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Chapter 40

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It is not until Yun Chuan has stepped down from the tombstone that Dan Ling dares to step up and support him, and then she is shocked .  Almost dozens of bones have already broken in his body, and even many bone stubbles are exposed .

Dan Ling looks at the youngster with a worried look .  He remains speechless and stands straight, just like a pine erecting proudly in the snow . He takes a long breath and raises his hand to repair those broken bone stubbles . At the same time, the sound of bone friction comes out from his body, which obviously shows that he is using the original force to connect the broken and dislocated bones one by one .

His face is sallow, and beads of sweat keep sliding down his forehead, but he still shuts his mouth, letting out no painful cry; and he still stands as straight as ever .

“Brother Yun . . . ”

Dan Ling now has mixed feelings about this boy, and she bites his red lips lightly . There are so many things she wants to say at this moment, but finally only two words come out softly: “Thank you . ”

Yun Chuan opens his eyes and answers with a smile: “Look what you say, Elder Sister? It’s just a few broken bones, don’t worry . In half a day, I will be able to move . ”

While recovering from the injury, Yun Chuan immerses in the Golden Scroll through his consciousness . At the next moment, a look with mixture of surprise and joy shows on his face: the death of Gui Tianli at the late-stage of Martial Core actually brings him eight thousand points of soul value!

Previously, he has accumulated six thousand points of soul value, but the comprehension of the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill at the perfect-stage has consumed three thousand points .  But still, now his soul value has reached as much as eleven thousand points .

“Ten thousand points, that is enough for the promotion to the second-level blood!”

This is the first thought in Yun Chuan’s mind, which brings him uncontrollable excitement .

With his first-level blood, his present martial arts stage has reached the late-stage of Body Cultivation, which is exactly the limit for him .

It is precisely because of this that even though Yun Chuan performed outstandingly before, still no one took him seriously . This is because as a cultivator with the lowest first-level blood, reaching the late-stage of Body Cultivation is touching the ceiling all his life; there is no potential in him at all .

But now, all is going to change .

Ten thousand points of soul value dissipate in an instant, turning into a strange force and melting into Yun Chuan’s body . Yun Chuan can clearly perceive that his blood qualification has quietly changed, and what is most clear is that at the moment, his perception and absorption of the natural original force is twice stronger than before .

He takes out a Primordial Stone and absorbs it in his hand . The color of joy on his face then becomes more intense, for he can feel that the original force absorbed by him from this stone is also twice as much as before .

That is not to say that the original force contained in the Primordial Stone doubles than that before . In the past, although a whole Primordial Stone can be absorbed by Yun Chuan, only one tenth of the contained original force could be transformed into his cultivation . But now, after he has been promoted to the second-level blood, his ability to absorb and transform the original force has naturally doubled .

After half a day, Yun Chuan opens his eyes .  Dan Ling who guarded him around now looks up and down at him, being anxious and doubtful . Compared with the previous person, Yun Chuan at the moment actually brings her a feeling as if he has been totally reborn .  However, there is no clue about it when she looks at him carefully .

“Elder Sister Dan, have you heard about the Fruit of Blood and Fire?”

At this time, what Yun Chuan has said makes Dan Ling come to herself and she says, “How do you know the Fruit of Blood and Fire? Or to say, did it that accompanied the Water of Icy Spring also fall into your hands? But I remember that the ones that I used to send to take it are the members of the Zhao Clan . . . ”

Dan Ling’s beautiful eyes suddenly go wide .  She looks up and down at Yun Chuan and discovers that as if what she was looking for all have finally fallen into this boy’s hands .

With a shy smile, Yun Chuan says, “Elder Sister, don’t take me wrong . We are not rivals .  A t that time Zhao Jiu was beaten half dead by the Bloody Ape, and I just accidentally picked one Fruit of Blood and Fire up . . . ”

Dan Ling supports her forehead with the hand and sighs, for she doesn’t know what to do with the shameless youngster in front of her .  Especially his seemingly shy smile really angers her, making her breast heave convulsively .

“Well, with the Fruit of Blood and Fire and Water of Icy Spring, one can cultivate the martial core with special techniques, that is, the Cultivation of Martial Core with Water and Fire, which can double the strength of the martial core than that of a common one . This is the jade slips recording the method of the Cultivation of Martial Core with Water and Fire . ” Dan Ling hands Yun Chuan a jade slip with a complicated look .

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“I see . ” Yun Chuan takes over the jade slip and glances at it with a smile .

“My cultivation has been completely restored, and I am ready to continue for the exploration in depth now . ” After a moment of silence, Dan Ling suddenly says with a smile .

“I will not go further . My qualifications are not strong enough, and I have already gained enough benefits this time; going back to digest them is a better choice for me . Elder Sister Dan, you must be careful . ” Yun Chuan ponders and decides to take his leave .

“Well, I will go to Luoyun City after I come out in a few days . Each of the Three Grand Clans in your city has a quota for the Outer Disciples of our Daoist Pill Sect, of course, except for you . The jade card I gave you is quite special, for even masters like me can only use it once in my whole life; and it can directly introduce you as the Inner Disciple of our Daoist Pill Sect . ”

Dan Ling chuckles, and suddenly says fiercely, “Then I’ll go first .  It’s not so easy for me to come here his time, but all the benefits fall into your hands . I have to find some lucky chances . Besides, you are not allowed to say anything about my figure, such words as soft body, slender waist and the fragrance are totally banned! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Yun Chuan’s face now shows a trace of admiration: “But Elder Sister, you truly have a good figure . Your body is in a good shape, and it’s very soft and fragrant .  The only problem is that you are a little bit heavy . What’s the matter?”

DanL ling glares at him angrily and warns, “Believe it or not? If you talk nonsense again and get misunderstood by others because of that, I will throw you into the water and drown you half dead!”

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“Why get misunderstood?” Asks Yun Chuan in bewilderment .

Dan Ling feels ashamed and gets even angrier: “Anyway, you are not allowed to say that again!”

     . . . . . . .

The meeting hall in the Yun Clan .

Many senior members of the Yun Clan gather in the meeting hall, where the sound of discussion comes ceaselessly .  Looking at the meeting hall from time to time, many disciples in the clan are also nervous .

Yun Luoshan scans around sharply with a stern look: “So everybody, for the quota of Daoist Pill Sect, does anybody have some good candidates for recommendation?”

“Grand Master, is the discussion necessary? Yun Tian, Heaven’s favored one in our clan, must be the best choice . ” The elder master of the Yun Clan says with a smile .

“Well, Tian’er has the highest martial arts qualifications among his peers in our clan, and his fourth-level blood is destined to make him go further than those ordinary ones .  So, any objection?” Yun Luoshan nods and asks .

Yun Chenghe, the head master of the clan, seems to think of something suddenly . He is about to talk, but then bites his tongue .  Finally he looks around and says: “Grand Master, Yun Chuan has performed really well in recent days . It is said that many disciples of the Zhao Clan have fallen into his hands . Even Zhao Jiu, a strong senior cultivator who has just reached the stage of Martial Core, seems to die because of him . ”

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