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Chapter 45

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The original force begins to surge up through Yun Luoshan’s body, and the strength of the late-stage of Martial Core is all released at this moment without reservation .  Obviously, he has decided to protect Yun Chuan till the end .

A warm fuzzy feeling burns inside of Yun Chuan .  Though Yun Luoshan’s words have always been strict, Yun Chuan can still tell the meaning of protection from them .

He will always keep this kindness in mind .

The young man steps forward and shakes his head slightly with a smile, “Every debt has its debtor .  Gui Yantian, why do you get the whole Yun Clan in for the business between you and me? This kind of style of the Ghost Mountain School is really impressive! Everyone, today this Ghost Mountain School can suppress our Yun Clan with their great power, does it mean that they can do anything they want if they want to destroy any clan? Wow, what a magnificent Ghost Mountain School! Teeth are exposed when lips are lost, don’t you all understand this simple truth?”

Gui Yantian’s look changes a little .  Yun Chuan’s sharp words have made him unable to back down with good grace . Generally speaking, there is no necessary reason for the major Sects or Schools to fight against the Clans, and that has already become a potential rule . After all, although the strength of each Clan is far less than that of a Sect or a School, the Clan is still the best place to send disciples to them . At this time, Yun Chuan’s words have already come out . If he can’t deal with it well, the reputation of the Ghost Mountain School may fall heavily .

“Every debt has its debtor, perfect!”

Suddenly, a gray-haired old man laughs sadly and walks out from behind Gongsun Bo, saying: “Yun Chuan, since you say that every debt has its debtor, then how about your debt of killing my apprentice Gongsun Jing? I, Gongsun Xi, now ask you to pay for it!”

The original force begins to run wildly through his whole body . The strength of the early-stage of Martial Core is no longer concealed, and it roars toward Yun Chuan with a great ocean-like power under Gongsun Xi’s overbearing control: “Yun Chuan, you dare to fight with me or not?”

Yun Chuan looks solemn and answers: “It is a pity that the offspring died before his eldership, and I’m really sorry for your loss, elder man . Although Gongsun Jing deserves it, since the old man asks me to fight, I dare not refuse the invitation .  You first!”

As soon as those words of the young man come out, all the people around show a look of shock and disbelief . Yun Luoshan’s face also changes greatly . He grabs the youngster and says angrily: “Yun Chuan, this is not the place for you to show off! Gongsun Xi is already at the early-stage of Martial Core, but you are just . . . What? You have reached the late-stage of Body Cultivation?! But there is still a nearly ten-fold gap between the cultivator at the stage of Body Cultivation and that of the stage of Martial Core, you can’t . . . ”

A trace of shock appears on Yun Luoshan’s face . In just a few months, Yun Chuan’s cultivation has been promoted to the late-stage of Body Cultivation, which is totally beyond his expectation . It can be said to be a proud achievement for anyone else .  But he still doesn’t think that Yun Chuan now has the qualification to fight with Gongsun Xi, a strong man at the early-stage of Martial Core; it is just impossible . Apart from those incredible talents cultivated in the big Sects or Schools, he has never heard of anyone at the stage of Body Cultivation can fight against the strong at the stage of Martial Core .

Yun Chuan smiles lightly and shakes his head: “Don’t worry, Grand Master .  For the sake of the Millennium foundation of our Yun Clan, I won’t risk my life . ”

Yun Luoshan remains speechless and looks at the back of the youngster . How couldn’t he know the meaning of Yun Chuan’s words and see the current situation? At the moment, the Yun Clan is indeed facing a big trouble . If Yun Chuan doesn’t stand out, what the whole Yun Clan now is facing will be the siege of the Zhao Clan, the Gongsun Clan and the most horrible Ghost Mountain School .

The youngster walks forward step by step with his white clothes fluttering, showing a feeling of free and easy . In this situation, even Yun Qiyang, who has always been at loggerheads with Yun Chuan, can’t say a sarcastic word now .

In the distance, Yun Tian clenches his fist and looks at the youngster going to Gong Sunxi step by step . He intends to step forward several times but finally shrinks back .  Still clenching his fist, he murmurs, with his fingernails all cutting into his flesh and causing the oozing of the blood: “Yun Chuan, I’m not as responsible as you; I dare not stand out .  Set your mind at rest, for I will avenge you when I come back from the Daoist Pill Sect . ”

Yun Qing’ers eyes are full of tears . She struggles several times to be with the youth, but then gets grabbed by Yun Qiyang tightly and he shouts: “Don’t waste his efforts! What Grand Master said is right . There are no cowards in our Yun Clan, but we can’t sacrifice for nothing! I didn’t expect that this little jerk can take on such a responsibility . . .  I, I, alas . . . ”

He shakes his head . Almost everyone believes that Yun Chuan will be gone forever this time .

Gongsun Xi looks at Yun Chuan walking towards him step by step . Even if Yun Chuan has the hatred of killing the disciple with him, he can’t help showing a little respect on his face . He says in a deep voice: “Don’t worry, I will leave you a whole body!”

Yun Chuan smiles lightly and suddenly asks, “Old master, how long have you reached the stage of Martial Core?”

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Gongsun Xi looks a little distracted, but he still answers: “I am over 150 years old now, and I reached the stage of Martial Core when I was 120 year old . 30 years have passed . . . Don’t worry . After all, I am a strong cultivator at the stage of Martial Core, and you should be in peace underground if you can die in my hand . ”

“Reached the stage of Martial Core at 120 . . . ”

Yun Chuan shakes his head with no words, but his action makes Gongsun Xi very angry .  With his original power surging, Gongsun Xi’s great power rushes towards Yun Chuan directly .  He says furiously: “Ignorant boy! Cultivators at the stage of Martial Core can never be humiliated . Today I will teach you how to respect the strong!”

“Cultivators at the stage of Martial Core can never be humiliated?”

Yun Chuan takes a deep breath, and the original force surges through his body and forms several arms . He doesn’t dodge or avoid, but faces Gongsun Xi with a strong sense of fight in his eyes .

This is the first time that he has had a face-to-face confrontation with the strong at the stage of Martial Core .

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“The Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing! Five-wounds Explosive Fist!”

A loud explosion comes .  After the original force surging all over them dissipates, the original-force-formed arms on Yun Chuan’s back have all collapsed . He takes seven or eight steps back in succession to keep the balance .

But in his eyes, the sense of fight becomes even stronger . Apart from being rather discomfited by this attack, Yun Chuan has resisted the angry attack of Gongsun Xi, a strong cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core while being almost unharmed .

“How could it be!”

Gongsun Xi’s face looks a little twisted, and his stomach is also tumbling at the moment; but he forces it down . Before that, he never thought that a young man at the stage of Body Cultivation could take a blow from him without any injury .

If his attack were taken by a cultivator with a cultivation of decades or hundreds of years at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, Gongsun Xi would accept the truth; but the one standing on the other side is just a boy! Moreover, according to the previous gossip, that boy is only of the first-level blood . But now, no matter seen from which point of view, that telling is not true at all .

Although it is merely a brief fight, it immediately shocks countless people around .  The looks of Yun Luoshan, Yun Tian, Yun Qing’er, Yun Qiyang, Gongsun Bo, Zhao Chunyang and other people all vary from one another .

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