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Published at 17th of September 2019 12:53:45 AM

Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Ancient Golden Scroll

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Liang Yaping

With an appropriate smile on his face, Yun Tian nods . His fourth-level blood and top martial arts qualifications in the clan have indeed cultivated his self-confidence and composure .

Martial arts enjoy extreme esteem in the Tianxuan World, and martial practitioners are the real masters of this land . If one wants to set foot on the path of the martial arts training, the first step is to awaken the Blood .

Divided into ten categories, the Blood serves as the foundation of a person’s practice of martial arts . As long as one can awaken the first-level blood, he or she then has the potential to get the training started .

The level of blood is closely related to the level of military arts training qualifications, and the first-level blood is merely the lowest one . If there is no other lucky chance, Body Cultivation, the first stage of martial arts practice, will be the highest achievement .

The speed of martial cultivation for those with the second-level blood is twice faster than that of the practitioners with the first-level blood, and the legendary ten-level blood, however, provides ten times or even more efficiency than that of those first-levels .

So when it comes to martial cultivation, the younger the practitioner is, the greater his or her achievements will be – or to say the level of blood almost determines the achievements of martial cultivation .

It is precisely in this case that, although the smile and the words of Yun Tian are both gentle and mild, Yun Chuan still finds that his cousin does not even look him square in the eye at all . The smile on his lips is more like the compassion of the strong for the weak .

Grasping tightly the black stone in his hand, Yun Chuan answers, “Thank you for the advice and high expectations, Master Yun . I won’t let you down . Seven days later, in the Martial Arts Assessment of the clan, I will definitely be one of the Core Disciples!”

As his voice faded, an uproar of laughter broke out in the field .

“Who does he think he is! To be a core disciple with such a low martial qualification? Ridiculous!”

“A good-for-nothing who can only reach the early-stage of the Body Cultivation in his lifetime takes the encouragements of the master so seriously? Even if he tries harder, he can’t break through the Body Cultivation stage . The outer disciples are destined to serve as pigs and dogs all their lives!”

“Oh, come on, forget about him! There will be only dozens of Core Disciples in the clan this year, and he will never get a chance . After seven days, he will be forced to recognize the reality . Well, Brother Yun Tian has gone far . I have a question about a martial skill, and I hope that he can help me to solve it . He is the future of our Yun Clan indeed!”

Ear-piercing laughter and harsh words come to his ears, but Yun Chuan’s face remains unchanged . Power speaks the loudest in the Tianxuan World, so only the strong will be respected . Those disciples crowd around Yun Tian like stars surrounding the moon . Watching them go away, Yun Chuan grasps the black stone even tighter in his hand with perseverance in his eyes .

“Wait and see – I’ll prove my words today with my power in the future!”

He returns to the dilapidated house, his home . Yellow mud walls are full of cracks, and a broken table and a cooking range are all he owns . Yun Chuan puts the black stone on the table, and a tinge of excitement shows on his handsome face .

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Though simple and unadorned, this black stone is the foundation for Yun Tian, the Holy Emperor who should be the dominator of the age . But now, it belongs to Yun Chuan .

He bites his finger, and stains the whole black stone with his blood drop by drop .

The black stone emits a brilliant light and it instantly merges into his body like a scroll which is unfolded slowly . Next moment, a bright golden scroll emerges in his mind . It slowly unfolds a tenth of itself, while lines of handwriting appear with a spiritual wave at the same time .

Yun Chuan suddenly realizes the truth – it is the spiritual wave that introduces the function of the ancient golden scroll changed from the black stone .

He looks at the golden scroll, and immediately gets excited .

“Blood upgrade… It takes 10,000 soul value to upgrade from the first-level blood to the second level… What? The blood level can be upgraded?!”

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“As long as the soul value is paid, the understanding of martial arts and skills will be enhanced accordingly? Does it mean that if I have enough soul value, I can quickly acquire the martial arts that take others several years or even decades to learn and master?

The excitement on Yun Chuan’s face has never faded . He finally knows the secret that helped Yun Tian make such great achievements in his previous life . The anti-destiny ability of this ancient golden scroll is enough to save so much time in practicing martial arts . However, it is merely a tenth of the whole scroll .

“Unfortunately, now I can only see it without using it, and I’m wondering about the ability hidden in the other parts of the golden scroll after it is totally opened . It seems to be in the shape of an alchemy stove . . . ”

Smacking his lips with a greedy look, Yun Chuan finds that at the bottom of the golden scroll, it clearly says that his current soul value is “zero”, that is to say, he can’t exchange for anything from the golden scroll .

Now there is only one way to get the soul value, that is, to kill powerful magical beasts, skillful martial practitioners, or all kinds of creatures with souls .

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