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Published at 17th of September 2019 12:53:46 AM

Chapter 3
Chapter 3: He Deserves It?

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“It is no wonder that Yun Tian in the past life would massacre a billion people in one fell swoop when the Dark Age came . Now that I become the owner of this golden roll changed from the black stone, I am afraid that in a hundred years, the Dark Age will also pose a great threat to me . At that time, I do not want to be such an inhumane murderer like Yun Tian . ”

A strong sense of urgency arises in Yun Chuan’s mind—he must be strong enough to overcome the Dark Age in the coming one hundred years . Otherwise, the bad end of Yun Tian in his previous life will happen again .

“From now on, every step counts . Seven days later, in the Clan Martial Arts Assessment, I will definitely be one of the Core Disciples of the Sect!”

A sleepless night passed by .

At the very break of the next day, Yun Chuan has already been in the courtyard, practicing the basic martial arts of Yun Clan with a high spirit .

The training of martial arts qualifications is like sailing against the current, so he has never ever forgotten to practice, whether in his past or present life .

His present state of martial arts qualifications is merely in the early-stage of Body Cultivation . In the previous generation, although he practiced extremely hard every day, his highest achievement had just reached the later-stage of Body Cultivation, which means he was just a little stronger than those ordinary people .

But now, when he came back after reincarnation, he has seized the lucky chance of Yun Tian and seen the dawn of his ascension to a higher level .

Dressed in white, Yun Chuan walks out of his yard in the bathing of the morning glow .

 “Brother Chuan, are you going to the martial field?”

A pleasant and lark-like voice comes behind, making Yun Chuan shocked and he turns back . A refined and beautiful girl with snow-white fine skin stands there, looking at him with a delicate smile .

 “Yun Qing’er . ”

Yun Chuan murmurs, and an occasional trance intrudes upon his consciousness for a while .

Yun Qing’er is the daughter of Yun Luoshan, the master of Yun Clan . She is not only a person with distinguished identity, but also a promising disciple with the third-level blood . Though she is now at the age of sixteen, her martial arts qualification is now in the middle-age of Body Cultivation, being the second genius of the whole clan after Yun Tian .

The gap of status and qualifications between them should not have made any intersection between these two . However, a few years ago when Yun Chuan was practicing in the Sunset Mountains, he happened to save Yun Qing’er, who was chased by several magical beasts at that time, though by accident .

“No, not to the martial field . I’m going to the Sunset Mountains for practice today . ” Yun Chuan answers with a smile .

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“Oh…Brother Chuan, I guess you are worried about the Clan Martial Arts Assessment seven days later? If you are, I mean… maybe Brother Chuan would like to find a job in my father’s house . ” Yun Qing’er asks haltingly .

Yun Chuan is stunned, and then a nice warm feeling flows through his mind . Although Yun Qing’er is not optimistic that he will be one of the Core Disciples of the Sect in the Clan Martial Arts Assessment seven days later, her proposal is also out of true goodwill . After all, being able to get a job in Yun Clan’s house is actually the best choice among those Outer Disciples of the Yun Clan .

“Such a good chance to work in our master’s house? He deserves it?”

When Yun Chuan is about to refuse, suddenly, a harsh and rather peculiar voice sounds with a strong disdain in it .

Following that direction, Yun Chuan sees a young man in blue clothes is coming to him . He has seen Yun Qing’er’s mild attitude towards Yun Chuan, and he doesn’t even try to hide his jealousy in his eyes .

“Yun Cheng, how can you speak like this?”

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Yun Qing’er’s complexion changes slightly and she scolds him .

Yun Chuan squints at him . This man called Yun Cheng is the grandson of Yun Qiyang, the Grand Clan Elder . He has been pestering Yun Qing’er all the time . Although his blood is of the second-level, his martial arts qualification has reached the middle-stage of Body Cultivation because of his age, ranking himself as one of the Core Disciples of the Clan .

Yun Cheng pretended to be graceful to show his charm in front of Yun Qing’er, but he never thought he would be reprimanded by the girl . At once, he cannot remain calm because of shame . Still he tries to keep a smile and says to Yun Qing’er:

“Qing’er, you has a pure and kind heart, so you know nothing about people’s evil nature . You enjoy a noble status, so there are always some wastes who want to get to you, like a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh!”

The scene that Yun Qing’er invited Yun Chuan has been caught by Yun Cheng, and it immediately fills his heart with the fire of jealousy . As the daughter of the Master, Yun Qing’er also has excellent martial arts qualification . If he can get the girl, his future status of the Yun Clan will naturally be stable—there is even a great possibility of him becoming the next Master of the Clan!

However, despite his persistent and arduous pursuit of her, Yun Qing’er never takes kindly to him . But such a girl is just smiling and talking with a waste who is doomed to fail to break through the stage of Body Cultivation with the lowest blood—how can he not be jealous?

“Whether I deserve it or not, do you have the final say?

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