stage of Martial Core . . . ”

“Yun Chuan is only 16 years old this year, and he was born in a small Clan, so he doesn’t have enough resources . . . ”

“Enough, Junior Sister Dan .  No need to say more!”

Before Dan Ling finishes her angry explanation, Xiao Ying interrupts it with a wave and says: “Junior Sister Dan, I’ll also go to the Elder Master Pavilion and ask for the test . After all, the Inner Disciples of our Daoist Pill Sect are the core of the whole Sect and the elites of the elites .  We don’t need a waste!”


Dan Ling’s pretty face turns red because of anger .  When she is about to say something, Yun Chuan pulls to stop her and says with a smile: “Elder Sister Dan, it’s no need to be angry for this . Elder Master Xiao, since you want to test me, I dare not say no .  You go first please!”

However, he can tell that Elder Master Xiao seems to have some nasty ideas about Dan Ling; and maybe it is just because of this, Elder Master Xiao expresses strong hostility towards him .

But from the look of Dan Ling, Yun Chuan finds that she seems to detest this Elder Master Xiao very much .

A trace of fierceness flashes through the long and narrow eyes of Xiao Ying . He puts on a false smile and follows them two forward, saying: “Yun Chuan, you really have the guts .  You dare to be so arrogant after you’ve just got in the Sect . I don’t know whether it’s better to describe you as ‘a newborn calf who is not afraid of a tiger’, or ‘a dead mouse feels no cold’? "

Yun Chuan smiles and answers in a way neither servile nor overbearing: “Thank you very much, Elder Master Xiao . However, I think that ‘a cradle-snatcher’ is very suitable for describing you . ”

“You! You really got a good tongue, boy!”

Elder Master Xiao goes furious immediately . He points to Yun Chuan, and his face turns blue with anger .  Truly, he’s always interested in Dan Ling, but if counted by age, he is old enough to be Dan Ling’s grandfather . Although he has the skill to make himself youthful, which makes it a little bit hard to tell his true age from his appearance, it has always been his biggest sore point .  Especially when it is pointed out by Yun Chuan in front of Dan Ling at the moment, which makes him bristle with anger .

Dan Ling walks in front of Yun Chuan, and her pretty face is a little gloomy . She shakes her head and smiles bitterly back at the boy: “Sorry to make you suffer for nothing this time . However, there should not be too many Elder Masters in the Elder Master Pavilion today, and I know them all, so there will be no problem today . Don’t pay attention to the barking of the mad dog behind you . ”

“What do you mean, Senior Sister? If a mad dog barks, then let it bark . If it bites you, will you bite it back?”

Yun Chuan laughs, and he cares nothing about the Elder Master Xiao behind him; that makes soothe Dan Ling’s much . However, seeing the interaction between them, Xiao Ying gets even angrier .

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At the moment, there are less than ten Elder Masters in the Pavilion . Dan Ling then introduces them to Yun Chuan one by one .

Yun Chuan’s eyes all lighten up . According to Dan Ling’s introduction on the way, there are more than 50 Elder Masters in the Daoist Pill Sect . In fact, the position of the Elder Master is not ranked only by the level of cultivation . The Daoist Pill Sect regards the Pill Refinement as the most important qualification of rating .  So besides the cultivation, if one possesses enough talent of the Pill Refinement, he or she can also obtain a position of the Elder Master after passing the assessment, which is incredibly difficult .

And the reason why Dan Ling was able to become an Elder Master of the Daoist Pill Sect at such a young age is exactly because she was recognized for her excellent talent of the Pill Refinement .

In addition, there is another way to be an Elder Master in the Sect . That is, if there is a Supreme Elder Master who has made great contributions to the Sect, there is also a unique opportunity for him or her to recommend a person to be an Elder Master in the Sect .

Yun Chuan casts a secret side-look at Xiao Ying behind him . According to Dan Ling, Xiao Ying becomes an Elder Master by the third method, that is, his position is introduced by his father, the Supreme Elder Master of the Sect, Xiao Wuen .

There are altogether ten Supreme Elder Masters in the Daoist Pill Sect . Apart from the Sect Leader Dao Tian, these ten Supreme Elder Masters are the real mainstays and the backbone of the Sect; but most of them are on the retreats, ignoring the outside world .

“No doubt that though Xiao Ying is much older than Senior Sister Dan Ling, he is also one step to the stage of Nascent Soul just like her; and he doesn’t have great talent in the Pill Refinement as Senior Sister Dan neither .  It turns out that he becomes an Elder Master through that kind of relationship . ”

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Dan Ling reports and explains to the Elder Masters in the Pavilion that she is going to recommend Yun Chuan as an Inner Disciple of the Sect . Although most of them look at Yun Chuan in surprise, there are not so many objections .

Generally speaking, the report to the Elder Master Pavilion is just going through the formality .  After all, it’s the recommendation of Dan Ling, and there is no reason for them to go against her .

“Since Yun Chuan now has the recommendation of Elder Master Dan, there is no problem for him to become an Inner Disciple of our sect . ” A seemingly middle-aged Elder Master smiles .

“I agree, too . ”

“This boy comes of a decent Clan . Since there is the guarantee of Elder Master Dan, I have no other problems . ”

Listening to those words, Dan Ling smiles and nods .  But just then, Xiao Ying suddenly steps forward with a gloomy face . He shakes his head and says, “Everyone, I don’t think this is a proper recommendation . ”

He looks around and speaks with fervor and assurance: “Truly, there is such a tradition of recommendation in our Daoist Pill Sect . But if I remember correctly, it should have not been used for decades . Although our Sect is not a big one, it can be ranked as a second-class Sect in the whole Sects and Schools . The Inner Disciples, however, are the face of our Daoist Pill Sect . If the strength of those Inner Disciples is too weak, I’m afraid it will be considered as the incompetence of our whole Sect!”

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