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Chapter 28

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Zhao Chunyang’s teeth rattle, and in his eyes the intention to kill is burning fiercely . Behind him stands Zhao Chengde, one of the Masters of Zhao Clan, and he asks nervously: “Yun Chuan, Zhao Jiu and my child Zhao Yang have not returned home for several days .  Is that what you’ve done?”

With a gloomy face Yun Chuan nods and sighs, “Offspring dies before his elders . . .  But please sigh no more, for Brother Zhao Yang looked peaceful without any pain when he passed away . ”

“Fine, fine, fine!”

Two lines of clear tears run down along Zhao Chengde’s cheeks, and he laughs sadly: “Yun Chuan, from now on, the hatred between you and me, will be higher than heaven and deeper than the sea!”

Behind Gongsun Bo an old minister walks out and asks with a trembling goatee . “So my disciple Gongsun Jing, who died with his five internal organs all damaged on the street of Luoyun City a few days ago, is also killed by you?”

Yun Chuan’s face remains unchanged and he says: “It’s Gongsun Jing who intended to kill me first . The murderer will always be murdered, and he failed because of his lack of capability . Old master, don’t you understand this truth?”

Here comes a teeth-chattering sound .

On the side of Yun Chuan, Yun Zhiming, who was shouting before, is now frightened by the power of strong cultivators at the stage of Martial Core of Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan . His teeth keep chattering: “Zhao Yang, Gongsun Jing, they are all at the top in the young generation . How could they die in Yun Chuan’s hands? Moreover, Zhao Jiu has reached the stage of Martial Core, but his five internal organs were still all damaged by Yun Chuan .  How could it be!”

Yun Chenghe, the master of the martial arts field of the Yun Clan, seems to think of something and shows an astonished look: “Five internal organs were still all damaged . . .  That day, Yun Chuan chose the Five-wound Explosive Fist in the Martial Arts Pavilion . And he really cultivates that skill that no one has reached to the perfect-stage for a long time?!”

It’s not only him, but now Yun Chuan has almost become the focus of the whole field . Everyone is totally shocked .

After a moment’s silence, Yun Luoshan suddenly laughs and says: “Brother Zhao, Brother Gongsun, what are you talking about? The fight among the youngsters will be solved by themselves .  There is nothing about us .  Besides, on such an important day today, Master Dan, the soul master of the Taoist Pill Sect will come in a moment . How can we make some disputes here? Of course, there is no coward in our Yun Clan .  If you do want to do something, we are always ready!”

The looks on Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo’s faces keep changing . After a while, Zhao Chunyang snorts coldly and restrains the intention to kill .  He sneers: “The fight among the youngsters? You’re right, Oldman Yun .  It’s really not suitable for us to have another conflict today .  Your Yun Clan truly gets something! But remember, a waste of the lowest first-level blood can only show off at the stage of Body Cultivation . ”

At this time, a terrifying breath suddenly comes from afar .  The three grand masters Yun Luoshan, Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo all look up, only to see a figure clad in black robes landing in the valley in an instant .

“Master Dan . ”

After the figure covered in black robes comes, the previous tense atmosphere among the three grand masters suddenly disappears .  Grizzled Gongsun Bo first smiles: “Master Dan, we Three Grand Clans have all arrived . ”

“Well, let’s get started . ” Master Dan covered in black robes speaks out . That voice seems to be deliberately suppressed, so it’s unable for others to distinguish whether it comes from a man or a woman .

Yun Chuan also changes his look and shows inner awe secretly: “Is this Master Dan of the Taoist Pill Sect that Zhao Jiu mentioned before? From his breath it seems that he is even stronger than our Grand Master . However, our head is at the level of the late-stage of Martial Core . The cultivation of this master may be at the stage of Primal Chaos above that of Martial Core!”

The breath of Master Dan is as deep as a black hole, which gives people a sense of palpitation at a glance without displaying his intention .

“Now that Master Dan has opened his mouth, the ten core disciples who have cultivated the Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle selected by our three clans will move forward, release the jade bottle and collect the Water of the Icy Spring . According to the previous rules, the more they collect, the more shares they will allocate in the future . ”

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A group of disciples from the Yun Clan and Yun Chuan look solemn and nod their heads . This time, the elites of the three Clans, even the elder masters of the Taoist Pill Sect all come here . They must behave and take care .

Each ten core disciples of Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan also come to the side of the deep pool of ten square meters in size .  With the release of the original force, bases of the jade bottle gradually appear from their outstretched hands .

After the accomplishment of 30 bases, the water columns formed with the Water of Icy Spring appear one by one from the deep pool because of the strong suction, and they separately pour into the jade bottles in each of their hands .

Those water columns are of different sizes . The more parts of the jade bottle condense, the more the water columns collect in it . At the beginning, seeing Yun Tian has condensed the jade bottle to its waist, Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo immediately change their faces .

“Oldman Yun, it seems that Yun Tian is now the strongest dependence of your Yun Clan, but after all, there is only one Yun Tian .  However, Zhao He, Zhao Xi and Zhao Yu, the three brothers from our Zhao Clan are only one step to the insight-stage of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle!”

Zhao Chunyang just finishes speaking, the three columns of water to the location of Zhao Clan suddenly bulk up .  In an instant, they stand up to the water column brought up by Yun Tian .

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“How can the disciples of our Gongsun Clan be lagged behind? Gongsun Ao and Gongsun Qing, show your strength now!” Gongsun Bo also laughs .

At the next moment, there are only two more huge streams of water rising from the position of Gongsun aristocratic family . In contrast, the water column formed by other people at the moment is dim in front of the three people .

"How about it, Yun Luoshan? After all, all you Yun Clan has is Yun Tian . Oh, what do I see? Yun Chuan, the core disciple of the first-level blood in your clan, is now absorbing Primordial Stones? Don’t tell me that Yun Chuan has not got in the entry-stage of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle!” Gongsun Bo widens his eyes, looking at Yun Chuan .

“A waste of the lowest first-level blood, with such a poor martial arts qualification, what can he do? The poorer the martial arts qualification is, the more difficult for one to understand the martial arts . Is it strange that he achieves nothing?” Zhao Chunyang sneers .

Yun Luoshan also looks at Yun Chuan .  Several minutes have passed, but Yun Chuan doesn’t condense the Bottle even for a base . Holding and absorbing those Primordial Stones one by one in his hand, Yun Chuan begins to assume a solemn look .

“What are you playing at? Just get started!”

To Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo’s surprise, Yun Luoshan doesn’t show any trace of anger, but urges Yun Chuan in an unhurried manner .

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