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Chapter 51

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Looking up and down at Zhan Mufei, Zhao Chunyang is very gratified: “Good . The Qi-promoting Pill is one of the most excellent pills at the first-level, and it seems that it’s not far for you to be a second-level Pill Master with the achievement of a pill with two Pill Marks .  If you can keep this level before your other Brothers surpass you in the coming few days, I will accept you as a real Disciple of mine . ”

“Well, that pill is not . . . Oh, yes! I won’t let you down, my master!”

Zhan Mufei sees the Qi-promoting Pill held by Elder Master Zhao Chunyang, and he is totally shocked . The original strong pill fragrance comes exactly from this pill with two Pill Marks .

But he clearly remembers that he has never managed to refine a Qi-promoting Pill with two Pill Marks; even refining that with one Pill Mark is an impossible work for him .

His heart is now filled with shock and doubts .  But when he is just about to open his mouth and explain that this is not his achievement, Zhao Chunyang’s words at the next moment let him swallow the words .  He nods and says yes .

Zhao Chunyang puts that Qi-promoting Pill with two Pill Marks into Zhan Mufei’s hands and looks at him deeply . Next moment, he turns away, leaving Zhan Mufei standing there .

It is not until Zhao Chunyang leaves far away that Zhan Mufei does come back to his senses . He looks at the pill in his hands and smells the strong fragrance of it . Looking at the two obvious Pill Marks on it, he swallows his saliva unconsciously .

“I have never made a Qi-promoting Pill with one Pill Mark successfully before, let alone one with two Marks . How could there be such a pill in my furnace? Or to say, my eyes deceived me, and I did make it but I didn’t find it before?”

He takes the herbs and opens the furnace to refine again . But after a while, a muffled sound from the furnace shatters his hope . He looks at a black pill in his hand and it makes him pull a long face .

“I can’t make it .  So who is it? By the way, a new Junior Brother once came to help me . Is it him?”

Zhan Mufei’s look keeps changing, and his reason has been telling him that there is no possibility of that conjecture . After all, if a novice can refine the Qi-promoting Pill with two Pill Marks, there will be no Pill Master who keeps immersing in the Pill Refinement for decades or even hundreds of years and finally gains nothing . But apart from this conjecture, he cannot find any other possibility .

“Oh, I remember . The Junior Brother once suggests me that I should put the Seven-leaf Flower in at last and take off the third leaf of the Four-leaf Grass, but I interrupted him before he finished speaking . Now it seems that what he said is true . ”

Thinking of that, Zhan Mufei immediately opens the furnace and tries again . According to the two points reminded by Yun Chuan, a moment later, he gets a Qi-promoting Pill with one Pill Mark successfully in his hand; and the shock on his face cannot be concealed at all .

“Who is that new Junior Brother?! According to what he said, I really get Qi-promoting Pill! Only a few words are comparable to the accumulation that I have accumulated for several years . . . It seems that this Qi-promoting Pill with two Pill Marks is definitely made by him . I forgot to ask his name . . .  But I will find him! By the way, he once said that he was introduced by Elder Master Dan Ling .  That’s the evidence!”

Zhan Mufei’s eyes are still filled with the color of shock which never subsides, and his whole body keeps shaking with excitement going to last for a long time .

Yun Chuan at this moment, however, is following Dan Ling to the highest Sect Peak in the shape of a pill furnace .

Dan Ling leads the way in front of him and smiles back to him: “There are many rules for being an Inner Disciple . In addition to the report, you need to pass the review of the Elder Master Pavilion . However, since you are recommended by me, that review will be just going through the moves . Generally, no one will embarrass you . ”

Yun Chuan nods and answers yes, following Dan Ling to step on the towering Sect Peak . From time to time, there are several disciples in the Daoist Pill Sect looking at them frequently with a surprised look .

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“Isn’t that Elder Master Dan? Why is there a youngster behind her? It seems that they are going to the Elder Master Pavilion . ”

“Elder Master Dan enjoys a great talent of the Pill Refinement, and that’s why she becomes one of the Elder Masters of our Sect at such a young age .  Besides, she is the only beauty among those Elder Masters of our sect, and she has always been very serious to all kinds of pursuers .  It’s the first time for me to see that her being so close to a boy . . . ”

“Look at that young man’s waist . That’s a token unique to the Inner Disciples . . .  Is he an Inner Disciple of our Sect? However, there are only a hundred or so Inner Disciples in our Sect, and we know every one of them . Why a stranger like him emerges today?”

“Elder Master Dan Ling is taking him to the Elder Master Pavilion . . . Does it mean that Elder Master Dan Ling, she gives the once-in-lifetime recommendation of her Inner Disciples to that boy?! It’s the only possible conjecture, but how could it be?!”

As soon as those words come out, many disciples are totally shocked, and some of them even start to stammer .

“Decades have passed since last Elder Master in our Daoist Pill Sect used this kind of power once in a lifetime . After all, this kind of direct recommendation of the Inner Disciple is too precious . How can he, this boy, gets Elder Master interested in?!”

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“Elder Master Dan Ling is so close to the youngster that she even gives the only one chance of recommendation in her life to him .  Is that to say . . . ”

“Impossible, that’s totally impossible! Elder Master Dan Ling always sets her sights so high, how can she look up to him?” With these words, many male disciples suddenly look at Yun Chuan with hostility .

“Hi, Junior Sister Dan . Where are you going? And who is this Junior Brother?”

Just at this time, a slightly eager voice of a man comes in front of the two .  

Yun Chuan’s look changes a little bit . In front of him stands a man with a gloomy face . Although he seems to be still young, his hair is of the color of silver . There are many wrinkles on his face, and he scans Yun Chuan’s body up and down impolitely with his narrow squinting eyes, giving Yun Chuan a very uncomfortable feeling of being stared at by a viper .

“Oh, it’s you, Elder Master Xiao .  You have come just in time, for I’m going to the Elder Master Pavilion to report Yun Chuan’s enrollment as an Inner Disciple . If you’re free, you can go with us and have a look . ”

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