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Chapter 15

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“Yun Chuan, you’d better choose another martial skill . The reason why this martial skill is here to test the mind of our core disciples . Greed and precipitance do not help in the practice of martial skills, so we should act according to our ability . Although this martial skill at its perfect-stage is enough to match an inferior skill at the Black level, no one has ever succeeded in practicing it— even reached its entry-stage . ”

When Yun Chuan looks back, Yun Tian is looking at him with his chosen martial skill with a gentle smile . Several other core disciples follow him, like stars surrounding the moon . It seems that every move of Yun Tian has a natural affinity, which makes people feel like bathing in a spring breeze .

“This is indeed a figure who can become Yun Tian the Holy Emperor in the previous generation!”

Yun Chuan sighs to himself that if he hadn’t been reborn and seized the chance that once belonged to Yun Tian, he might not even be qualified to stand in front of him now . But the words just said by Yun Tian indicate that he intends to take disciples .

“Thank you for your kindness, Brother Yun Tian, but I’m still going to have a try . ”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and refuses Yun Tian, which stuns him . Likewise, shaking his head with a smile, Yun Tian says nothing and turns around and leaves .

Previously he was inclined to take Yun Chuan as a disciple only for the sake of his particularities, but since Yun Chuan does not tell good from bad, he will do nothing more . As the first disciple of the younger generation, Yun Tian possesses a born pride .

“A reckless idiot who fails to know where he stands! YunChuan, it’s really your fortune cultivated with your eight lifetimes that Brother Yun Tian can guide you personally . I can assure you that even if you have been in luck to reach the perfect-stage of the Grand Palm of Thousands Leaves, you can’t even get started with this Five-wound Explosive Fist!”

“What a shame to me that such an arrogant waste can become a core disciple like me!”

“We’d better not remind him of that . Let’s see how he will make a fool of himself, wasting an opportunity . ”

“Unfortunately, our core disciples in this session will play a great role in the battle for the Water of Icy Spring one month later, but this time a reckless waste has been counted in . Yes, he has reached the perfect-stage of an inferior skill in the Yellow level by a fluke, and so what? The elder master’s words are correct, for the sake of Yun Clan, he should be eliminated . ”

“You’ve gone too far! How do you know that Brother Chuan can’t master this martial skill?”

Hearing the words around her, Yun Qing’er blushes and scolds with anger .

“Don’t mind, Qing’er . At least you believe in me, right? Now that we’ve all made the choice, let’s go out . ”

YunChuan shakes his head noncommittally . He gives no fig for those contemptuous remarks, but the worries in Yun Qing’er’s eyes make him smile . Although this girl supports him unconditionally, she is also worried about him . After all, no one in Yun Clan has ever succeeded in practicing this martial skill, even in reaching its entry-stage .

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 “Don’t worry, and I will prove it to you after a month . ” Yun Chuan laughs, and his self-confidence in the words makes the sadness on the girl’s eyebrows fade .

 “Get out of the way, for good dogs won’t stand in the way . ”

Of course,Yun Chuan feels the grudges of those core disciples who belittle him sarcastically . With the lowest first-level blood and poor martial arts qualifications, he becomes a head taller than them; and it makes these disciples who usually call themselves the selected ones by Heaven feel incredible . But as they treat him coldly, Yun Chuan naturally has no good words for them, neither .

In Yun Chuan’s heart, he always rewards virtue for the virtue and fairness for injustice . If others respect him a little, and he will respect them more . If any reckless guy offends him, he will also pay him back ten times .

“A month later, I will let you know how ridiculous your words today are in the battle for the Water of Icy Spring among the three Clans . ”

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Yun Chuan’s words come from afar, and the ridicule and disdain in his words make those core disciples stamp with rage .

They go up to Yun Chenghe, ready to report to him . After Yun Chenghe finds that the martial skill selected by Yun Chuan is the Five-wound Explosive Fist, he can’t help looking up and down at Yun Chuan and says, “Yun Chuan, the opportunity to select martial skills is only once a year, even for the Core Disciples . Are you sure that you want to choose this martial skill?”

Yun Chuan nods and smiles, “Thank you for your concern, Master Yun . I think this martial skill is very suitable for me . ”

“Well, since you have made up your mind, I will not interfere you too much . But I still advise you to practice more Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle, the necessary martial skill of collecting the Water of Icy Spring, in this month . After all, big mouthfuls often choke . There are one hundred Primordial Stones, a month’s training resource for the core disciples . Go back and practice hard then . ”

Yun Chuan takes over from YunChenghe the bag filled with Primordial Stones, and his face shines with surprise .

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