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Chapter 39

Proofread by Liang Yaping

In the distance, Yun Chuan stands up unsteadily with blood spilling out from his mouth .  He sighs to himself: “The martial arts stage of this Gui Tianli is too high when compared with my own, and the Five-wound Explosive Fist couldn’t break through the original force guarding his body at all .  According to the fight just now, the Seven-layer Icy Flame can’t deal with the case now as it did with Zhao Chengde, for the latter had no defense at that time . Otherwise, with the strength of Gui Tianli’s original force, I’m afraid if I take the Seven-layer Icy Flame out, it will be robbed away directly and ignited by him . ”

“Fortunately, GuI Tianli didn’t find that the direction I fell towards is just the one the tombstone lies in .  After another few hundred meters, I can step on the tombstone!”

Yun Chuan takes a slow breath, stands up and laughs: “It seems that it’s so much for the late-stage of Martial Core . Come on!”


Another earth-shaking crash bursts out .  Again Yun Chuan is thrown back with blood spewing out from his mouth, and perfectly falls into the stone-bridge-like tombstone .

Yun Chuan now looks so miserable that some white bone stubbles are even exposed from several parts of his body . But he still struggles to stand up, grinning and showing his white teeth stained with blood defiantly, “And that’s all? Come on, Gui Tianli, so much for that?”

Dan Ling sees this scene clearly from afar .  What Yun Chuan said earlier, that is, he would help her block one of them, now reverberates in her mind loudly .  Seeing that Yun Chuan, who now stands alone on the tombstone, coughing blood but still blocking Gui Tianli’s way with his last strength, Dan Ling can tell undoubtedly that this boy is now like a spent arrow, and he cannot bear the next attack from Gui Tianli .

“Come on, give me a little more time so I can fully recover, come on . . . ” She even doesn’t find that tears have already run down her face .

Gui Tianli goes furious . He looks back at Dan Ling who is about to recover from the previous injury, and again looks at the seriously injured boy in the middle of the tombstone . He says to himself, “This little jerk can’t take my next blow . Since he wants to die, I will kill him first . After I get the Seventh-layer Icy Flame, we two brothers will pay just some more to deal with the fully-recovered Dan Ling . ”

With a grim smile on his face, he walks towards Yun Chuan and steps on the tombstone: “Since you are willing to die, I will satisfy you . Elder brother, after this little jerk is done, we’ll have some fun together with Dan Ling . But why, what’s the matter with you, elder brother? Why do you look at me like that?”

Gui Tianli looks back and finds that his elder brother, Gui Yantian, who always conceals his feelings and wears a poker face, now stares at him with his eyes full of shock, fear and sadness .

Even Dan Ling’s eyes are full of astonishment .  Such kind of looks of these two make Gui Tianli nervous and he asks, totally horrified: “What’s the matter, elder brother?”

Gui Yantian turns a deaf ear to his question, but looks at Yun Chuan in the middle of the tombstone . All of a sudden, he laughs, and two lines of clear tears run down his face .  This time he conceals nothing about his terrible hatred on his face, saying: “Little jerk, my younger brother and I are brothers by the same mother .  We have been together for more than 100 years, but unexpectedly, my poor brother just dies here today! Young talent, what a young talent . . .  Can you tell me your name?”

Gui Tianli goggles . He is stunned extremely, and says with a dry smile: “Elder brother, what are you saying? I just can’t understand, what do you mean by that I die here? Am I not fine here? Now I’ll kill this little jerk for our good omen first!”

He looks back at Yun Chuan, but now this youngster is also grinning at him without even hiding the pity in his eyes, which drowns Gui Tianli in a towering rage .

“How dare you be so arrogant at the end of a cliff? Boy, I’ve changed my mind . I won’t let you die so easily; I’m going to make it worse than death to you!”

He flies up and blows at Yun Chuan, a trace of cruelty flashes through his eyes .  This time he has released all his strength, and such an attack can definitely smash Yun Chuan .

But Yun Chuan doesn’t move at all, just stands there quietly and takes Gui Tianli’s fist directly .

He stands so still that his body even doesn’t shake at all . He looks down at Gui Tianli, and the pity in his eyes becomes even stronger .

“What’s the matter?!” Gui Tianli’s voice trembles .

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Until now, Gui Tianli has discovered his own abnormality . There is no flesh and blood on his waving arm, and the dull white skeleton makes his heart sink .

“What’s the matter? Well, Gui Tianli, your elder brother doesn’t have the heart to tell you, then I will tell you .  You are dead! To be exact, you were already dead at the time when you stepped on the tombstone, but you just didn’t know it . ”

Gui Tianli’s upper and lower jaws keep clicking . At the moment, he sees the reflection in Yun Chuan’s clear eyes: a white skeleton without any flesh and blood stands here, and its shape is exactly the shape of his own .

The skeleton suddenly turns back and looks at Gui Yantian .  After having seen the look of the his elder brother, the skeleton scatters at once with a crash and a sigh follows .

“I see . . . ”

Seeing this scene from afar, Gui Yantian is so angered that his eyes seem about to pop out .  Two lines of blood-like tears flow from his eyes . He strides out of the battle circle, suddenly kneels down and makes a kowtow towards the direction where Gui Tianli died . Looking at Yun Chuan, who is still standing in the middle of the tombstone with his white cloth stained with blood, he asks with a clam voice: “Young man, you haven’t told me your name yet . ”

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Although his voice is calm, the hatred contained in it is still chilling like the one from Hell .

Yun Chuan smiles: “Old dog, you think I dare not tell you my name? I’m Zhao Xi, one of the Core Disciples of the Zhao Clan in Luoyun City .  As for your younger brother, it’s his great honor to die in my hands .  What he has done deserves more than death!”

“Zhao Xi, what a Zhao Xi! I remember you! What a Zhao Xi!” Gui Yantian laughs, blood-like tears roll down his cheek .  Then he leaves and jumps away .  His brother Gui Tianli is now dead, and the cultivation of Dan Ling is about to recover; he alone will not be Dan Ling’s match at all . Even if he has a fierce hatred to kill Yun Chuan and revenge his brother, he can only temporarily suppress it .

Dan Ling shows a strange look . Listening to the words roared by Gui Yantian from afar, she looks at Yun Chuan, who is still smiling at the moment, and she can’t help shivering but says to herself: “This boy is called Yun Chuan, but he seriously says that he is Zhao Xi from the Zhao Clan .  According to the hatred in Gui Yantian’s words, I’m afraid that something bad is awaiting the Zhao Clan in the future .  Black heart, he really gets a black heart . ”

She goes to Yun Chuan and asks with her eyes full of worries: “Yun Chuan, are you all right? Is there something wrong?”

“Don’t come here!”

Yun Chuan stops Dan Ling’s steps, moves back little by little and says, “Unless you want to become a skeleton, too . ”

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