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Chapter 38

Proofread by  Liang Yaping

“Follow me! Master Dan, I mean . . .  Elder Sister Dan, can you run?”

Feeling the two approaching strong breathes behind them, Yun Chuan rushes towards the road he has come along without turning around .  After a while he remembers to look back, for there is no sound behind him at all .  

Then he finds that Dan Ling is totally lagged behind .  The residual poison in her body has not been eliminated, thus her speed of escaping is quite limited; Yun Chuan now is a long distance away . Meeting his glance, Dan Ling murmurs with a pretty red face: “After a while, maybe, for I still need some time to recover . ”

“After a while? They’re coming for us!”

Yun Chuan runs back to take Dan Ling on his back . He supports Dan Ling’s waist and rushes forward with all his strength: “Now this is an emergency situation, so we can’t take care of all the things .  By the way, Elder Sister, your body is so soft and fragrant . ”

Dan Ling is very angry and ashamed . Out of sight, out of mind; ignoring Yun Chuan’s words, she closes her eyes and tries to recover her strength .

Yun Chuan rushes with all his strength, climbing mountains and hills, bumping up and down, and Dan Ling’s soft body on his back vibrates up and down, making Dan Ling’s pretty face even redder .

“Does the boy do this on purpose?”

Feeling embarrassed, Dan Ling mutters to herself . But when she sees the sweat on Yun Chuan’s forehead caused by the excessive consumption of original force, then she feels an emotional turmoil .

“Elder Sister, you are so heavy . ”

But at this time, Yun Chuan’s words make Dan Ling gnash her teeth in anger: “I’m in good shape!”

The sweats on Yun Chuan’s face drop down, and he runs out for dozens of miles in several minutes with a fat girl on his back . Even though his cultivation is at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, he still gets exhausted at this moment . Feeling the soft bump on his back, Yun Chuan seriously says: “Ok, Elder Sister Dan, you have a thin waist and a soft body, but truly you are a little bit heavy .  Well, the Ghost Brothers are coming, and how much have you recovered?”

“Ten minutes will be enough .  I can hold on for a while when facing one of them, but for both of them two . . . ”

“I’ll lead one of them away!”

In the distance, the demoniac cloud keeps rolling . After all, the Ghost Brothers of the Ghost Mountain School are the strong cultivators at the late-stage of Martial Core .  Though the speed of Yun Chuan is not slow, the distance between them is still getting closer and closer .

“Dan Ling, stop dreaming of escape! I have paid for decades of life to wound you seriously . Don’t resist anymore, for the more you resist, the more excited I will get! Why, there’s a handsome boy? You’ve got a gigolo so fast?” Gui Yantian, the elder brother of the two, calls after Dan Ling smugly .

The demoniac cloud converges in front of Yun Chuan, and the Ghost Brothers land with a great sound .  Gui Yantian’s face shows a color of steel-gray, just like the fierce ghost . He opens his mouth with a grim smile: “A boy at the late-stage of Body Cultivation? Dan Ling, your judgment is really getting worse .  Do you think he can protect you? You’d better surrender to us and be the furnace of our Ghost Brothers! Wait, Brother, how does the breath of this boy seem so familiar to me?”

Behind him, Gui Tianli, who also has a blue-gray face, looks up and down at Yun Chuan for a few seconds . Suddenly, he looks ferocious and says with his teeth gnashing, “I remember his breath . . .  The breath left at the place where the Seven-layer Icy Flame was stolen! The damned thief!”

“It’s you! You truly deliver yourself into our hands!”

A fire-like fierceness bursts out from Gui Yantian’s body, and the intention to kill flashes in his eyes . He laughs and says: “That’s great . Today we can have both the treasure and the beauty . Boy, now if you hand over Seven-layer Icy Flame stolen by you before, kneel down on the ground and kowtow to me thrice, then I can leave you a whole body after you die .  Otherwise, I will turn you into a corpse puppet, and you will be tortured forever! The second Brother, this boy belongs to you!”

Gui Tianli licks his lips, and an expression of cruelty appears on his face . He strides forward and laughs: “Elder brother, you are too kind . No one can die with a whole body in my hand, and this boy will not be an exception . ”

But Yun Chuan’s look never changes . He puts down Dan Ling on his back, turns his head and smiles: “Elder Sister, I will help you block one of them . ”

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Dan Ling looks at the youngster with obvious worry on her face .  She is really surprised by Yun Chuan’s talent, for he has made such achievements at such a young age with his first-level blood; Yun Chuan’s cultivation is only at the late-stage of Body Cultivation . The opponents he is facing now, however, are not his peers, but the seniors at the late-stage of Martial Core . With a gap of a whole stage between, she can even imagine the serious result of Yun Chuan .

“How can you stop them?”

Looking at the young man who is going to Gui Tianli after smiling at her, Dan Ling feels desperately moved with her twitched nose and red eyes . She clearly knows what Yun Chuan has done is to gain time for her at the cost of his life, so that she can hold on for another ten minutes and recover completely .

“A sightless fool who wants to be brave in front of his woman, and he knows not where he stands! You gigolo, now I will break your limbs and bones, and let you see with your own eyes the enjoyment of the woman you want to protect under me!”

Gui Tianli strides forward and claps forward with one hand . He doesn’t use any martial skills at all, because in his mind, if he uses any martial skill to deal with a junior at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, he will be laughed at by many members in his Sect .

But even though the attack is without any help from the martial skill, it still presses fiercely towards Yun Chuan with the sound of wind and thunder .

For those strong cultivators at the late-stage of Martial Core, even if they do not use any martial skill or original force, their physical strength alone is enough to be twice or three times stronger than that of those at the late-stage of Body Cultivation .

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Moreover, what Gui Tianli cultivates is also the skill of tempering the physical body . His physical strength is four or five times stronger than that of those at the late-stage of Body Cultivation . His favorite thing is to crush the enemy with his physical strength .

The shadows of the palm flash all over the sky, covering the whole body of Yun Chuan with the deafening sound of wind and thunder .

In the distance, Dan Ling is now fighting with Gui Yantian, and she can’t help but feel nervous when seeing this scene .  She is worried secretly, for even with her full strength, she does not dare to take a casual attitude in the face of this powerful palm, let alone Yun Chuan, this junior at the stage of Body Cultivation .

“Five-wound Explosive Fist! Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing!”

With a long roar Yun Chuan’s original force surges up and down through his whole body and turns into several original-force-formed arms behind his back . He clenches his fists and fights back towards Gui Tianli with a fierce palm .


The two collide in the air . At the next moment, Yun Chuan is directly blasted hundreds of meters away by Gui Tianli’s attack like a broken kite .  The original-force arms behind him all explode at this moment, and three ribs of his break directly .  At once he coughs up blood!

After the confrontation Gui Tianli’s face also turns white, but he soon manages to recover as usual . Although the power of Yun Chuan’s fist is too weak to be mentioned in his eyes, the boy’s original force still has infiltrated into his viscera, trying to destroy his internal system . However, Gui Tianli has suppressed the damage by his selike rich original force at the late-stage of Martial Core .

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