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Chapter 31

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Besides Zhao Xi and other people who have arrived before, several members of Yun Clan are also sitting cross-legged around Yun Tian, learning the martial skill engraved on the fallen tombstone .

The arrival of Yun Chuan is also noticed by those people . Yun Tian nods to him from afar and then continues to learn that skill with his eyes closed .

Zhao Xi sneers and says, “Yun Chuan? Truly a bad thing never dies .  A waste with such a poor martial cultivation at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation dares to come here? I’m surprised that you are not killed by the previous monsters . ”

“Save your worries then . ”

Yun Chuan smiles and walks forward: “My life is too strong and even the King of Hell dares not to accept it . By the way, I saw many bodies of the disciples from your Zhao Clan on the previous road, and it’s a pity that I didn’t see yours among those ones!”


Zhao Yu goes furious and starts to operate his original force, and the strength of the late-stage of Body Cultivation breaks out abruptly . He threatens Yun Chuan: “You really get a good tongue! Yun Chuan, you waste only of the lowest first-level blood, you are destined to be kept out of the stage of Martial Core but you have gained a lot of Water of Icy Spring . However, the Water only works when the cultivator is getting on the stage of Martial Core, so it’s a total waste in your hands . How about handing it over to us?”

“Enough, Zhao Yu, don’t fight here; or you will waste your time and get your hands dirty .  Concentrate on the martial skill on this tombstone, that’s what we need to do now . ”

Zhao Xi shakes his head and stops Zhao Yu . He looks at Yun Chuan with cold eyes as if Yun Chuan were already a dead man . He warns the boy standing in front of him: “We don’t mind letting you live a little longer .  Blood for blood, and our Zhao Clan will never let you go . ”

At the moment, there are hundreds of martial cultivators around here, others including members of Gongsun Clan and Yun Tian are also looking at them . Zhao Xi doesn’t want to consume their own strength and benefit the third party .

“If it were not for Brother Xi’s words, I would just kill you here . Now your life is less important than the martial skill on this tombstone .  What the hell do you think you are? Just a waste trapped in the stage of Body Cultivation all your life!”

Yun Chuan responds with a sneer without any word .  There are too many people here .  He is also afraid that others will acquire profit in times of trouble .  The intention to kill flashes through his eyes, and then he turns to the martial skill recorded on the tombstone .

“What? Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing, burning blood essence to improve the strength of the body . . .  Such a strange martial skill!”

Yun Chuan is a little surprised . This Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing is only an inferior martial skill at the Yellow level . But it’s certainly not so simple, for someone has carved it on the tombstone so seriously .

What’s more, what makes him feel more alert is that only by looking at this Seal once he has already got a lot of comprehensions . It makes him feel that even without the help of the Golden Scroll, he can also reach the perfect-stage of this martial skill in a few days .

However, he can see in the Golden Scroll that 1000 points of soul value are needed if he wants to practice this inferior martial skill at the Yellow level to its perfect-stage .

But for those common inferior martial skills at the Yellow level, such as Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves and Seven Stars Chasing the Sun, about 200 points will be enough .

“You junks have been here for such a long time only for an inferior martial skill at the Yellow level, so keep on and enjoy your slow practice here .  As for me, I will go to the front to find more great lucky chances!”

At this time, a martial cultivator who comes a little bit late can hardly retain his composure . He glances at all the people around and jumps up .  With his original force rolling over he strides into the road formed by the tombstone and leaves towards the other side of the coffin .

Suddenly the endless black fog comes out, enveloping the cultivator who has stepped on the tombstone . At the next moment, the original power of his whole body dissipates wildly like the snow melting in hot water, making a sound of corrosion constantly .

Although the strength of that martial cultivator is not weak, for he is about to be at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, he still can’t help but increase blindly the release of original force . Next moment, his original force has been exhausted by the black fog, and fear starts to show in his eyes .

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“I won’t believe it . . .  Must I understand this martial skill before I pass here? I won’t believe it . . . One more chance for me . . . ”

The martial cultivator struggles to retreat, but the black fog has already devoured his whole body . The next moment when the fog lifts and the voice disappears, the martial cultivator is nowhere to be found; nothing leaves here, not even a bone of his .

From the crowd comes a sound of swallowing .

Some people’s eyes show a mixture of relief and fear . The last words of the martial cultivator before he died are still fresh to their ears .  Now, it seems that they can only pass after they understand the martial skill engraved on the tombstone . Otherwise, they will die without knowing how .

In the tombs of martial Dhyana, there are always settings full of crisis like this .  Carelessness will directly lead to death . So everyone here looks very grave at the moment, all immersing in the inferior martial skill at the Yellow level engraved on the tombstone .

With grave looks sitting around, all the people here keep silence and concentrate on practice . After half a day, suddenly a martial cultivator stands up with confidence and pride . He walks forward and laughs: “Isn’t just a very simple martial skill? Remember my name, Chu Wudao, for I’m the first one that masters this skill .  Within just half a day, I have practiced this martial skill to its insight-stage . I am really blessed with a lucky chance! The treasures and fortune left to me by the elders are now destined to be mine!”

The martial cultivator named Chu Wudao is quite strong, even a little bit stronger than the first martial cultivator who stepped on the stone bridge . Now he laughs excitedly and takes the first step to the bridge-like tombstone .

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“Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing!”

With a roar, his whole body becomes full of original force .  His muscles are bulging, popping out of his clothes, and his bronzed skin full of incomparable power is then exposed .

After he has used this martial skill, the black fog doesn’t rush to him as before, but just avoids him as if it had spirit .  Seeing this scene, Chu Wudao is much encouraged; he laughs and strides forward .


After he has walked out a few steps, a piece of flesh suddenly falls off from his powerful bronze body quietly onto the tombstone, and then disappears .

Patter! Patter! Patter!

Chu Wudao seems to be unaware of it at all . As he moves on, pieces of flesh with blood on his body constantly fall onto the ground, and then they are directly absorbed by the tombstone . Before he passes half of the way on the tombstone, the whole man has become a walking skeleton .

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