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Chapter 36

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Yun Chuan stands up and walks out of the valley .  Just a few steps away he stops suddenly, and looks far away with an uncertain look .

Along the direction he looks appears a figure covered in the black robe staggering to the valley in the distance . The breath of the comer is very weak, and the black robe has been seeped with blood . Looking at the appearance he can tell clearly that it is Dan Ling of the Daoist Pill Sect .

“It’s her? It seems that Dan Ling, the Master Dan of the Daoist Pill Sect, has been badly hurt . Judging from her breath, she is pretty messed up now .  And from her look and her hurried escape, I’m sure that there are some strong enemies chasing behind . ”

Yun Chuan frowns and looks at Dan Ling who is faint enough now and even unable to walk, for he is struggling to decide whether he should go out to save her or not at the moment .

To tell the truth, he just met this master from the Daoist Pill Sect once, and now behind her two strong cultivators at the stage of Martial Core are chasing after to kill her .  There is no reason for him to put himself in danger for saving this stranger .

“I’m afraid that as the master of Daoist Pill Sect, Dan Ling must have rich perception on the way of Pill Refinement .  She wanted the Fruit of Blood and Fire accompanied by the Water of Icy Spring before, and it’s very possible that the combination of those two will be beneficial to the promotion to the stage of Martial Core . If I practice as usual, I’m afraid it will take several years to reach the stage of Martial Core; so now it’s worth taking this risk!”

He walks out of the valley and goes towards Dan Ling with a smile .  “Do you need some help, Master Dan?”

“It’s you?”

Dan Ling is surprised to see Yun Chuan coming out of the valley . She also knows that boy, for his great performance in the battle for the collection of Water of Icy Spring among the Three Grand Clans impressed her deeply .  A spark of hope lights up in her heart, but it goes out quickly the next moment when she thinks of Yun Chuan’s poor martial qualifications .  She shakes her head and says in despair, “You’d better just leave, for you are too weak to help me . ”

Without any words, Yun Chuan walks in front of her and looks up and down at the graceful and delicate body under the cover of the black robe; he even leans forward and smells the damaged part of the robe .

Dan Ling’s black robe has been broken because of the fierce battle before .  Now under Yun Chuan’s head-to-toe glance, she feels ashamed and immediately gets angry . However, she thinks of her present state, and believes that if Yun Chuan had any evil idea, she would have no strength to resist him at all . She cannot help but show fear in her eyes . She screams out: “What do you want to do? Behave yourself!”

“Be quiet, Master Dan . I just want to examine your wound . ”

Dan Ling looks at the serious youngster doubtfully: “You can know the injury by your nose? What do you get?”

“Nothing . ”

The youngster is a little bashful and answers, “I haven’t studied how to examine the injury yet . ”

Dan Ling gets even angrier: “Then why did you come so close to me? The Ghost Brothers have spent decades of their lives planting the Ghost-face Sore on my body, which can not only suppress my accomplishments but also enable them to trace me with its breath, so I can never escape . ”

“Any solution?” Yun Chuan frowns .

“Ghost-face Sore is one of the high-level occult arts of the Ghost Mountain School, and the only way to break it is to refine the perfect-stage Heaven-conversing Pill with three Pill marks . But I’m just a first-level pill master now, and with the present experience I can only make insight-stage one, which is totally useless at all . ”

“Heaven-conversing Pill at the perfect-stage? Maybe I can have a try . ” Yun Chuan frowns again, and suddenly smiles the next second .

“You know about the Pill Refinement? You have learned how to refine the Heaven-conversing Pill?” Dan Ling is totally shocked .

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“No, you have to teach me the prescription of the pill first . ” Yun Chuan opens his mouth dryly but seriously .


Dan Ling’s chest heaves convulsively under her anger . She points at Yun Chuan but cannot say a word, and she finally restores her breath: “Are you just kidding me? You don’t even know what Pill Refinement is, how can you help me to refine the Heaven-conversing Pill at the perfect-stage? You know, even though the Heaven-conversing Pill is just a first-level pill, I have studied it carefully for a year before I reached its insight-stage . You’d better leave now, for I guess that the Ghost Brothers will find me within half a day . ”

But she has concealed something, that is, her talent on Pill Refinement ranks her as one of the best in the Daoist Pill Sect . That’s why she was able to be one of the masters when she was still young .  Even so, it still took her a year to understand the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill, let alone the experience-less Yun Chuan . If she didn’t see Yun Chuan’s serious look, she would have recognized it as Yun Chuan’s joke .

“How do you know if you don’t try? After all, it’s hard for you to escape now . ” Yun Chuan doesn’t give a definite answer .

“You! Alas, forget it! You are right, it can’t be any worse than it has been . ”

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Dan Ling is both anxious and angry, but she knows that what Yun Chuan said is also reasonable . Now in that case, there is no other choice except for believing the youngster in front of her .

But this is also her last attempt . Even she doesn’t believe that Yun Chuan, who has never studied the Pill Refinement before, can be able to master in a short time period the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill which others can’t master without a practice of three or five years .

After they step into the valley, Dan Ling opens the storage space of Dantian (the pubic region below the navel), and many medicinal materials and a refining furnace fall onto the ground . The next moment, she throws a jade slip to Yun Chuan and says, “Here is the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill . ”

A trace of envy shows on Yun Chuan’s face .  For those who have reached the stage of Martial Core, an extra store space will emerge in their Dantians, and all articles can be stored in it . The higher their cultivation level is, the larger the Dantian space will be . It is even said that the Dantian space of those at the highest level stage of cultivation can be transformed into a self-world .

For the cultivators at the stage of Body Cultivation, their Dantian space is merely a quite limited storage bag in a few square meters .

Yun Chuan takes over the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill, and absorbs it by his consciousness . Dan Ling looks suspicious beside him . After a while, she can’t help but say: “Yun Chuan, don’t waste your time .  The Ghost Brothers are coming, and you can leave now before it’s too late . . . ”

Yun Chuan turns a deaf ear and keeps meditating .  Then he picks up those medicinal materials one by one: “Grass of Nature’s Mystery, Hundred-year Ebony, Phoenix Flower . . . The quality of Grass of Nature’s Mystery is not fine enough .  The Heaven-conversing Pill at the perfect-stage demands the kind of Grass of Nature’s Mystery with 80% active ingredients . Do you have any substitutes?”

The doubt on Dan Ling’s face gradually turns into surprise . Subconsciously, she takes out another Grass of Nature’s Mystery and hands it to Yun Chuan . Although she has mastered the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill at its insight-stage, she knows nothing about the point said by Yun Chuan; that is, to use the kind of Grass of Nature’s Mystery with 80% active ingredients demanded by the perfect-stage Heaven-conversing Pill .

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