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Published at 17th of September 2019 12:53:45 AM

Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Your Chance Will Be Mine!

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen 

"Yun Chuan, is your head in the clouds again? Although you only own the lowest grade of blood, and you are least likely to pass the Martial Arts Assessment of the clan seven days later, you should practice martial arts more frequently and never abandon yourself! Even if you are relegated to the Outer Disciples of our Yun Clan, you can't be a lame duck!"

A thunderous voice wakes Yun Chuan up . With a confusion in the eyes, he finds himself in the martial field of Yun Clan, surrounded by many sibling disciples who are, high in spirits, all practicing martial arts diligently .

He hesitates and wonders as if he is in a dream . It was Yun Chenghe who spoke to him just then, one of the masters of Yun's martial field .

"Haven't I been killed by Yun Tian and become a lingering ghost in the Sacred Scripture of Reincarnation? How can I get back to the age of sixteen?"

If there is a protagonist in the Tianxuan World where he belongs to, Yun Chuan, and all the others living in the Tianxuan World in the next hundred years, will firmly believe that his elder cousin Yun Tian is the one .

Yun Chuan knows that it is in this year that Yun Tian would pick up a black stone, and then rise up like a bright star, known as "Yun Tian, the Holy Emperor" . Yun Chuan also knows that the Dark Age of the Tianxuan World would come after a hundred years .

After the advent of the Dark Age, Yun Tian, the Holy Emperor, suddenly went mad . In order to get the Sacred Scripture of Reincarnation from that black stone, he massacred a billion people in one fell swoop . But still, the outbreak of the Dark Age let nobody off .

Yun Chuan, one of those one billion souls, was absorbed into the Sacred Scripture of Reincarnation . Although most of his time passed in a blur, he did not lose the consciousness completely . As a lingering ghost, he knew many secrets until Yun Tian, the Holy Emperor, died . Now he finds that he was reborn to the year when he was sixteen .

It was also the year when his cousin Yun Tian got the black stone and rose up .

"I became a lingering ghost drifting and muddling along without any aim after the Dark Age arrived, so I didn't know why Yun Tian would kill a billion people in such a mad way . But now that the God has given me a second chance, I must grasp the fate in my own hands!"

"Yun Chuan, haven't you heard my words!?"

The beard on this master Yun Chenghe's cheeks is in the shape of a halberd, which together with his stern look makes his face fearful . Yun Chuan hasn't answered his words for a long time, driving the strict master to be on the verge of losing his temper .

Having come back to earth, Yun Chuan explains to the master with an apologetic look and a slight bow, "Forgive me, Master Yun, I just found I lost a family heirloom from my dead parents; that is, a black irregularly-shaped stone . Although the stone is actually of no use, it is the only thing I can place my grief on and bears the memories of my parents . Its loss really upsets me… So, I am wondering if you can help me find it out . "

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He looks around and finds that Yun Tian, his tall and handsome cousin, is not far away from him . Yun Tian is looking at this side, which catches Yun Chuan's attention . But on the surface, he acts as if nothing were on his mind .

Yun Chuan's parents are meritorious to the Yun Clan since they sacrificed their lives for protecting the clan's core secrets when Yun Chuan was young . For this reason, after hearing Yun Chuan's reasonable excuse, Yun Chenghe cannot sit back and ignore it .

"Ah, that explains it . Boys, have you ever seen the black stone left to Yun Chuan by his parents?" His voice is so loud that it spreads all over the martial field and immediately attracts everyone's attention .

At this moment, Yun Chuan also shows the right sad look . Although he is looking around, his eyes never, for a minute, leave his cousin Yun Tian who is not far away . If everything develops by the normal track of fate, Yun Tian will definitely rise in this year . Yun Chuan knows that for he himself, his blood, the lowest, is destined to keep him mediocre until he will be destroyed by Yun Tian of the Dark Age .

And there is only one way to change all, that is, to seize the opportunity that belongs to Yun Tian before Yun Tian discovers the secret of the black stone, and change the predestined fate against the God's will!

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"Are you looking for this stone?"

There arises a gentle voice, and Yun Tian comes over . The young man with a good feature, tall and elegant, holds a black stone and hands it to Yun Chuan . Yun Tian says, "I happened to pick this stone up in the morning . I didn't expect it to be the possession of your parents . "

Yun Chuan's heart flutters with excitement at this moment, but still he puts on an even sadder look on his face . He forces out a smile and thanks him, "Thank you cousin, this is exactly what I have lost . "

Since Yun Chuan gave a very detailed description of the black stone, Yun Tian hasn't suspected too much about it . And if it were something else, Yun Tian may take it for himself; but it is a parental relic . Therefore, such kind of idea disappears in his mind .

"Well, it's getting dark . Now that we've found the stone, I think it is the right time to call it a day . Yun Tian, since you have the fourth-level blood and high martial talent, you are the hope of the Yun Clan . However, you can't rise head and shoulders above others if you slack off for a moment . Yun Chuan, you should keep up with your cousin . Even if you are relegated to the Outer Disciples of the clan in the Martial Arts Assessment seven days later, never give up on yourself . Always do some good to our clan rather than humiliate your deceased parents!"

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