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Chapter 32

Proofread by Liang Yaping

There is no flesh and blood on the white skeleton, but he is still laughing with much delight with his upper and lower jaws clattering .  He goes forwards step by step steadily: “Truly, Heaven bless me! I didn’t expect that I could have such an excellent qualification to be the first one to understand the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing .  The leader will take the lead to the end! This tomb of the Dhyana is destined to be the starting point of my new martial road!”

Everyone is just horrified when they see this scene . Some people can’t help but hear their teeth chattering with fear: “Fellow, you seem already dead . . . ”

“I’m dead? How can I . . . ”

Chu Wudao looks back with his empty eyes and shakes his head . “Are you jealous of me? You all envy me because I’m now ahead of you all to get the chance that predecessors left me . Yes, that’s it . I’m the first one to step here, and the lucky chance belongs to me, so of course you are jealous, huh? What, my flesh and blood . . . Why, why is my flesh and blood missing? Who attacked me and stole my flesh and blood? Or to say . . . Am I really dead . . . ?”

All of a sudden, the skeleton breaks into pieces and falls under the tombstone, and no sound comes out anymore .

“Chu Wudao is really a fool who only cultivates this skill to its insight-stage . I have already reached its perfect-stage . I will obtain the lucky chance in the Tomb of the Dhyana first!”

Everyone keeps silent . After a while, someone stands up again . He looks around and strides forward, and then he steps on the tombstone . He believes that as he has reached the perfect-stage of the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing in such a short time, he will have enough ability to cross the obstacle in front of him and be the first one to get the lucky chance .

Then that cultivator also steps onto the tombstone and starts to release the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing at its perfect-stage . He walks forward step by step carefully, planning to return immediately when the situation turns unfavorable .

All the way it goes on calmly without any abnormality . When he is only a step away from the tombstone, the cultivator laughs with a brightened face: “It is true that only with the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing at its perfect-stage one can cross this obstacle! Great, I will go first!”

He then steps out of the tombstone . In the frightened eyes of all on the other side, the flesh and blood of the cultivator crashes and falls off his body like mud; and at the next second, he totally becomes a skeleton .

When that cultivator turns around, he sees those fellows’ frightened eyes, and suddenly his heart sinks . He then trembles and asks, “Am I . . .  dead?”

After seeing the nods of all, the last breath of that skeleton is gone and it scatters on the ground with a crash .

After these two people, there is no one who dares to try without absolute assurance for a long time .

“It seems that this martial skill recorded on the tombstone is not so simple and easy to understand . The former two cultivators may have gone astray, for the real Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing can never be mastered in only half a day . Now I just have touched the edge of its entry-stage . ”

On the other side, Yun Tian stands up and shares his own thoughts, which immediately attracts many agreements .  Hearing that Yun Tian has already on the edge of the entry-stage of the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing, many cultivators present all exclaim with admiration .

Suddenly Yun Tian stands up with the original force coursing through his whole body and forming two powerful arms . He gently clenches his fist, and the sound of crackling in the air bursts out . He smiles and says, “This is the real Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing .  With it the original force can form a pair of arms, and my physical strength will also be doubled . ”

On the other side, Zhao Xi sneers and stands up too . With a long and loud cry, two arms condensed by the original force also appear behind him: “Is it so hard? Yun Tian, although you are endowed with a fourth-level blood, I still comprehend the true meaning of Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing one step ahead than you!”

At the next moment, a cultivator also stands up from the position of the Gongsun Clan . Behind him, there are also two arms formed by his original force .  With a look of surprise and joy he says: “That’s it! This time, I, Gongsun Hao, can also take a share of the spoils!”

Now these three youngsters are all in high spirits and full of self-confidence . At the same time, they stride to the tombstone, leaving others’ exclamation and admiration behind . All three of them are elites in their clans, so at the moment none of them are willing to fall behind others .

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But also at this time, to everyone’s astonishment, Yun Chuan also follows those three and steps on the tombstone .

“Dear Heaven, is he seeking death?”

“What does he think he is? Those three elites of the three Clans have just reached the entry-stage of the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing, and Yun Chuan is just a waste of the first-level blood .  His inordinate self-confidence will lead him to death, and he knows nothing about it!”

“He is just insulting himself .  The tricks could help him in the past, but not this time .  I can guarantee that in a minute, this little jerk will turn into a pool of blood!”

Zhao Xi, Gongsun Hao and Yun Tian almost step on the tombstone at the same time .  Three elites all make two arms of original force under their armpits, and they all have four arms now . Zhao Xi looks back and sees Yun Chuan, and the latter has just stepped on the tombstone without even one original-force-formed arm .  He looks at Yun Chuan sarcastically, as if looking at the dead man: “Why, you have not reached the entry-stage? Believe it or not, your bones and flesh will melt directly in a few breaths . You’re just a waste .  With such a thin arm, you also want to twist my thigh?”

Gongsun Hao’s face brightens and those arms keep waving behind him . He says coldly, “We don’t need to talk to a dead man like him . It’s a pity that my brother Gongsun Jing just died in the hand of such a waste . ”

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Yun Tian shakes his head and casts a regretful glance toward Yun Chuan: “Go back, Cousin Yun Chuan; if you go back now, you may save your life . After all, this is not the place you should come to . ”

After glancing around, Yun Chuan sees all the faces of the people around him and suddenly smiles, “Thank you all for your concerns, but that may not be the case . ”

As soon as his voice falls, the original force in his body surges up; two arms suddenly grow under his armpit, which are obviously a circle thicker than the arms condensed by Zhao Xi and other two elites .

“You, you have reached the entry-stage!”

Zhao Xi and Gongsun Hao open their eyes wide, and they are all shocked to be dumb and speechless . A trace of astonishment also flashes through Yun Tian’s eyes, but he conceals it and returns to a usual look at the next moment .

Zhao Xi forces himself to give a dry laugh and then puts on a false smile: “It’s just the skill at the entry-stage, what’s there to show off? Your arms are just a little stronger than mine, but you still can’t twist my thigh!”

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