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Chapter 42

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But at this time, before Yun Cheng finishes his words, his eyes are immediately dazzled . Yun Chuan directly slaps him hard across the face, throwing him away .  His several teeth all fall off, and he is now with a bloody nose and a swollen face, showing a sickening sight .

“You, Yun Chuan, you!”

Yun Cheng is totally stunned by this heavy slap . He did not expect that though he has made great progress in this period of cultivation, he still could not see clearly the action of Yun Chuan at all .

What’s more, he was behind Yun Tian at that time . If Yun Chuan wanted to do something to him, he could not get around Yun Tian; but Yun Chuan still slapped him so hard . There is only one possibility in this situation, that is, Yun Chuan’s move was so fast that even Yun Tian couldn’t have time to respond .

Looking back, he feels his heart sinks .  A flash of consternation and shock passes through Yun Tian’s eyes, which, though so instantaneously, is clearly caught by Yun Cheng, which further confirms his speculation .

“The late-stage of Body Cultivation!”

The faint smile on Yun Tian’s face disappears at the moment . He gasps in astonishment at the scene and murmurs: “How can he promote himself so fast? Even for me, I’m not sure that whether I can resist his move just now . . . ”

He looks at Yun Cheng again . Previously, half of Yun Cheng’s teeth have already been broken by Yun Chuan; and today, he gets slapped by him again . Now there is no tooth in his mouth, and his chin looks as dry and shriveled as the bark of an old tree, which is extremely miserable and funny .

“What the hell you are!”

Yun Chuan snorts coldly and walks slowly towards Yun Cheng with a tone full of intention to kill: “A dog like you, dare to bark in front of me?”

In an instant, everyone around becomes silent like a cicada in cold weather .  Looking at Yun Chuan walking towards him step by step, Yun Cheng curls up fearfully with tears and mucus running down his face . He looks at Yun Tian and pleads: “Elder Brother Yun Tian . . . ”

Yun Tian’s look changes, and suddenly he says with a smile, “Brother Yun Chuan, for the sake of me, let Yun Cheng . . . ”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Before Yun Tian’s words are finished, he hears several teeth-souring sounds of bone fracture, which are followed by Yun Cheng’s miserable scream .

Right now Yun Chuan has just raised his feet . Before Yun Tian’s words come out, he has quickly crushed all the bones on Yun Cheng’s arms and thighs .

Hearing Yun Tian’s words, Yun Chuan shows a look of consternation and stamps his feet repeatedly as if he is very distressed about the result: “Brother Yun Tian, why didn’t you say it earlier? Alas, if you had said earlier, how could I not save your face, Brother Yun Tian? Now I’ve made a big mistake . By the way, I believe that Elder Brother will not blame me for this, right?”

Yun Chuan now wears an expression of self-reproach, but his feet were just now stamping on the face of Yuncheng, who fell on the ground, wailing . Looking at the big footprints on Yun Cheng’s face, Yun Tian cannot help but twitch his face and says with a dry smile, “Of course not, what are you talking about, Brother Yun Chuan? Yun Cheng’s injury is not serious; a short rest will be enough for him to recover . ”

At the moment, Yun Cheng winces in pain while tears and mucus are running down his face with his swollen pig-head-like face, and he is completely frightened .  Lifted up by others, he immediately shivers at Yun Chuan’s words and then barely shows a smile uglier than crying: “Yes, my injury is not serious, not serious at all . ”

“That’s good . ” Yunchuan sighs and answers: “Otherwise I will be very upset . Fortunately, it’s not a big mistake . In that case, I’ll go back first . By the way, Qing’er, come here with me . ”

Yun Qing’er looks puzzled .  She follows Yun Chuan to his courtyard and asks curiously, “Brother Chuan, why do you ask me to be here?”

Yun Chuan says nothing . Suddenly, his whole body is full of original force – he releases the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing and several original-force-formed arms grow on his back . He explains with a smile to the girl: “This is one of the gains I’ve made in my visit to the Tomb of Dhyana, and it’s called the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing . It will benefit your strength a lot, and I’ll help you master it . ”

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After hearing Yun Chuan’s introduction to this martial skill, Yun Qing’er is both surprised and pleased . If she can cultivate it successfully, her strength will be nearly doubled by this martial skill . But at the next moment, the girl seems to think of something, and she becomes puzzled .  She asks the boy less confidently: “Brother Chuan, according to what you said, many people just failed to master the real cultivation method of this martial skill before . . . Can I do that?”

With a confident smile Yun Chuan says: “I have now realized the perfect-stage of this martial skill and been a thorough master of it .  There will be no problem with your cultivation with my personal guidance at all, and it only takes a few days to learn .  Trust me . ”

Then the training gets started, and Yun Chuan talks freely about the skill . He has a perfect understanding of this skill, so it can be said that he has analyzed and understood this skill completely and thoroughly; that’s why he can promise the girl without any restraint .

With the guidance of Yun Chuan, Yun Qing’er naturally avoids many detours . Whenever Yun Qing’er makes a mistake, Yun Chuan will correct it immediately .  What’s more, this really intelligent girl is of the third-level blood, which is only inferior to Yun Tian in the whole clan . Therefore, with only more than one day’s effort, she has realized the insight-stage of this martial skill .

Yun Chuan closes his eyes, puts one hand on the girl’s snow-white wrist and adjusts her skeletal posture . The other hand, however, is placed on the girl’s Dantian across the air .  By doing this, his original force keeps surging up and seeping into Yun Qinger’s body, thus guiding the movement of original force in her body .

“Yun Chuan!”

Suddenly a voice with a little suppressed anger comes from the outside, and then the gate of the courtyard explodes with its pieces .

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Yun Chuan opens his eyes, only to see that the Grand Master Yun Luoshan, and the elder master Yun Qiyang are standing outside the gate . Yun Luoshan’s goatee even shakes under his great anger . He points to Yun Chuan but cannot speak a word . A moment later, he bursts out shouts furiously: “Vile spawn, you wanna piss me off?”

Staring at them two, Yun Qiyang also can’t hold back his anger and shouts in a rage: “How shameless!”

When Yun Luoshan looks into the courtyard at the first sight, he sees Yun Chuan holding Yun Qing’er’s hand and putting the other hand on the girl’s belly .  While Yun Qing’er, his daughter, also closes her eyes with a faintly red face, and her eyelashes keep quivering slightly . The posture of these two is extremely romantic and ambiguous .

Yun Chuan doubts a little bit, but the next moment when he sees the posture of Yun Qing’er and himself, he suddenly understands .  No wonder Yun Luoshan thinks it wrong . He takes the original force back from Yun Qing’er’s body and explains awkwardly: “Grand Master, it’s not what you see . It’s just a misunderstanding . . . ”

Yun Qing’er’s pretty face turns red again . She runs to the side of Yun Luoshan and says haltingly, “Father, it’s not what you see . Brother Chuan is teaching me a martial skill . ”

“Well, teaching a martial skill? What kind of martial skill causes my daughter to live in someone’s house for several days? Qing’er, you’ve grown up . Although as a father I will not interfere with you too much in your personal emotion, you can’t do such kind of things .  Teach a martial skill, perfect! Then explain to me why Yun Chuan needs to seize your wrist!”

“Dad, you misunderstood us . Brother Chuan is checking my bones and correcting my skeletal posture . . . ” Yun Qing’er whispers with an even redder face .

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