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Chapter 26

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“What happened?!”

Gongsun Jing’s whole face is distorted with great pain, and his eyes are filled with terror . He suddenly thinks of Yun Chuan’s previous words, and immediately understands that the sharp pain in his body now is caused by Yun Chuan .

“My liver hurts so much . . .  it seems like it’s broken .  I can’t die . The grand master must have a way to save me .  Yes, I’ll go back at once!”

Gongsun Jing staggers and his eyes are filled with panic .  Many red spots appear on his body, which is a sign of the complete failure of the liver . Walking on the street, he suddenly attracts the eyes of countless people .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four muffled sounds suddenly come out from his body . Gongsun Jing stands in the middle of the street, and his whole body could not stop shaking like being struck by thunder .  Blood keeps gushing out of his mouth and nose .  His eyes swell with astonishment and pain, and he finally loses his last breath .

The street is now in chaos .  And now Yun Chuan has returned to his home, and immerses his consciousness in the golden ancient scroll, and a trace of satisfaction appears on his face .

“The death of Gongsun Jing has contributed three hundred points of soul value to me . And together with his two servants, they three have contributed about one thousand points .  Since I have practiced many martial skills that I have mastered before to the perfect-stage, maybe I can just store one thousand points of soul value for further use . Moreover, Gongsun Jing, a treasure-delivering boy, has also brought me more than 200 Primordial Stones, which also means a lot to the stage promotion of my martial qualification . ”

“Now the only thing to consider is the revenge of Zhao clan and Gongsun clan .  And if Yun Qiyang had the chance, he would not give up that easily and let me go . Yun Qiyang now is a powerful senior at the middle-stage of Martial Core . Even though I have practiced my Five-wound Explosive Fist to the perfect-stage now, I’m still no match for him .  As tested before, my original force now is just enough for killing Gongsun Jing and his two old servants at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation .  I had to chase Gongsun Jing to the gate of Luoyun City, and that almost let him escape . Only by improving my strength can I really stand on my feet!”

He picks up a Primordial Stone, and then absorbs the original force in it prodigally while sitting with his knees crossed .  After a quite short time, a layer of stone debris has accumulated on the ground .

In a flash, the time for the Three Grand Clans to fight for the Water of Icy Spring finally comes .

On the martial field of Yun clan, Yun Cheng keeps a solemn face, and his eyes run down dozens of Core Disciples including Yun Chuan standing in front of him .

Beyond them, Yun Luoshan, the grand master of Yun clan, and Yun Qiyang, the elder master, also come slowly, and they both look grave . Yun Luoshan scans around and announces slowly: “Today’s battle for the Water of Icy Spring, each of our Yun clan, Gongsun clan and Zhao clan has 10 places . Now there are 12 disciples, so the two with the lowest martial comprehension of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle will be eliminated to ensure that our Yun clan can get enough resources . ”

Yun Qiyang also looks around, and when facing the location of Yun Chuan, he suddenly hums with a cold face: “Now, all of you must show your perception of the Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle here . Of course, some wastes can just leave, and don’t mix in to make up for the number . Otherwise, the one who delays such a great event of our Yun clan will be the sinner of our Yun clan!”

Although he is talking to all the disciples, he only looks at Yun Chuan with disdain and contempt .

Yun Chuan looks up at the sky without saying anything and ignores the words of Yun Qiyang directly, which immediately annoys Yun Qiyang: “Well, since someone doesn’t know himself well enough, we’d better start . Now, all of you should show us your martial comprehension of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle, and the two worst performers will be eliminated . Yun Tian, give others a demonstration first!”

Yun Tian nods and smiles gracefully, and then he reaches out a hand .  With his original force surging around, a base of jade bottle condensed by original force appears slowly on his outstretched hand .

A trace of smile flashes across Yun Luoshan’s solemn face .  The jade bottle in Yun Tian’s hand is still gathering up with the constant input of original force, and he keeps on supporting it until the waist of the jade bottle appears .

As soon as Yun Tian turns over his hand, the jade bottle disappears . Yun Tian then bows slightly to Yun Luoshan: “That’s my limit now, and I still have a long way to go . ”

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“Hha, good, good! Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle at the insight-stage, Tian’er, you never let me down! Next one!”

After a while, Yun Qing’er also shows the base of the jade bottle and even extends it for a while . Although it’s not beyond Yun Tian, this outstanding performance also makes Yun Luoshan, Yun Chenghe and other masters happier .

Yun Tian and Yun Qing’er are the two disciples with the best martial arts qualification, but the performance of the rest are not so satisfying . Several of them are even unable to form the base of Bottle, and only a shadow appears on their hands . After such kind of poor performance the expression on the masters’ faces becomes serious again .

“Well, maybe a month’s time is really too short for you to master such kind of skill . This time, our fate can only depend on Tian’er and Qing’er’s excellent performance . But there are only two of them, alas . . . ”

After many disciples have displayed their understanding of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle one by one, only Yun Chuan is left on the edge of people .  Yun Qiyang sneers towards him: “Yun Chuan, you’d better quit before you make a fool of yourself . Their martial arts qualifications are much better than yours, but they are just able to reach their entry-stage . As for you, a waste with the lowest first-level blood, humph!”

“Elder master, I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you are still being such a snob . ” A faint sneer also hangs on Yun Chuan’s lips, “Why, has your grandson Yun Cheng now recovered? If so, please help me send him my greeting . If he has time, I don’t mind communicating with him again . ”

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“Well, both of you just stop .  Elder master, as a senior, you should give Yun Chuan a chance to prove himself . Yun Chuan, now it’s your turn .  Show me your real strength then . ”

Yun Luoshan’s look changes a little bit, for the unusual appearance that Yunchuan showed during the Martial Arts Assessment that day comes to him now .  Therefore, a trace of hope arises from his originally-disappointed heart .

 “My Grand Master, you are so kind-hearted . I don’t know what kind of tricks this waste had used to get into the team of Core Disciples this time, but I’m afraid that he will be revealed in his true colors in the next moment!”

Many Core Disciples look at Yun Chuan with disdain . Yun Chuan is merely of the lowest first-level blood . Such a poor martial arts qualification will not only endow him with a poor perception of martial arts, but also a barrier for him to reach the stage of Body Cultivation . Being together with such a waste in the team of Core Disciples then makes most of them a shame .

Yun Chuan nods and pays no more attention to the cold look in Yun qiyang’s eyes and the cold words around him . He holds out his hand .  With the rolling of his original force, a crystal-like jade bottle base slowly shows out of his hand and gradually condenses upward .

“How . . . how could it be!”

Yun Qiyang shows an unbelievable look; Yun Chenghe is also shocked, and Yun Lunshan’s calm face also changes . Some of the Core Disciples swallow loudly . Even Yun Chuan who wore a kind face before now cannot keep the previous demeanor anymore, and he fixes his eyes on at the jade bottle in Yun Chuan’s hand .

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