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Chapter 34

Proofread by Liang Yaping

The deeper Yun Chuan swims in the lake, the clearer the chill and hot feeling become .  Sometimes it is so burning that it can make a person boil, but next moment it becomes so cold as if it could freeze a person into ice .  The heavier and heavier water pressure also adds to Yun Chuan’s burden, and finally he feels that his body can’t bear it anymore .

“The Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing!”

Yun Chuan clenches his teeth, and suddenly spews out a mouthful of essence blood . After that, three original-forced arms appear on his back; his physical strength is suddenly increased by three times .  Now he is able to bear a lot of strength and proceeds to dive down .

If other martial cultivators of the same stage as Yun Chuan came into this lake, they would have already been frozen into a lump of ice or boiled directly by the strange water before they make it here .

Even so, after diving down hundreds of meters deep again, Yun Chuan finds that the previous strange feeling has increased by a dozen times; even the blood flowing all over his body seems to stop flowing and boil at this moment .

Yun Chuan grinds his teeth hard to keep himself conscious and still keeps diving . After struggling for a while, he finally arrives at an open space . Among the gravel at the bottom of the lake, there lies a flickering blue flame, illuminating the whole lake bottom into a color of blue .

“Is it the Seven-layer Icy Flame?”

Yun Chuan tries to mobilize the original force through his whole body to resist the strange feeling of coldness and heat around him . He swims to the center of the lake bottom and looks at the flame . Although it lies in the center of the lake, it has not been obliterated by the water at all . It can be seen that its interior is divided into seven colors, and the most peripheral one is the blue that has cast the blue light on the bottom of the lake .

He stretches out his palms, and concentrates all the original force of his body on it to grab the blue flame; then he takes it off .

Although the outer layer of the Seven-layer Icy Flame makes him shiver, it is still within his range of bearing . However, when Yun Chuan explores the next inner layer of the flame with his original force, it shocks him much that the consumption of his original force suddenly increases dozens of times .

“The temperature of the second layer of the flame is tens of times higher than that of the outermost layer . I’m afraid that I can’t defend myself now if it detonates completely, let alone the five deeper layers of it .  It must be even more unimaginable . . . No wonder those strong cultivators at the Martial Core above are fighting furiously for it!”

Yun Chuan’s face lightens with surprise and joy . As he swims upwards he thinks to himself, “It’s worth it, it’s really worth it to come here this time .  Truly, nothing venture, nothing gain! However, the lucky chance of those people above has been robbed by me, and they will not give up easily . I’d better run away!”

Just after Yun Chuan has left, within a short time of half an hour, two black lights come above the big lake and dive into it . They are exactly the Ghost Brothers from the Ghost Mountain School .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the next moment, the calm lake suddenly explodes, and the water mist rolls up tens of meters high .  All the rocks around crack, and a furious voice resounds for tens of miles .

“Who, who dares to steal the Seven-layer Icy Flames while we are fighting for it?! If we caught you . . . you damned little thief!”

“I remember the breath . I will cut you to pieces to ease my anger!”

The Ghost Brothers go furious .  The both sides, Dan Ling and they two, suffered with great losses in the fight before . They fought for half a day, spent numerous occult arts and even life of decades to wound Dan Ling severely, forcing her to escape .  If it were for some usual treasures, they would not pay such a price; but if they could exchange a rare one like Seven-layer Icy Flames, the price they paid would be worth it well .

But now, it shows that all they have done only works for others’ benefit .  How can they keep calm and control their anger?

To avoid being caught by the brothers in a rage at the moment, Yun Chuan retreats to a safe place .  This tomb of Dhyana gets a vast area, so it’s very difficult for those brothers to find him .

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“I have got such kind of treasure by chance this time, and maybe it’s time to go back . ”

He makes up his mind and begins to turn back .

“Yun Chuan, men may meet but mountains never!”

All of a sudden, two breaths come from afar .  Yun Chuan turns to look at it, and he frowns slightly . But at the next second he keeps calm and answers with a smile, “What a coincidence, Zhao Xi .  It’s good to see that you know to call your parents this time after beaten .  Elder Master Zhao Chengde, we haven’t met each other for a long time .  How are you?”

Zhao Chengde comes to Yun Chuan step by step, and his grizzled hair all flutters without wind . At this moment, his momentum at the early-stage of Martial Core rises madly with his pace, trying to suppress Yun Chuan with great pressure . Zhao Chengde takes out a white cloth and ties it on his head . He laughs and speaks to Yun Chuan with a grim face: “Well, of course, I’m fine . I haven’t seen you die and are buried with my poor son Zhao Yang with my own eyes . How dare I be not fine? Heaven bless me to let me meet you and kill you here . Heaven really treat me well!”

Because of the injury Yun Chuan brought to him before, Zhao Xi is still in black and blue . At this moment, he walks forward slowly and adds with a smile, “Yun Chuan, can you believe that your retribution comes so fast? No one dares to hit me in the face since my childhood .  You will pay for it with your life!”

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He laughs with overjoy and says to Zhao Chengde: “Elder master, you should be careful, for here is something weird about this little jerk . He is only of the lowest first-level blood and his martial arts qualification is also very poor, but his ability of understanding martial skills is extremely terrifying . I suffered a big loss from him earlier . ”

Zhao Chengde snorts coldly, and the momentum of the stage of Martial Core is totally revealed at this moment . He says with a cold smile: “Zhao Xi, you really let me down, for you are slapped by such a little brute of the lowest first-level blood outside of the stage of Martial Core .  The whole Zhao Clan is then humiliated enough by you! To get back my Zhao family’s face and revenge my son, the blood of you little jerk must be drained today!”

Yun Chuan shakes his head, and not even a trace of nervousness shows on his face .  He suddenly says with a smile, “Don’t you know that, old man? Someone once said that to me, but now the grass on his grave is five feet high . ”

“How dare you! Kneel down then!”

Zhao Chengde goes furious immediately . He makes a bold move and releases a palm with a great selike power surging towards Yun Chuan .

Zhao Chengde, after all, is quite a figure at the early-stage of Martial Core . Along the way of martial cultivation, the stage of Body Cultivation is only for the basis of the training of physical endurance .  A cultivator can be regarded as a real step into the gate of martial cultivation after he or she has reached the stage of Martial Core . Compared with that of the stage of Body Cultivation, the strength of the stage of Martial Core is ten or even dozens of times higher .

Just like Zhao Jiu, who was killed by Yun Chuan before; although he had already been hurt fatally by both the Bloody Ape’s attack and Yun Chuan’s Five-wound Explosive Fist, after he reached the stage of Martial Core, his horrible vitality still made him come to the Zhao Clan with broken inner organs, telling his members about his arrangement after death . If it were a martial cultivator at the stage of Body Cultivation, he or she would have been dead for several times after suffering such a serious injury .

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