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Chapter 33

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Before his voice falls, the original force on Yun Chuan’s body begins to surge again, and then two pairs of extremely strong arms grow again .

Walking forward step by step, Yun Chuan raises those arms to make a few gestures in front of his eyes .  Looking at those muscles of strength with satisfaction, Yun Chuan says to Zhao Xi with a grim smile: “Is my arm strong enough now to twist your thigh?”

“The Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing at the perfect-stage!”

“How could he make it in such a short time?!”

“Dear Heaven, what’s going on?”

From the crowd comes a sound of swallowing .

Seeing this scene, many people cry out with astonishment and fear .

Cold sweat seeps from Zhao Xi’s forehead and rolls down . Looking at Yun Chuan approaching him step by step, he suspects that all that has happened is just a dream . He subconsciously murmurs: “Now your arm seems to be stronger than my thigh . . . ”

“Then I’ll give you a ride!”


At the next moment, six fists all hit Zhao Xi in the face and directly break his nose .  Zhao Xi’s face swells up like a pig’s head at once, and then he is thrown to the other side with a scream like a broken string kite .

Watching Yun Chuan getting closer and closer to him, Gongsun Hao explains with a dry smile: “I was wrong earlier . I have nothing to do with my cousin Gongsun Jing, and I am not interested in him at all . He got what he deserved, yes, he got what he deserved . ”

At the moment when Yun Tian sees Yun Chuan’s six original-force-formed arms, he cannot suppress the shock in his eyes that has been held down before any more .  A strong sense of frustration arises in his heart and buzzes in his brain .  He also murmurs unconsciously: “He is ahead of me, he is ahead of me again . . . Isn’t he only of the first-level blood? How could he get so  frightful martial qualification . . . ”

Previously, Yun Chuan is just like a tiny bug in his eyes, but the unusual performance that Yun Chuan showed during the Martial Arts Assessment makes him gradually pay attention to this guy .

In the battle for the Water of Icy Spring, Yun Chuan brought him even greater shock, making him really regard Yun Chuan as a powerful competitor . The horrible growth speed of Yun Chuan has updated his bearing capacity again and again .

Until now, in full view of the public, even Yun Chuan has come much later than him, Yun Chuan still shows a super understanding of this martial art far beyond him . For the first time, he feels a strong sense of frustration .

“Yun Chuan is only of the lowest first-level blood, how can he do this? But even he has made it, so what? All is too late, for the quota of Daoist Pill Sect is already mine . I don’t know if he can reach the stage of Martial Core, but I will burst out and soar up into the sky after I get in the Daoist Pill Sect .  Even if he shows some unusual power again, he will be far behind me!”

The sense of frustration on Yun Tian’s face is then replaced by the original calmness .

Yun Chuan steps steadily to the end of the tombstone . Looking back, except for Zhao Xi, Gongsun Hao and Yun Tian, most of the disciples are trapped behind . However, with the successful experience of those three, it is certain that some people will be able to pass after a period of time .

After Yun Chuan has been down to the earth, the three pairs of original-force-formed arms behind Yun Chuan all dissipate .  Paleness starts to show on his face, and he says to himself: “The Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing is really extraordinary .  Its perfect-stage is enough to increase my physical strength by three times in such a short time, but the consumption is too horrible; nearly 10% of my blood essence has been expended in only several minutes . ”

At the beginning of martial arts cultivation, the goal of the stage of Body Cultivation is to cultivate Qi of blood . The more vigorous the Qi of blood is, the higher the achievement will be, and the greater the chance to break through to the stage of Martial Core . However, the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing is to use one’s own Qi of blood to arouse his or her powerful physical strength . The deficiency of Qi of blood is more difficult to make up than the loss of original force, so this martial skill can only be Yun Chuan’s trump card .

Yun Chuan looks around carefully . The gray mist still brings them a very poor visibility . However, it can still be seen that there lies an endless swamp around .

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Zhao Xi, Yun Tian and Gongsun Hao have gone separately in different directions, looking for their lucky chance with a tacit agreement . Yun Chuan restrains the impulse to kill Zhao Xi and Gongsun Hao here, for the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing cannot be used so frequently .  He is afraid that if he does that, someone will take the third-party profit when they three and he are all defeated and wounded .  Now, the key is to find the lucky chance in the tomb .

All of a sudden, there comes a sound of fighting in the front .  The original force goes rampant, and sludge of the swamp explodes . Yun Chuan can tell that the stage of the fluctuation ahead is far beyond that of the stage of Body Cultivation .

“Dan Ling, you little girl! You are the only one sent by the Daoist Pill Sect, and you still want to fight with our Ghost Mountain School . Unexpectedly, such a treasure as Seven-layer Icy Flame does appear here, and it must be in our bag today!”

“Dan Ling? Is it the Master Dan of the Daoist Pill Sect before?”

Thinking of that, Yun Chuan moves quietly towards the direction where the fighting sound comes . Looking from afar, Yun Chuan sees among those fighting in midair that Dan Ling’s black robe has almost been broken into pieces; so it can be told clearly that under the long waterfall-like hair, it is a face of a young girl .

“Master Dan is a girl?!”

Yun Chuan’s eyes widen a little .  He could not identify the gender of the Master Dan earlier because of the cover of that black robe, but now the graceful figure that showed inadvertently under the broken robe tells the truth .

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But now Master Dan is in danger under the pressure of the two competitors on the other side, being attacked by countless ghost heads surrounding her .  From the fluctuation of their original force, Yun Chuan guesses that the Ghost Brothers of the Ghost Mountain School are both outstanding cultivators at the late-stage of Martial Core .  

Fighting with just one person of them two, Dan Ling is sure to win; but facing the exquisite cooperation and their multiplied power between the two brothers, she will barely win . Although Dan Ling also has other means to resort to, it can only keep her unbeaten for just a while .

Yun Chuan walks carefully .  After a while, a big lake with a radius of nearly three thousand square meters appears in front of him . It seems to be boiling and bubbling with heat .

However, it’s just weird that although the lake seems to be bubbling with heat, it doesn’t give out any sensation of burning . Even as Yun Chuan moves forward, he feels colder and colder .

“What a strange lake . . .  The Ghost Brothers just mentioned about the Seven-layer Icy Flame, and it must be a rare treasure for it has caused the life-and-death fight among those three . Does it mean that the Seven-layer Icy Flame is right under this big lake?”

Yun Chuan’s face changes a little bit, and he looks above . Those three are still fighting and no one has noticed him .  Having made up his mind, Yun Chuan takes a deep breath and jumps into the big lake .

“It’s so cold!”

He jumps down into the lake, but the expected heat doesn’t appear at all . On the contrary, a kind of biting chillness comes from the water . This kind of chillness is quite unusual, for it contains a feeling of burning inside, as if drilling into the bone .

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