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Chapter 21
Chapter 21: Heart dies, One Perishes

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Perfect! Five-wound Explosive Fist!”

Yun Chuan doesn’t dodge or avoid; he also blows out a fist with a long roar .  With two people as the center a visible wave of air comes out, making all rocks within dozen meters around totally destroyed; the smoke of fight spreads .  Yun Chuan steps back uncontrollably, and it takes tens of steps for him to stabilize himself .

Blood spills out from the youngster’s mouth, and his white clothes are also stained with blood . He reluctantly supports himself by a broken tree trunk to prevent himself from falling down, and he seems to be miserable from head to toe .

Just now, he made a quick decision to take action before Zhao Jiu reached the stage of Martial Core . Otherwise, he would have no chance at all .

Yun Chuan looks to Zhao Jiu who stands afar and it seems that there is nothing wrong with him . Suddenly he grins, showing his bloody white teeth: “Old master, you are indeed worthy of your name .  You actually get the essence of the stage of Martial Core between life and death, and with just one blow of you I am now hit so hard . But unfortunately, old master, your time is running out . ”

“You can still laugh when you are going to die? Yun Chuan, even if you are just a waste with poor martial arts qualifications in other people’s eyes, I really admire you now . What a tough nut!”

Zhao Jiu’s face turns red, and his bun on the head explodes with a bang . With his constantly-rising momentum his grey hair flows loose without wind, for inside his body a transformation is now undergoing—when it is completed, he will really break through the stage of Body Cultivation and step into that of Martial Core .

He strides towards Yun Chuan and laughs: “Since that’s the case, let me help you then . Don’t worry; I won’t let you die in pain . ”

Blood keeps spilling out from Yun Chuan’s mouth .  Holding the broken tree trunk, he straightens his back and shakes his head . Looking at Zhao Jiu walking towards him with a triumphant look, Yun Chuan shows a sign of pity on his face . He stretches out his hand and bends his little finger back to the palm .  In a deep but clear voice he utters:

 “Five-wound Explosive Fist—the first wound, in the lung . ”


Zhao Jiu changes his face and suddenly presses on his right chest, the place where a muffled sound clearly comes out .  Along with this sound he suddenly feels an unbearable pain in his lung .

It then becomes extremely difficult for him to breathe at this moment . If someone can see through his body at the moment, he or she will find that his lung has already been smashed into fragments .

The unspeakable pain immediately makes Zhao Jiu’s eyes turn red: “Five-wound Explosive Fist? Yun Chuan, what the hell are you? Even if you have practiced this martial skill for decades, it will still be very difficult for you to get into its entry .  But now, you are already at its entry-stage? Well, unfortunately, all you have done is only in vain . I have reached the stage of Martial Core, unless you can reach the perfect-stage of this martial skill, the one comparable to those ones in the Black level . . . Otherwise, a superior martial skill in the Yellow level can do nothing with me!”

Zhao Jiu’s face is distorted by pain, but he still smiles grimly . He approaches Yun Chuan step by step . He supports himself with the powerful original force from the stage of Martial Core, which can temporarily suppress the result of the fragmentation of his lung .

 “Five-wound Explosive Fist—the second wound, in the liver . ”

Yun Chuan’s voice turns cold, and his ring finger bends over his outstretched palm .

 “Five-wound Explosive Fist—the third wound, in the kidney . ”

 “Five-wound Explosive Fist—the fourth wound, in the spleen . ”

He speaks fast . With the words coming out, the middle finger and the index finger are also bent down . At the same time, three muffled sounds are heard in succession inside Zhao Jiu’s body .  Now Zhao Jiu’s face turns dreadfully pale, and small blood spots begin to emerge on his skin as a result of organ failure .

“The Five-wound Explosive Fist at the insight-stage . . . Yun Chuan, I’ve been deceived by you, like everyone has been . You’re not a waste with only the lowest first-level blood and poor martial arts qualifications .  How deep you hide! It is lucky for the Yun Clan, for your potential is definitely higher than that of Yun Tian . If you mature, you must be a nightmare for our Zhao Clan . Unfortunately, you probably don’t know that as long as the heart keeps alive, the martial cultivators at the stage of Martial Core will not die . Even if I’m now new to the stage of Martial Core, you are still no match for me!”

Zhao Jiu stumbles a little, and a terrifying power is brewing in his hands . He goes to ten meters away from Yun Chuan and puts on a false pity: “It’s really pitiful, but if I give you time to grow up, probably even I will look up to you .  It is known that the Five-wound Explosive Fist at the perfect-stage is comparable to the skills at the Black level; however, even given another year, it will still be impossible for you to practice it to the perfect-stage . You’ve done very well, for at least you’ve hurt me badly .  It’s my fortune to kill a genius only I know . . . ”

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“Five-wound Explosive Fist—the fifth wound, in the heart . Heart dies, one perishes; there is no chance to live anymore . . . ”

But at this time, the words which gently come out from Yun Chuan’s mouth freeze Zhao Jiu . An unbelievable look shows itself in his eyes, and then a clear familiar muffled sound comes out from his heart .

“Heart dies, one perishes; there is no chance to live anymore . . . Well done, well done . The Five-wound Explosive Fist at the perfect-stage, surely I’m the one to lose . Fallen leaves should always return to the roots . Yun Chuan, could you allow me, an old man, to go back to my Zhao Clan?” Zhao Jiu’s look suddenly calms down at this moment, and the momentum of the stage of Martial Core in his body, like the burning flames, remains unchanged .  He murmurs with a sigh .

His voice contains a strong sense of regret . If he were able to make a choice again, he would never choose Yun Chuan as his enemy . But all is too late now .

Zhao Jiu has no chance to live at all . The failure of his five internal organs, especially the last heart injury caused by the Five-wound Explosive Fist makes him unable to heal, even if he is now at the stage of Martial Core .

For those ordinary cultivators at the stage of the Body Cultivation, death may have already come long ago .

At the moment, he is supported by his last obsession .

With a serious look Yun Chuan steps aside: “Please, you old master . ”

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 “Thanks . ”

The two are both being polite, as if they were not enemies fighting against each other between life and death . Zhao Jiu’s face shows a relief . He bows to Yun Chuan, rises into the air and rushes away in the direction of the Zhao Clan .

Along the way, the bun on his head has already scattered, and his grizzled hair goes unkempt . The breath released by his surging original force constantly escapes, but his speed is getting faster and faster, making him look like a meteor falling from heaven .

“I must persist until I make it to the Zhao Clan . . . I must . . . to see them . . . for the last time . . . ”

Here is the Zhao Clan in the Luoyun City .

Zhao Chunyang, the grand master of the Zhao Clan, suddenly notices the powerful breath approaching the direction of the Zhao Clan . He walks out of the study and looks up, and his face suddenly lights up with surprise and joy .

 “Brother Jiu, you have broken through the stage of Martial Core? Wonderful! God bless our Zhao family! And I wonder whether the Fruit of Blood and Fire has been obtained, and where is Zhao Yang?”

That long red light falls to the ground and turns into Zhao Jiu’s figure . His back is as straight as a pine, and paleness shows on his face . The breath of the stage of Martial Core is now released without reservation, which immediately attracts many members of the Zhao Clan to come for congratulation .

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