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Chapter 27

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With the continuous influx of original force, the jade sacred bottle in Yun Chuan’s hands gradually agglomerates from its base .  Within a moment, it reaches the position of the bottle body, and keeps agglomerating upward .

“What? He has surpassed Brother Yun Tian!”

“How could it be? He is of the lowest first-class blood, but his ability to understand martial skill is even higher than ours?”

“Am I blind?”

At this time, Yun Chuan turns over his hand, and the jade sacred bottle then disappears . He doesn’t show all his strength, but performs a little bit stronger than Yun Tian’s comprehension at the insight-stage .  To over-consume his original force before the battle for the Water of Icy Spring is not what he wants .

Although he acts so, it still causes a few gasps in the field .  Everyone is literally astonished .

A huge wave also forms and spreads in Yun Tian’s heart at this moment: “He has surpassed me, how could he surpass me? Yun Chuan, a waste with the lowest first-level blood, possesses a better understanding than me?”


Yun Luosha’s face is beaming with joy, which shows his extreme satisfaction: “Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle at the insight-stage, Wonderful! Yun Chuan, you give our Yun clan a big surprise!”

Yun Qiyang now is under a cloud, for Yun Chuan’s performance is totally beyond his expectation .  He doesn’t expect that in just over a month Yun Chuan could master the most critical skill of collecting Water of Icy Spring, Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle, and practice it into the insight-stage .

From the happy look of Yun Luoshan, Yun Qiyang can certainly tell that no matter how much hatred he had with Yun Chuan before, now for the sake of Yun clan, the Grand Master of Yun clan will certainly not let him lay even a finger on Yun Chuan before the end of the battle for Water of Icy Spring of the Three Grand Clans .

However, Yun Chuan doesn’t care much about the quite different look from the crowd .  Instead, he follows Yun Luoshan and others heading for the Sunset Mountains with other disciples .

“Yun Chuan, I didn’t expect that your understanding of martial skill can be so high . But without the limit of blood level, your future achievements would be beyond measure!”

On the way, Yun Tian comes up and looks up and down at Yun Chuan . There is a little doubt in his eyes, but he still wears a smile and talks to Yun Chuan .

Birds of a feather flock together, and powerful dragons will not stay together with snakes on the ground .  Therefore, he didn’t pay much attention to Yun Chuan before . After all, his fourth-level blood makes him a talent of the Heaven’s pride . However, since more than a month ago, Yun Chuan’s performance has advanced by leaps and bounds .  Especially his understanding of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle today has even surpassed him, which makes him truly begin to take Yun Chuan seriously .

“I wish I deserved your compliment, Brother . ” Showing a calm face, Yun Chuan shakes his head and smiles .

“And so what? He’s just a waste of the lowest first-level blood, and doomed to fail to break through the stage of Martial Core . Yun Chuan, you really think highly of yourself .  After today’s battle, you are still nothing . We will only be ahead of you further and further away .  You are a waste trapped at the stage of Body Cultivation all through his life! When did you hear that the martial cultivator at the stage of Body Cultivation can compete with the strong at the stage of Martial Core?”

A sharp voice sounds, and Yun Chuan frowns . Looking back, he suddenly smiles: “Yun Zhiming, do you know the end of Yun Cheng? Did the elder master ask you to bark here?”

Yun Chuan has recognized the youngster behind— Yun Zhiming, one of the ten Core Disciples elected this time, and also a follower of the Elder Master Yun Qiyang . At this moment, he is speaking in a voice full of sarcasm .

“Yun Chuan, I’m not blaming you .  But the Water of Icy Spring is only beneficial to those martial cultivators at the stage of Body Cultivation in their promotion to the stage of Martial Core .  Without any lucky chance, you can never reach the stage of Martial Core with your first-level blood . The Water of Icy Spring can have less effect on you . Now you look domineering only because you are still at the stage of Body Cultivation . When I have entered the stage of Martial Core, do you think you can still be so arrogant?”

At this moment, after turning a mountain path, the temperature in front of the crowd suddenly drops by dozens of degrees, which makes Yun Zhiming shiver with coldness .

Yun Chuan also looks up .  In the front is an open view: a plain lies in the valley among the mountains, and in the middle of it a pool of spring water keeps gurgling out, forming a deep lake of more than ten square meters in size .  A chilly feeling comes out of the lake, making the temperature of the whole valley dozens of degrees colder than that of the outside world .

“Is this the Water of Icy Spring?”

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Although Yun Chuan is hundreds of meters away from the lake, he also feels the extreme chill and quivers a little bit .  That kind of coldness is absolutely challenging their current ability to bear; without the help of special martial arts like Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle, it’s impossible for them to collect .

Within minutes, several powerful breaths come from afar .  Clearly they are both Grand Masters of their own clans, Zhao Chunyang from Zhao clan and Gongsun Bo from Gongsun clan .  

“Brother Zhao, Gongsun, long time no see!”

Yun Luoshan laughs and goes forward, but Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo both look around among the visitors of Yun clan .  And at the next moment, their eyes are fixed on Yun Chuan .

Being fixed by the eyes of the two powerful cultivators at the stage of Martial Core, Yun Chuan stops and his movement of the original force throughout his whole body suddenly becomes stagnant .  He is not psychologically shrinking back, but the natural suppression of the stage of Martial Core to those at the stage of Body Cultivation is irresistible .

“What's the matter? Zhao Chunyang, Gongsun Bo, did Yunchuan offended you two before? A youngster of our Yun clan can’t bear the pressure of you two strongmen at the late-stage of Martial Core!”

With a cold look Yun Luoshan takes a step and stands in front of Yun Chuan, driving away the great pressure facing towards Yun Chuan immediately .

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“What’s the matter? Yun Luoshan, you may ask him by yourself!” Zhao Chunyang laughs, but in his laughter contains great sadness .

Yun Luoshan turns around .  Yun Chuan shakes his head with a bitter smile, and he suddenly asks: “Grand Master, dare they kill me here today?”

“How dare they? Our Yun clan is one of the Three Grand Clans, and nobody has ever bullied us, especially today .  Yun Chuan, you can say it . I’ll surely back you up!” Yun Luoshan goes a little bit blank, but at the next moment he laughs out .

Yun Chuan’s Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle at the insight-stage he presented before is of great benefit to Yun clan in the battle; so no matter what happens today, Yun Luoshan will protect Yun Chuan till the end .

“Well . . .  Since that’s the case, I’m wondering why Grand Master Zhao and Grand Master Gongsun are here waiting for me today?”

Yun Chuan takes a step forward, bowing his hands and asks politely .

“Why we are here waiting for you, Yun Chuan? Zhao Jiu, my ninth brother who has just reached the stage of Martial Core, unexpectedly died . Before he died, he told me not to pay you back .  Can you explain that for me?”

Yun Chuan then apologizes with a solemn face: “Heaven envies those with talent .  Zhao Jiu is a loyal and righteous man .  Grand Master Zhao, I’m so sorry for your loss . ”

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