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Chapter 46

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Although seen from the surface of the previous fight, Yun Chuan is still at a disadvantage for he took several steps back to get rid of his strength while Gongsun Xi kept still . But this kind of performance is enough to show that Yun Chuan now has the qualification to fight against the strong at the early-stage of Martial Core .

And they will be even more shocked if they know that Gongsun Xi is now trying his best to suppress the tremble of his internal organs, and it is not so easy for him to hold this attack .

Gui Yantian is even more astonished . After all, previously Yun Chuan had no power to parry Gui Yantian’s fight; but from the attack he released just now, Gui Yantian can tell clearly that Yun Chuan’s strength has been much stronger than before in just a few days .

“How can he improve so fast?!”

“A cultivator at the stage of Body Cultivation is able to fight with the strong at the stage of Martial Core . . . It’s the first time in my life to see that . ”

“It seemed that Gongsun Xi didn’t do his best just now . After all, he is a powerful cultivator at the stage of Martial Core, and the strongest attack of him is his Martial Core . If Gongsun Xi used his Martial Core to fight, Yun Chuan would have no chance to defend himself . ”

Gongsun Xi’s face twists . Hearing the comments around him, he feels a deep sense of shame at this moment . It’s a great shame for him that even a youngster at the stage of Body Cultivation can take the full blow of a powerful man at the stage of Martial Core without any injury .

The next moment, a Martial Core gathers in front of him, condensing by him in the air .

“Gongsun Xi seems to be really angry this time, for he gathers his Martial Core so easily . ”

“This time, Yun Chuan, alas . . .  Martial Core is the most powerful attack of the strong at the stage of Martial Core . Even if Yun Chuan’s previous performance is amazing, he will not survive this time . ”

“Gongsun Xi wants to beat Yun Chuan by his higher stage .  If two cultivators at the same stage fight, they won’t sacrifice their own Martial Core so easily .  Because if the Martial Core is damaged, their own martial arts cultivation will be directly affected, even their later martial arts progress will be hindered . Yun Chuan is just at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, and there’s no way for him to damage Gongsun Xi’s Martial Core . ”

“Isn’t that to say, Gongsun Xi is now invincible?”

Yun Luoshan and other people’s hearts now flutter again, but a trace of smile reappears on Gui Yantian’s face, as if he has seen the scene of Yun Chuan being smashed by the Martial Core at the next moment .

The Martial Core shines with a white light, rotating flexibly; and suddenly it rushes towards Yun Chuan even with a thunder-like sound .

In a blink of an eye, it has been in front of Yun Chuan .


But just at the moment when people think that Yun Chuan is about to be crushed by the Martial Core of Gongsun Xi, suddenly a sound of gold and iron striking together comes out . At the next moment, Gongsun Xi, who was sure to win this battle before, now unexpectedly steps back for several steps with a white face to stabilize his body, but his breath has been obviously weakened .

When he looks up, he finds something entirely unbelievable to him .

In front of Yun Chuan’s body, a red and blue Martial Core is shining and floating in the air quietly . Just now, it was this Martial Core that stopped the attack of his Martial Core without any damage .

But a strong sense of shock comes from his Martial Core, which makes his face change . Because this feeling means that these two Martial Cores are almost of the same level .

A few gasps come from all around, and a trace of shock appears in everyone’s eyes .

“How could Yun Chuan reach the stage of Martial Core? A promotion to the stage of Martial Core at the age of 16 . . .  And I heard before that he is only of the first-level blood, how can he achieve that with such a poor martial arts qualification . . . ”

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“No, it’s not a Martial Core, it’s a Near Core! Yun Chuan has reached the stage of Near Core, the stage one step to that of Martial Core? But the Near Core condensed by him is so substantial that it looks like a real one, how could he do that?”

“I have also reached the stage of Near Core, but my Near Core is still very unreal and not as substantial as his . ”

“His Near Core can resist the attack of a real one gathered by the strong at the early-stage of Martial Core?!”

“And so what? After all, a Near Core is just a Near Core .  Even if it can resist the first and second attack of Gongsun Xi’s real Martial Core, it is doomed to be destroyed under the third attack . ”

“I don’t think he is only of the first-level blood at all .  I’m of the third-level blood, but I didn’t get this achievement at his age . It’s just a pity that he is doomed to die here today . ”

Yun Chuan turns a deaf ear to those words . The red and blue Near Core in front of him keeps spinning with a misty color, and he walks forward step by step, grinning and showing his white teeth: “Elder master, I remember you said just now that the strong at the stage of Martial Core can never be humiliated so easily?”

Gongsun Xi barely suppresses the feeling of shaking inside his body, snorts coldly and says angrily, “You truly have something, but you still can’t escape . . . ”

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His face suddenly changes as he speaks .  Before he finishes his words, the Near Core in front of Yun Chuan turns into a light stream, crashing into Gongsun Xi’s Martial Core . Once again, a sound of gold and iron striking together comes out .

Clang! Clang!

The youngster walks forward step by step, and the Near Core hits Gongsun Xi’s Martial Core again and again with his steps . He grins again: “Elder master, you know, my temper is always not so good . Today, I really want to have a try to see why the strong at the stage of Martial Core can never be humiliated so easily!”

Gongsun Xi’s face turns red .  The Martial Core is closely linked to the life of the cultivator, and at this moment, his Martial Core is being hit violently, which immediately causes a constant turmoil inside his body .  Moreover, Yun Chuan’s barbed words enrage him totally; he cannot hold back his anger anymore and spits out a mouthful of blood directly .

What makes him wonder is why the Near Core condensed by Yun Chuan is more powerful than the real one condensed by him, a strong at the early-stage of Martial Core? It is entirely suppressing his Core, which makes him have no power to fight back .

The original force in his whole body has been broken up by those impacts again and again . He has no strength, so he can do nothing but only watch Yun Chuan’s Near Core constantly hit his Martial Core related to his life .

When a powerful cultivator at the Martial Core makes a move, he or she will not expose the Martial Core in the face of his or her opponents at the same level . As long as the Martial Core is suppressed, it is almost impossible for him or her to fight back .  However, Gongsun Xi did not expect that his Martial Core would be suppressed so thoroughly by Yun Chuan’s Near Core at all .

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