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Chapter 44

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Yun Chuan’s look changes a little, showing a trace of gravity . He takes out the Fruit of Blood and Fire, and immediately a hot and pressing breath comes out .  On the other hand, he condenses a Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle, and the Water of Icy Spring in the Bottle sends out an amazing coldness . Without any delay, Yun Chuan swallows both of them and closes his eyes at the next moment . With the method of Cultivation of Martial Core with Water and Fire, he manages to guide the extreme heat and coldness to flow in the body .

All of a sudden, he feels as if there were a volcano which erupts in his body, as if he could even melt the gold and crack the stone as his wish .

Here comes a sound of puff and blow .

He breathes through his nose, and two streams of fire-like breath visible to the naked eye erupt from his nostrils . In a moment, two big holes appear on the green slab-stone of his courtyard as a result of the melt by the breath .  

Fortunately, now Yun Qing’er and Yun Luoshan have left, or they would be shocked by this scene .

Feeling the Near Core in his Dantian, Yun Chuan can tell that now it is being refined over and over again at the moment, and the impurities contained are being extracted little by little .

“It’s the moment!”

Yun Chuan’s shows a dignified look . When the effect of Fruit of Blood and Fire reaches its maximum, the Water of Icy Spring also enters into the Dantian under his guidance .  Next moment, the water and fire mingle with each other and begin to quench the Near Core in his Dantian together .

He can feel that his Near Core is gradually changing towards a real Core .

This change has been going on for two days . It is not until the third day at the crack of dawn that Yun Chuan opens his eyes . The spirit in those eyes becomes very clear, and a happy long roar comes from his mouth .

The youngster stands up with the surging original force, and it gradually forms a Near Core in front of his body .  The Near Core at the moment is not as unreal as before, but as real as a real Martial Core .  

“After being quenched by the Fruit of Blood and Fire and the Water of Icy Spring, my original force is twice as strong as before . Moreover, after continuous refining, the content and hardness of the original force in my current Near Core may be comparable to the Martial Core of a strong cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core . ”

A trace of joy shows on Yun Chuan’s face: “No wonder that Senior Sister Dan was so interested in the Fruit of Blood and Fire and the Water of Icy Spring! Now there is still some Water of Icy Spring left, maybe I can help Qing’er when she reaches the stage of Near Core at the late-stage of Body Cultivation . ”

All of a sudden, his face changes and he suddenly jumps out of his yard . At the next moment, a loud bang comes from the yard behind him .

Looking back, Yun Chuan takes on a ghastly expression: all things behind him have been reduced to ruins .  If he didn’t realize it in advance, he would have been directly smashed in it .

“Who destroyed my house?!”

Yun Chuan’s face turns livid with rage .  But at the next moment when he looks up into the air, his heart sinks . In the air, Zhao Chunyang, the Grand Master of the Zhao Clan, and Gongsun Bo, the Grand Master of the Gongsun Clan, are standing behind one man at the same time . And that man in front, he can tell, is exactly the Gui Yantian of the Ghost Mountain School .

Behind them, there stand several elder masters of the Zhao Clan and the Gongsun Clan who are at the early and middle stage of Martial Core, who are also looking at Yun Chuan coldly .

“Zhao Xi, hha, what a Zhao Xi! Yun Chuan, I have to say, you are really something . ” Gui Yantian smiles evilly and looks at the youth banteringly .

Zhao Chunyang now looks very surly, and he stares at the youth with hatred in his eyes . This time, their Zhao Clan has suffered from an unexpected calamity .  Gui Yantian of the Ghost Mountain School broke into their Zhao Clan and beat several elder masters seriously, asking them to hand over Zhao Xi .

Zhao Chunyang didn’t know that Zhao Xi and Zhao Chengde had died in Yun Chuan’s hands until Gui Yantian had made a fuss over their clan . And this little jerk even planted the guilt of killing Gui Tianli on the Zhao Clan, which caused them a heavy loss .

Gongsun Bo smiles coldly, and casts a sight of looking a dead man when looking at Yun Chuan . He is the one who smashed Yun Chuan’s house to pieces just now .

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“Little brute, you have done too many evil things . Today, the Grand Masters of our two clans and Brother Gui of the Ghost Mountain School come with us together . You a waste of the lowest first-level blood can get such a great honor to die in our hands, you should feel proud!”

“Old dog, you dare to smash my house? I remember you!” Yun Chuan gnaws his teeth and pays even no attention to Gui Yantian and Zhao Chunyang .

“Arrogant boy!”

Zhao Chunyang goes furious and turns his head and says: “Brother Gui, this little brute not only killed many people of our Zhao Clan, but also had a big feud with our Zhao Clan, and even put the big debt of killing your younger brother on the head of our Zhao Clan . Now I will swallow the little brute raw to relieve my great hatred!”

“Oldman Zhao, do you want to swallow our people raw to relieve your hatred in our Yun Clan’s territory? You think there is nobody in our Yun Clan? Or you think I’m dead?”

At this time, a voice full of suppressed anger comes from far and falls in front of Yun Chuan . It belongs to Yun Luoshan, the Grand Master of the Yun Clan .

Gongsun Bo looks gloomy and cold . He steps forward and warns: “Yun Luoshan, do you know what sin Yun Chuan has committed? He killed Zhao Xi and Zhao Chengde of the Zhao Clan, and even murdered Gongsun Jing, the disciple of my Gongsun Clan! These are small things, but he should not kill the elder brother of Brother Gui from the Ghost Mountain School! The Ghost Mountain School and the Daoist Pill Sect are the two main giants .  Knowing that, you still decide to protect Yun Chuan now?”

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Zhao Chunyang sneers: “Or to say, can you still protect Yun Chuan now? Oldman Yun, you must understand that if you still choose to be stubborn and act arbitrarily, the Millennium foundation of your Yun Clan will be totally destroyed today! From now on, the Yun Clan will only become a history in the past . ”

Yun Luoshan shows a stern look . He turns back and asks, “Yun Chuan, is what they said true?”

In his heart, however, there are still the doubt and fluke . Yun Chuan is just a cultivator at the stage of Body Cultivation, and how could he kill one of the Ghost Brothers in the Ghost Mountain School? If it wasn’t told from the mouth of these two Grand Masters and Gui Yantian, it would be a simply fantasy impossible for anyone to think about .

But when he sees the embarrassment on the youngster’s face, he almost blacks out and can hardly breathe . After a long time, he reprimands the boy angrily, “You the trouble maker!”

Many senior members of the Yun Clan also gather here at the moment . The Elder Master Yun Qiyang’s face becomes extremely pale, and then he says: “Grand Master, our Yun Clan is absolutely no match for the Ghost Mountain School .  We’d better . . . ”

“Say no more!”

Yun Luoshan’s expression turns into a cold look and he waves to stop the words of Yun Qiyang . He snorts coldly and says, “Our Yun Clan will never give up anyone of its disciples! It’s a natural thing for the Clan to bear the misfortune caused by their members . Even if he has done something wrong, he will be punished by our Yun Clan rather than by anyone else!”

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