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Chapter 37

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“It seems that what he said before is not groundless . . . Maybe he really has a good talent of Pill Refinement .  However, no matter how talented he is, he can’t master the refinement of the Heaven-conversing Pill in just half a day; let alone reaching its perfect-stage .  It is just impossible and unheard-of!”

A glimmer of hope rises in Dan Ling’s heart, but at the next moment it becomes shrouded by deep disappointment . From her understanding, even the founders of the Daoist Pill Sect couldn’t understand the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill at the perfect-stage in merely half a day, let alone Yun Chuan, a beginner on the way of Pill Refinement .

She looks at the youngster subconsciously . The boy dressed in spotless white clothes in front of her now wears a serious look . Although his operation is not so skillful, he keeps faultless on every key point in the process of the refinement . Even she herself is not so clear to some of the operations!

“Is he truly so talented in Pill Refinement? But the next part is the quenching through the Pill Fire .  How can he make it without the Pill Fire? Only a step away . . . ”

Gradually, Dan Ling’s face becomes more and more dignified; now she has her heart in her mouth, and she stares at Yun Chuan without blinking .

At the next moment, she gnashes her teeth in anger with her widened eyes: “Damn thief, it’s you!”

Yun Chuan’s turns his hand, and then a faint blue flame appears . Seeing this flame, Dan Ding immediately understands that it was the youngster in front of her who took away the Seven-layer Icy Flame when she was fighting with the Ghost Brothers from the Ghost Mountain School .

At this time, the youngster turns around, and no trace of embarrassment can be found on his face . He smiles happily and says in a smug manner: “Well, it’s just a little flame I picked up by chance .  I didn’t expect that it could help you the Master to refine the Heaven-conversing Pill today . ”

“By chance? A little flame?”

Yun Chuan’s calm answer puts Dan Ling’s teeth on edge, and she even wants to slap this shameless youngster on the head . However, she possesses her temper with an effort; after all, this boy is now trying his best to save her . If Yun Chuan didn’t get the Seven-layer Icy Flame, nothing could help her to refine the pill at this moment .

What’s more, Yun Chuan’s way of refining pills has attracted much of her attention . What makes her more and more shocked is that in such a short period of time, Yun Chuan now has truly mastered the refining of the Heaven-conversing Pill, and some subtle operations of him even makes Dan Ling feel a little bit ashamed of her inferiority .

“How could it be? But it is indeed the first time for him to refine pills just under my eyes . . .  I’m a professional Pill Master who has studied for several years, how can his understanding of the Heaven-conversing Pill be better than that of mine?”

By this time, the shock in Dan Ling’s heart has reached the top . She looks at the youngster with a complex look, as if she were looking at a monster .

All of a sudden, the fragrance of a pill spreads out, which immediately attracts Dan Ling . When she sees a pill with three circles of Dan marks rising slowly from the furnace, the shock accumulated in her heart earlier all explodes at this moment .

“Three Dan marks . . .  One mark means the entry-stage, two marks means the insight-stage, and three marks means the pill at the perfect-stage .  Although it is just a pill on the edge of the perfect-stage, a boy who has just learned the Pill Refinement for a few hours really mastered it under my eyes . How could it be? How could it be . . . ”

She murmurs unconsciously, still unable to believe what she has seen .

“I’m glad that I didn’t let you down . ”

Dan Ling is a very beautiful girl, and when it comes to the appearance she is nothing short of Yun Qing’er .  She has always been a beauty of an iceberg when facing others, but under the successive shocks brought by Yun Chuan, she now looks like a helpless moon fairy that has been demoted to the earth .  An unusual and different beauty then is shown .

Yun Chuan coughs gently, and then Dan Ling realizes her gaffe .  Looking at the pill, she blushes and opens her mouth, but finally not even a word comes out .

The shock that Yun Chuan has brought to her is so great that she is now totally in a mess .  Her look keeps changing, and her mind is buffeted by different thoughts .  Suddenly, she thinks of something and takes a jade card out of the storage space of Dantian and says, “This is the token of the Inner Disciple of our Daoist Pill Sect, and by this, you can become one of the inner disciples of our Sect . ”

However, at this moment, the idea of roping Yun Chuan in rises in her heart . After all, Yun Chuan’s amazing performance truly impresses her .  She has never heard of such a strong talent in the Pill Refinement, even not from those founders and ancestors in the Daoist Pill Sect .

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Yun Chuan shows a trace of surprise and takes the jade card subconsciously . But at the next moment their looks all change immediately, for they all feel that two strong breathes are coming towards the direction of the valley .

“The Ghost Brothers, they are coming!”

Dan Ling’s pretty face slightly changes, and Yun Chuan also frowns: “Master Dan, how can the Heaven-conversing Pill relieve the Ghost-face Sore on your body?”

Dan Ling’s face keeps changing, and after a while she suddenly opens her mouth, “Since you have received that jade card, you don’t need to call me Master .  Just call me Elder Sister . ”

Yun Chuan looks very confused . Feeling the two strong breathes coming closer and closer, he doesn’t know why Dan Ling now deliberately diverts the topic at this nervous time, so he still repeats: “Elder Sister Dan, you haven’t told me how can the Heaven-conversing Pill relieve the Ghost-face Sore on your body . ”

Dan Ling bites her red lip lightly, and her pretty face turns red at this moment . Her voice becomes as faint as the one from a mosquito: “The Ghost-face Sore is on my back, and it is out of my reach . You need to touch it with the Heaven-conversing Pill . . . ”

“What?” Yun Chuan is stunned, and he opens his mouth without saying other words .

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With a pair of beautiful eyes Dan Ling stares at Yun Chuan, and she warns the boy fiercely: “See not other places, or your eyes will be gone!”

She finally takes the black robe off, revealing her smooth and jade-like skin . A dazzling white then attracts Yun Chuan’s full attention . However, the perfect skin is branded with a fearsome green ghost face, which grows like a tattoo on the back and suppresses the cultivation of Dan Ling .

Trying to keep his eyes away from other places, Yun Chuan manages to control his mind .  He presses the Heaven-conversing Pill on Dan Ling’s jade-like smooth back, and the touch from the palm makes his mind stirring .

The Heaven-conversing Pill soon melts into the ghost face, which gradually dissipates the Sore on Dan Ling’s back . Yun Chuan withdraws his hand, turns his back and tries to ask calmly while the rustle of dressing behind him continues: “Elder Sister Dan, can you release any original force now? I’m afraid that the Ghost Brothers will catch up with us in ten minutes . ”

For a time, the atmosphere in the valley seems to be a little bit romantic . Yun Chuan turns around, and Dan Ling has dressed up already . Now though her pretty face is still slightly red, her words become calm . She shakes her head and says, “My cultivation has been suppressed for a long time by the Ghost-face Sore . It will take me half an hour to recover . ”

Feeling the approaching breath Yun Chuan says: “In this case, come with me, I know a place that can deter them both, or even we may kill them!”

He thinks of the stone bridge formed by the tombstone on the way . According to the scene at that time, he believes that even if the Ghost Brothers are at the late-stage of Martial Core, they cannot survive under the power of that gateway .

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