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Chapter 35

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Yun Chuan still acts as if nothing happened and he casually releases a palm . It seems that the previous attack powerful enough to collapse the mountain and crack the stones released by Zhao Chengde, a strong cultivator at the stage of Martial Core, is not deterrent at all for Yun Chuan to keep in mind .  

“What an arrogant little jerk! It’s you that look for death and blame me not!”

Zhao Chengde goes furious for he is blinded by Yun Chuan’s indifferent look .  A powerful cultivator at the stage of Martial Core like him is now ignored by a boy at the stage of Body Cultivation; especially Yun Chuan’s eyes look at him as if watching a dead man, and that makes him totally angry .

“Get down on your knees!”

Zhao Chengde shouts angrily, and the strength of his palm grows a little stronger .  It is so powerful that if Yun Chuan got beaten by it, he would die directly or at least, get seriously injured .

“Yun Chuan is so arrogant and reckless, and he has completely angered the Elder Master . With the full strength of the cultivator at the stage of Martial Core, there is absolutely no reason for the little jerk to escape!”

On the other side, Zhao Xi watches this scene with a happy face . He seems to have foreseen the result of Yun Chuan, that is, to be smashed by Zhao Chengde’s palm at the next moment .

That thunder-like palm of Zhao Chengd’s hand comes in a flash .  Zhao Chengde looks at Yun Chuan cruelly at a very short distance away, finding that the boy is also looking at him with a trace of pity in his eyes .

“You are doomed to die . ”

Yun Chuan speaks softly, and his cold voice seems to come from the hell .

The last color reflected in Zhao Chengde’s eyes is the faint blue of the flame, which keeps growing larger and larger and finally covers his whole world .

Crack!Crack! Crack!

A lifelike blue ice sculpture appears in Zhao Xi’s eyes .  No breath can be found on Zhao Chengde’s body, and only the fear in his eyes is vivid .

“Why . . . How can it be? Elder Master, are you kidding me? Yun Chuan is just a waste at the stage of Body Cultivation, how can he hurt you? It must be a joke . Yes, that’s it . . . ”

Zhao Xi goggles at that ice sculpture with his trembling teeth . He walks forward with a dry smile, but just then, the blue ice sculpture of Zhao Chengde burns to ashes with a sound .

“How could it be . . . ”

Yun Chuan walks forward slowly and grins, showing his white teeth: “Elder brother, you’d like to kill yourself, or helped by me?”

Zhao Xi is out of his wits and still can’t believe what happened . He is also elite-like figure in the Zhao Clan, and his psychological quality is quite good . But at the moment, Yun Chuan’s strange and weird power completely awes him .

Until now he hasn’t seen how Zhao Chengde, a powerful man at the stage of Martial Core, died directly in Yun Chuan’s hands without a move .

At the moment, Yun Chuan’s sunny and harmless smile looks more like the mask of the devil to him .

“Yun Chuan, I was wrong . Can you let me go this time?”

Zhao Xi’s tears and mucus all run down his still swollen face at the moment; he is completely frightened by Yun Chuan, and regret has filled his mind .  Given another choice, he would not choose to provoke Yun Chuan at all .

“I’m sorry, but I always dig up the roots when I cut the weeds . ”

A moment later Yun Chuan leaves, and no blood stains his white and spotless dress .  With a changing face he goes to the distance .

“Zhao Chengde and Zhao Xi have contributed four thousand points of soul value to me . With what I have accumulated before, now I have more than five thousand points . ”

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“What’s more, I’ve got more than 1000 Primordial Stones from them two . My previous accumulation of martial cultivation is only one step away from the late-stage of Body Cultivation . With more than 1000 Stones, a few days will be enough for me to reach the late-stage of Body Cultivation!”

He finds a valley and begins to absorb the pure force contained in the Primordial Stones .  If consumed by the ordinary martial cultivators at the stage of Body Cultivation, Primordial Stones of this quantity will suffice for several years; but at the moment they are consumed by Yun Chuan with a full speed, the disappearance of the Stones can be caught by the naked eye .

Three days later, there comes a roar full of joy and happiness in the valley . Yun Chuan opens his bright eyes, where a trace of a surprise can hardly be concealed .

“The late-stage of Body Cultivation!”

Yun Chuan can clearly feel that his present original force is more than twice as strong as before . In those three days, with the consumption of more than 1000 Primordial Stones, he has finally entered the late-stage of Body Cultivation .

With the low position in his previous life, not to mention a thousand Primordial Stones, even one Stone would take him a year to get it at that time . How can he spend freely like this? After all, they are all the wealth of a man at the stage of Martial Core .

In his heart, however, he also wonders at his good fortune . Zhao Chengde is a real strong man at the early-stage of Martial Core, and he is even far stronger than the previous Zhao Jiu . If he hadn’t got the Seven-layer Icy Flames this time and then detonated the second-layer Icy Flame by surprise, he would never win when they start to fight .

And this time, he really makes a dangerous move . His former original force can only lead to the second-layer of the Icy Flame . If Zhao Chengde firstly finds the way to explode the Flame, then the loser will be Yun Chuan himself .

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After all, the Seven-layer Icy Flames never recognizes an owner . He now knows that the second-layer of the flame can kill the strong at the early-stage of Martial Core, but another cultivator whose original force is beyond him can also take the lead when Yun Chuan takes out that Flame, or even takes it away directly and kills him .

“The death of Zhao Chengde and Zhao Xi has brought me four thousand points of soul value . It seems that the strong at the stage of Martial Core has nearly ten times more soul value than that at the stage of Body Cultivation . In this way, ten thousand points of soul value will be just round the corner .  What? There seems to be something wrong with the Golden Scroll . ”

Yun Chuan sinks into his consciousness, and suddenly his face moves .  Now he finds that the Golden Scroll slowly expands one tenth of its whole, and a mark in the shape of a furnace is presented clearly on the new opened area . At the same time, a stream of information also spreads to his consciousness .

“In this newly opened area of the Golden Scroll, I can exchange soul value for the perception of alchemy, that is, the refining of pills?”

Yun Chuan’s eyes open wide, and a mixture of surprise and amazement shows on his face .  He has got so much unexpected pleasure today, and at this time he even can’t respond to this new surprise for a while .

How could he not know how amazing this function is?

The stage of Body Cultivation is merely a starting point of martial cultivators, but after those cultivators have entered the stage of Martial Core, the effect of many kinds of pills on martial arts cultivation will be more and more important .  Accordingly, the Pill Masters who can refine pills are generally of extremely high status .

However, much time and energy are demanded in the journey of Pill Refinement .  The cultivation of Pill Refinement is also divided into ten levels; sometimes a primary prescription at the first-level will also take a Pill Master several years or even decades to study and master .

The life span of martial cultivators is limited, and it will be prolonged to only 200 years after reaching the stage of Martial Core . If one chooses to study the martial arts, he or she will not be able to separate time and energy to study the Pill Refinement; if one studies the Pill Refinement, however, he or she will not have enough time to study the martial arts .  Moreover, the study of those pills will also be limited by the talent and qualifications of the cultivator .

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