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Chapter 20

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Now that you old master has guessed it, why should you say it? If I wanted to go, I could walk away . But if I did that, I would miss the moment when you showed your great power, and I would also miss the chance to kill you two, those who are only one step to the stage of Martial Core at one stroke?”

Yun Chuan speaks with a polite smile: “What’s more, there’s a question that I want to ask the old master . Is there any sympathy in your heart, when you were luring the Bloody Ape with the lives of more than a dozen servants? How could you bear it? Zhao Yang just died with confusion, and you, the old master, now can figure it out . ”

“You mean that you put Zhao Yang to death for the sake of the lives of a dozen servants? How cruel you are! Those servants are just mortals who have no Blood at all, so they can’t cultivate martial arts .  Dozens, even a hundred of them are not worth the life of my nephew Zhao Yang!” Zhao Jiu’s words contain anger . He coughs up a mouthful of blood, and his breath turns even weaker .

The strength of the Bloody Ape almost equals his, and its last attack has made him seriously injured .  So now the longer he delays, the worse it will be for him .

But in Zhao Jiu’s view, even if he can only use less than half of his strength now, it is still a natural thing to beat such a brat-like Yun Chuan .

However, apart from what Yun Chuan said before, the reason why Yun Chuan strikes up a conversation with Zhao Jiu is that he is trying the perfect-stage of the Five-wound Explosive Fist in secret at the moment .

Killing that dying Bloody Ape has left Yun Chuan a thousand points of soul value, which is enough for him to improve the Five-wound Explosive Fist, this superior martial skill in the Yellow level to its perfect-stage .

 “Well, go to hell then!”

Zhao Jiu shouts angrily, and his voice is like the cry of a jackdaw at night . His original force emerges from the whole body, and a shivering sense comes out of him .  When he is moving forward, his step forward leaves a deep footprint in the rocks .


Yun Chuan’s eyes fix firmly on the man rushing to him . Instead of dodging, he jumps up towards Zhao Jiu with his picking-up momentum . Like two ancient Tyrannosaurus Rexes, they collide with each other; a visible wave of air bursts out then, making all rocks and plants within ten meters around totally damaged .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

There is no disorder with the steps of the two men . In a moment, dozens, or even hundreds of tentative fights have been tried between them . Zhao Jiu is shocked that although Yun Chuan is now held down by him without getting advantages, with only half of his strength he cannot kill him directly in a short time .

He has been hurt by the Bloody Ape’s claw before . Now, because of excessive force, he cannot suppress the wound anymore . The blood starts to drip all over his body, and the excessive blood loss weakens him a lot .

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However, Yun Chuan now shows great soberness in advancing and retreating . His use of martial skills is so free and clean that it is like he is taking advantage of Zhao Jiu to test the results of this period of cultivation .

 “You vicious boy!”

It is till now that Zhao Jiu understands why Yun Chuan chose to stay there and answered his questions so politely .  Most probably it is that Yun Chuan wants to arouse his anger, for with anger he would take the initiative to fight and naturally his injury would get worse because of his agitated mind .

If he were not hurt, he would not be afraid of this kind of tricks . But the feeling of weakness from his body returns in waves at the moment, making him a little bit impatient .

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In addition, he is shocked by several martial skills used by Yun Chuan in the fight before . Although those skills are merely inferior martial ones of the Yellow level, they have been practiced by Yun Chuan to the insight-stage, or even to the perfect-stage . Therefore, much as his strength is above Yun Chuan, it is hard for him to kill this boy in a short time .

“He is just of the lowest first-level blood . . . How can a waste with poor martial arts qualification possess such a high level of understanding of martial skills? No, this must stop, or I may collapse first here!”

With a grim face Zhao Jiu takes a strong breath and employs his original spirit . The wounds on his body all explode at this moment with a bang, and his blood flows like a stream . However, his momentum reaches the highest point at this time, and towards Yun Chuan he suddenly claps down .

In spite of his injury, in this palm he has already exerted all his strength, for with this palm he wants to kill Yun Chuan once for all .

Originally, Zhao Jiu was trapped at the late-stage of Body Cultivation for decades .  There is only half a step for him to move into the stage of Martial Core, the stage which he yearns for day and night .  Under the attack of Yun Chuan, he is now in a life-and-death struggle . With the help of his employed original spirit, he finally can catch a glimpse of his promotion to the stage of Martial Core . He can feel that after this attack that decides life and death, he can immediately reach the stage of Martial Core as he wishes!

 “I didn’t expect that I would be able to reach the stage of Martial Core at this special time . Yun Chuan, I really should say ‘thank you’, for letting me comprehend Martial Core between life and death . You should be proud to die in the hands of mine, a master at the stage of Martial Core!”

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