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Published at 27th of December 2019 10:44:47 PM

Chapter 16
Chapter 16: The Middle Stage of Body Cultivation!

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Liang Yaping

The reason why he wants to become one of the Core Disciples of Yun Clan, besides the chance to get into the Martial Skill Pavilion and gain a martial skill, is that he longs for the Primordial Stone .

The Primordial Stone is the crystallization of the extremely rich original force between heaven and earth . Besides absorbing the natural original force of heaven and earth daily, cultivators can also directly absorb the original force contained in the Primordial Stone, which can help them practice with a speed several times faster than that in the ordinary cultivation .

It is precisely because of this characteristic of the Primordial Stone that, in martial cultivation, it has been regarded as the hard currency like gold and silver among those mortals . Besides the fact that it can be used for self-cultivation, it can also be traded; for most of the time those martial cultivators are not willing to absorb the Primordial Stone directly for their cultivation for it is a treasure of high value .

The Core Disciples of Yun Clan can only receive one hundred Primordial Stones a month . Instead of taking them for trade, however, Yun Chuan plans to use them directly for cultivation .

After all, compared with other disciples, his lowest first-level blood together with such poor martial art qualifications slows his cultivation down with a speed several times slower . Therefore, before he has accumulated enough soul value to improve his blood grade, he can only rely on other external objects .

After returning to his home, Yun Chuan takes out a stone and begins to absorb the strength contained inside .

In his hands one stone after another turns into powder, and joy gradually shows on Yun Chuan’s face .

“Sure enough, it deserves my previous struggle for the position of being a Core Disciple . The Primordial Stone is surprisingly effective, and my level will be promoted to the middle stage of Body Cultivation with about eighty stones!”

If someone else sees Yun Chuan practicing with the Primordial Stone at this moment, he or she will surely be shocked and regards Yun Chuan as a prodigal guy . After all, how precious the Stone is? Those ordinary disciples who have got the stones will either store them as currency exchange, or use them to regain their strength quickly at the crucial moment of life and death in the battle . No one will use it to cultivate so directly like Yun Chuan .

However, the effect of such a reckless behavior is also remarkable .

Throughout a whole day and night, Yun Chuan has been practicing in the room, and the powder of the Primordial Stone lies thick under his feet . It is not until the horizon goes white that Yun Chuan opens his eyes and a clear look shows on his face; then from his mouth comes out a long and happy cry .

The middle stage of Body Cultivation!

Yun Chuan feels his rich original force surging in his Elixir Field with a ray of joy in his deep eyes . After consuming eighty Primordial Stones, he finds that his current cultivation has finally reached the middle stage of Body Cultivation .

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In his previous life, he was not qualified to receive such precious resources like the Primordial Stone, so it took him more than ten years in this stage .

“It is really a surprise that such a treasure as the Water of Icy Spring appears in the Sunset Mountains . This kind of treasured object is of great benefit to the stage of Martial Core, and perhaps it can be an opportunity for me to make the breakthrough . If I want to improve my martial skills, I also need a lot of soul values . It seems that I should go to the Sunset Mountains again . And I believe after this time, I will go deeper in terms of my cultivation of the middle stage of Body Cultivation . ”

Facing the morning glow Yun Chuan heads towards the rugged Sunset Mountains . After a short walk, a silver-striped snake at the early stage of Body Cultivation comes with a hissing sound towards him from the cracks between the stones . Its venom falls to the ground, corroding the rocky ground into pits .

Without using any of his martial skills Yun Chuan avoids lightly the venom spewed by the snake . At the next moment, the head of this silver-striped snake at the early stage of Body Cultivation is immediately pinched blasting by a direct grasp .

Nowadays, when confronted with those common magical beasts in the early stage of Body Cultivation, Yun Chuan can deal with them even without using his martial skills . He throws the corpse of the snake aside, and immerses his consciousness in the golden ancient scroll . When he sees the figure representing the soul value, he cannot help shaking his head .

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This silver-striped snake at the early stage of Body Cultivation only contributes 30 soul values to him .

“The more powerful the strength of the beasts or martial cultivators I kill is, the more soul value I will gain . Heaven knows how long it will take by killing these low-ranking monsters for soul value needed for my blood promotion . ”

He looks up in the golden scroll for the soul value needed for the Five-wound Explosive Fist and the Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle . A thousand points are necessary for improving the Five-wound Explosive Fist to the perfect level, and as for the entry level, it even takes 300 points of soul value .

However, Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle is not an aggressive martial skill, so it only needs 600 points for the perfect level, which makes him feel a little comfortable .

“It seems that the higher the rank of martial skills is, the more soul value it needs in cultivation . However, according to my experience during this period, the soul value needed in promoting a general martial skill at the Yellow level to the perfect level will not go beyond a thousand points . As for gaining soul value, killing a martial cultivator is much richer than killing a monster at the same stage . ”

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