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Chapter 22
Chapter 22: Don’t Revenge Me

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Master, Zhao Yang has passed away, and I’ll be gone soon too .  The murderer is Yun Chuan of Yun Clan . He is as cunning as a fox, for his martial arts qualification is far better than what he showed us before . For the sake of the ten-thousand-year family estate of our Zhao Clan, I implore you not to breed enmity with Yun Chuan . ” Zhao Jiu’s momentum becomes more vigorous, making people hardly look straight at him .

“Brother Jiu, you must be kidding . You have just reached the stage of Martial Core, and your life span has been lengthened to two hundred years .  You are in the prime of your life! As for Yun Chuan, the boy I have seen before, he is just a brat with only the lowest first-level blood . How can he hurt you?”

Zhao Chunyang shakes his head and believes that Zhao Jiu is just telling a joke; the members of Zhao Clan around all continue to congratulate . In their opinion, Zhao Jiu’s promotion to the stage of Martial Core is a great good event to their clan, for the overall strength of the clan will be stronger; so they all cheer with evident enjoyment .

“Master, don’t be against Yun Chuan, and don’t revenge for me . . . ”

But at this moment, Zhao Jiu suddenly spews out a mouthful of blood mixed with the fragments of his internal organs, and his original momentum now withers in a split second .

“Brother Jiu!”

Zhao Chunyang is shocked . Zhao Jiu’s body is still standing there, and his back is still straight . There is a trace of pleading and regret in his eyes, but his vitality is nowhere to be found .

His five internal organs have been broken, and his chance to live has been totally cut off .  What supports him to return to Zhao Clan is the insistence on warning the Clan not to provoke Yun Chuan . Before he dies, he has seen the extraordinary potentialities of Yun Chuan; so he doesn’t want Zhao Clan to stir up trouble with Yun Chuan for his revenge .

“Yun Chuan, a quite somebody! Brother Jiu, with great pain you come back at your last breath, just to prevent me from seeking revenge for you . . .  But the men in our Zhao Clan are also men with courage and uprightness! I’m afraid that the death of Zhao Yang, Brother Jiu and the loss of the Fruit of Fire and Blood are all related to Yun Chuan, that beast! Without revenge, I have no face to see the ancestor down to the ground!”

Yun Chuan’s white clothes have been stained with blood, and he stumbles a little . After taking off a lot of raw materials from the dead Bloody Ape, he leaves the Sunset Mountains .  Looking at the direction of Zhao Clan, he sneezes suddenly, and then shakes his head .

“I didn’t expect this time to be so dangerous .  Who would have known that Zhao Jiu could reach the stage of Martial Core at the last moment! If he hadn’t fought badly with the Bloody Ape with half of his strength, or hadn’t misjudged the power of the Five-wound Explosive Fist, I’m afraid that I would be the one to die . ”

A trace of fluke flashes in his eyes . Although the power of the Five-wound Explosive Fist at the perfect-stage is great, he is still at the stage of Body Cultivation after all; and his martial skill qualification shows a little insufficiency . After that attack, almost all the original force in his body has been consumed . If someone appears now, he will have no strength to resist .

But when his consciousness enters the Ancient Golden Scroll, the trace of fluke turns into joy .

“Fortune comes from risks— the ancients are right! The defeat of Zhao Jiu actually contributes 1500 points of soul value to me . It seems that he has just reached the stage of Martial Core, and his strength is only a little stronger than that of the Bloody Ape in its heyday . However, since it is associated with the Water of Icy Spring, the Fruit of Fire and Blood may have other functions besides being exchanged for a place to enter the Taoist Pill Sect .  Now with these soul values, I can concentrate on practicing the martial skills I have mastered and try to collect more Water of Icy Spring in a month . ”

After having returned to his residence, Yun Chuan decides not to go out again . This time, he also suffers a lot of injuries and needs to cultivate himself .  Enough soul value has been gained to comprehend several martial skills, and he is ready to make a comprehensive understanding of these martial skills and be a thorough master of them in the coming days .

More than twenty days pass in a flash .

There are only a few days left for the fight for Water of Icy Spring of the Three Great Clans, which is related to the further development of those clans .  A strange atmosphere spreads in each clan .  

The youngster stands in the courtyard, facing the morning sun .  He regulates his breath for several times, and suddenly spits out a black blood clot .

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“Great, I finally recover from my injury .  Now I’m a master of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle, Seven Stars Chasing the Sun, and Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves at the perfect-level . The power of the Five-wound Explosive Fist is great, but it costs too much for me now .  So it can only be used as the last card in my hand . However, my strength has been greatly improved!”

Yun Chuan now is in high spirits . Suddenly, he hears the knock from outside and opens the door .  It is Yun Qing’er who stands at the door, and her beautiful face lights up with a genuine joy when she sees Yun Chuan .  She asks with a smile, “Brother Chuan, the biggest fair in the year of Luoyun City will be held today . Don’t you want to have a look?”

Yun Chuan’s face also brightens, and he smiles, “Oh, I have forgotten . I haven’t gone out for a few days, and maybe it’s good to go out for a walk . ”

This kind of fair in Luoyun City is usually held several times a year .  At the fair of this great scale, many merchants will gather here, and many rare things that can hardly be seen in ordinary times will be sold . In addition, some martial cultivators will exchange their own things for Spiritual Stones as well .  All those things together make it a major event in Luoyun City .  Naturally Yun Chuan wants to see if he can find something that suits himself .

The huge Luoyun City of endless prosperity is bustling with activities today .

“The millennium Polygonum multiflorum, low price on sale!”

“Well-tempered fine steel armor!”

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“Candied Haws!”

“Only one hundred Primordial Stones, and you’ll get an Inferior martial skill at the Yellow level!”

Yun Chuan buys a stick of Candied Haws and hands it to Yun Qing’er, which makes the girl even happier .  She smiles, making her eyes crinkle like a crescent moon . She takes Yun Chuan to a shop, takes out one thing after another and hands them to the shopkeeper . She turns to Yun Chuan and smiles to him: “Brother Chuan, do you have something for sale? This shop belongs to our clan’s industry . If you have something temporarily unavailable, you can put them here in exchange for some Primordial Stones . I have accumulated a lot of unneeded stuffs hard to exchange in my daily life, and I’m wondering whether I can exchange them for some Stones today . ”

Yun Chuan’s eyes light up, and he says: “It’s really convenient . I killed a monster with the strength of the later-stage of Body Cultivation a few days ago, and the materials from its body can be exchanged for about a dozen Primordial Stones .  I’ll leave them here . ”

The shopkeeper is a fat middle-aged man with a kind face, but the shrewdness flashing in his eyes from time to time clearly shows his shrewdness as a businessman . After taking over the things of Yun Qing’er and Yun Chuan, he counts them and says with a smile, “The valuation of these things, let me see, is about thirty Primordial Stones . After they are sold, you can come to pick them up . ”

Yun Chuan nods for agreement, and goes out of the shop with Yun Qing’er . They don’t pay much attention to these things, for only a dozen Primordial Stones are of little importance to them now .

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