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Chapter 43

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Then why did Yun Chuan put his hand on your belly?!” Yun Luoshan gets even angrier .

“Brother Chuan was guiding the original force in my meridians . . . ” Yun Qinger’s voice becomes smaller, just like that of a mosquito .

With a great wrath Yun Luoshan chooses not to look at the aggrieved girl .  He snorts angrily and turns to Yun Chuan: “Since you say that’s not the case, then explain it to me . Don’t use such lame excuses like teaching martial skills to put me off!”

With a wry smile, Yun Chuan is about to explain, but just then, Yun Qiyang steps forward and says with her cold eyes: “Grand Master, do not believe the hoax of this ignorant youth! If you and I didn’t come here in time, I’m afraid that your beloved daughter would really be stained by this prurient guy, and then it would be too late for us to regret! Previously, I have proposed that Yun Tian and Qing’er are very well matched . . . ”

Yun Chuan laughs out loudly, and he doesn’t hide his disdain in it: “Elder Master, your eyes are more and more like those of a dog . Since you think I was fooling you, you may as well see the truth by yourself . Qing’er, prove that to Elder Master, or he will always be noisy here!”

“You, the jerk!”

Yun Chuan’s merciless words immediately make Yun Qiyang fulminate with anger . But the next moment, the changes in Yun Qinger’s body silences him directly .  His eyes all go wild, and a startling noise comes from his throat .

Even the previous anger on Yun Luoshan’s face now all disappears at this moment, and he shows a look even more shocked than that of Yun Qiyang .

Four original-force arms are formed around Yun Qing’er, just like the real human arms . After the girl’s back there are even two shadowy arms fluttering, partly hidden and partly visible .

“This is . . . the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing!”

Yun Luoshan is totally astonished, and he murmurs incredulously: “I heard that Tian’er has also mastered the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing from the Tomb of the Dhyana, but it’s difficult to reach its entry-stage even for a talent with a fourth-level blood like him .  However, what Qing’er releases now is on the edge of the perfect-stage . How can this be possible?!”

“Perhaps, Yun Chuan’s words just now are not to deceive me . . . ” At the moment not even a trace of anger can be found on Yun Luoshan’s face, and now he looks at Yun Chuan quite differently than he did before .

Yun Qing’er has not been in the Tomb of the Dhyana, so she has not contacted the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing before; moreover, a talent with a fourth-level blood like Yun Tian can just reach its entry-stage . But now, with a blood qualification not as good as that of Yun Tian, Yun Qing’er has come closer to the edge of its perfect-stage . All these have proved the previous words of Yun Chuan .

After all, Yun Qing’er is his daughter . He saw Yun Tian had released the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing before, its great power even shocked him . Yun Chuan can spare no effort to help Yun Qing’er get such a lucky chance, that truth really eases his anger .

“But it’s a pity that Yun Chuan is only of the first-level blood .  Yun Tian, however, now possesses the place of the Outer Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect, and he is of the potential fourth-level . However, what I discussed with Elder Master demands another careful consideration now . ”

After seeing this scene with his own eyes, Yun Qiyang does not know what to say .  Because he knows that no matter what he says, he will be wrong!

Yun Luoshan coughs gently with some awkwardness, but he immediately recovers as usual and says: “I see . Qing’er, it seems that I really wronged you this time . Yun Chuan, you have made great contributions to the battle for Water of Icy Spring, and I’m here to reward you . Here are a thousand Primordial Stones . ”

“Thank you very much, Grand Master . ”

A trace of joy shows on Yun Chuan’s face, and he bows to show gratitude . The reward of a thousand Primordial Stones can be said to be very valuable . Even though he is now the Core Disciple of the clan, it will still take a full year for him to accumulate so many Stones .

With these Primordial Stones to absorb, it will be enough for him to strive for further improvement on his cultivation .

He doesn’t plan to store those Stones for currency, but to transform them into his own cultivation .  After all, if he practices step by step, even if he is now of the second-level blood, it will take at least a few years to level up .

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He can’t afford such a waste of time .

Even if this prodigal-fool-like decision can’t maximize the effectiveness of these Stones, he still chooses to do that . In his heart, there always lies a sense of urgency, that is, the disaster coming in the Dark Age a hundred years later . If he cannot get strong enough, he is afraid that though with the lucky chance that originally belonged to Yun Tian at this age, it will not suffice him him to cope with the unknown dangers .

After all, even with the Golden Scroll in his hand, Yun Tian, the Holy Emperor of the previous life still failed in that catastrophe .

After showing out Yun Luoshan, Yun Qiyang and Yun Qing’er, Yun Chuan takes those Primordial Stones out and starts to absorb on by one madly .

The next day .

Yun Chuan opens his eyes, and his body is now covered with water droplets made of the morning fog . The yard is covered with a thick layer of stone debris .  Within one night, he has absorbed all the original force contained in more than Primordial Stones, leaving less than 100 Stones for backup .

 “Nearly a thousand Primordial Stones can be the accumulation of an ordinary Core Disciple for a year . Now my cultivation has barely reached the peak of the late-stage of Body Cultivation, that is, the stage of Near Core!”

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He stands up and feels the surging ocean-like power in his body .  Under his deliberate control, the original force in his body begins to gather, and a somewhat illusory Primordial Core is then condensed in his Dantian .

This unreal Primordial Core is the one formed by the whole original force after a cultivator has reached the stage of Martial Core, and it is also the powerful root of the strong at the stage of Martial Core .

Although the martial arts cultivators at the stage of Body Cultivation also absorb the original forces between heaven and earth, it is equivalent to borrowing force from the nature . After the one has condensed his or her martial core, all the original force in the whole body will be transformed into the martial core and branded as one of his or her own . Since then, all the natural forces he or she absorbs later will belong to him or her forever .

Even at the critical moment of life and death, the martial core of the strong at the late-stage of Martial Core can become their trump card .  If used effectively, the power of self-explosion of the martial core of a strong cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core can even severely damage a cultivator at the late-stage of Martial Core .

One is to borrow the force from heaven and earth, the other is the power completely belongs to oneself . The gap between them is quite self-evident .

That’s exactly what the old saying “a martial core in Dantian, a fate in my own hand” reveals . However, now Yun Chuan is only at the stage of Near Core, so he can’t do the same as those seniors at the real stage of Martial Core .

“But now with the Water of Icy Spring and the Fruit of Blood and Fire, I’m able to condense the near core in my body . Maybe I can try the Cultivation of Martial Core with Water and Fire now . ”

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