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Chapter 29

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“How, has Yun Clan already given up?” Members from Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan are all puzzled and then take a kind of dark pleasure .

“He is just a waste . What’s the use of absorbing Primordial Stones to supplement original force? That guy must be out of his mind!”

Although Yun Tian stands for the main force of Yun Clan together with Yun Qing’er, with one person failing to participate in, the share of Yun Clan will be much smaller .

“That boy . . . How can he behave so strangely?” A trace of doubt also flashes in the eyes of Master Dan clad in black robes .  He looks at Yun Chuan, and that boy who is still absorbing Primordial Stones now has interested him a lot .

“He . . . It’s impossible!”

But at the next moment, everyone is awed into silence .

An astronomically huge water column rises with the condensation of the jade bottle in Yun Chuan’s hands .  From the first appearance of his water column formed by the Water of Icy Spring, it has already beyond the column formed by Yun Tian in size, and it keeps growing like a water dragon with the continuous condensation of the Bottle .

And the Bottle in Yun Chuan’s hand also gathers slowly to its body in the eyes of all the people . After a while he surpasses Yun Tian, the best disciple in Yun Clan with the highest level of perception on this martial skill .  And that is not the end .  It continues to climb up with the injection of Yun Chuan’s original force, and the water dragon becomes larger and larger .

With the continuous increase of the dragon-like water column, it even begins to seize other columns from the Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan, which immediately changes the faces of these two Clans .

When the crystal clear jade bottle comes out completely in Yun Chuan’s hands, it has even made the water column in front of Yun Tian become half the size as its original one . Yun Tian and others have no choice but to smile bitterly .

Others are even worse . Some water columns of them have finally disappeared, for they are all collected by the complete crystal clear jade bottle in front of Yun Chuan .

“What’s that?! Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle at the perfect-stage!”

Even Master Dan also takes a step forward abruptly at the moment . His faster breathe shows his astonishment .

Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo seem to lose control at the moment; they just can’t believe what they see . Even Yun Luoshan is totally shocked, and he says with a wry smile: “This boy . . .  What he showed in the Clan before is not his limit . No wonder that he was there to absorb the Primordial Stones leisurely at the beginning . . . ”

Yun Qiyang’s eyes go wide, and he is shocked to be dumb and speechless .  Yun Tian’s face becomes rigid as if it had been frozen .  As more and more Water of Icy Spring has been collected by Yun Chuan, Zhao Chunyang, Gongsun Bo as well as many Core Disciples brought by them are all staring at Yun Chuan with hostility burning in their eyes .

Yun Chuan looks around . Seeing that all the people around are staring at him, he asks humbly with an innocent look: “Why is everybody looking at me? Isn’t now the time to collect the Water of Icy Spring?”

“Collect? Collect for my arse!”

Those innocent words of Yun Chuan even provoke Yun Tian, a disciple of Yun Clan always wearing a poker face; he can’t help but roll his eyes, let alone other disciples from Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan . Looking at the narrow water flow in front of them, they almost spit blood and can’t hold back their breath .

All the people look at one another in consternation .  Members of Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan are all gnashing their teeth angrily, but they can do nothing instead of watching Yun Chuan collecting most of the Water of Icy Spring .

“Grand Master, according to the previous rules, is all the Water of Icy Spring we collected this time belong to us?”

Yun Chuan wipes the sweat on his forehead because of the excessive consumption of original force and smiles: “By good luck I’m able to accomplish the mission . Grand Master, I’m so glad that I didn’t fail you!” 

Yun Luoshan laughs out loud .  According to the previously agreed rules, the distribution of Yun Clan will take up as much as 60% of the shares due to the splendor performance of Yun Chuan, leaving only 40% for both Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan .  Moreover, the share would have been more if Yun Chuan didn’t make a delay in absorbing Primordial Stones before .

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From the livid faces of Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo, it can be seen that how big a setback Zhao Clan and Gongsun Clan have suffered this time . In addition, Master Dan of the Taoist Pill Sect is here, that is to say, the result today has no chance to be changed .

All of this is caused by Yun Chuan, an obscure “waste” only of the lowest first-level blood .

Everyone’s sight towards the youngster on the field has changed quietly at this moment . Yun Chuan’s terrifying comprehension of the martial skills now spares no space for any underestimation .


All of a sudden, there comes a thunder-like sound in the mountains far away from the Sunset Mountains . It can be seen indistinctly that those mountains in the far distance all collapse one after another .  Everyone is then seized by shock and uncertainty, for they have totally no idea about what is happening in the distance .

“It does appear!”

A gleam of triumph crosses Master Dan’s lightened face . He turns back to Grand Masters of the Three Clans and says: “According to the original agreement, you can choose one of the descendants in your clans, at the cost of one percent of Water of Icy Spring, as the disciple of our sect in the future . I will be at your clans a few days later; tell me your choices then . ”

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Three Grand Masters look at each other a few times, then nod and bow with a smile: “That’s great, then sorry to trouble you, Master Dan .  By the way, we are wondering about what’s going on in the Sunset Mountains .  Does Master Dan have any clues?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter to tell you .  If we get the right speculation, there’s a tomb of the Martial Dhyana deep in the Sunset Mountains . ”

“Tomb of the Martial Dhyana?”

Again those three Grand Masters look at each other, and each of them sees the surprise and greed in others’ eyes .

Yun Chuan’s complexion changes a little . He can see from Master Dan’s reaction that this Master has already known this tomb .  Yun Chuan himself also knows about the Tomb of the Martial Dhyana before . Some of the tombs keep the whole-life treasure of those mighty figures of Kung Fu, and some of them are ridden with dangers; it’s a place where danger and opportunity coexist, you might say .

It is often heard that some people who have entered that kind of tombs really make great progress in cultivation after they come out; but there are also some bad news telling about some clans completely annihilated in those tombs .

Looking at Master Dan who has gone towards the direction where the collapse comes from, Yun Chuan comes up with a plan of his own . He says to himself: “With my current strength, I’m afraid it will be dangerous if I go deeper . . . but I can be outside to have a look . ”

It is an eternal truth that dangers are always accompanied with opportunities .  Not only Yun Chuan is thinking about that, but many people here are making their secret plans as well .

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