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Published at 27th of December 2019 10:44:47 PM

Chapter 17
Chapter 17: The Fruit of Blood and Fire

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Suddenly a slight change shows on Yun Chuan’s face . His eyebrows wrinkle slightly, and then he senses the smell of blood floating from the distance .

This smell of blood is not so strong, but it lingers, and then pervades the entire forest .

Following that smell Yun Chuan goes through the forest cautiously . As he continues to move forward, his face becomes more serious— the floating bloody smell tends to be more and more intense, and it seems that there were a wave of blood rushing towards him .

“Uncle Jiu, the Elder Dan Ling of the Taoist Pill Sect is right; the Water of Icy Spring will be accompanied by the Fruit of Blood and Fire a hundred miles away . This time, as long as we take the Fruit of Blood and Fire, we can exchange it for another quota for entering the Taoist Pill Sect?”

Yun Chuan’s face changes, for that sound belongs to Zhao Yang of the Zhao Clan .

Zhao Yang was knocked down by his fist on the nose before, so now he still speaks with a strong nasal sound, which sounds a little bit funny .

“Yes, and it is ridiculous that Yun Clan and Gongsun Clan are still thinking of exchanging the Water of Icy Spring and half of the clan’s wealth for a quota for entering the Taoist Pill Sect . They have been kept in the dark, and only our Zhao Clan knew firsthand about the news . Let sleeping dogs lie! We two set off first . ”


A tooth-pickling knife-in-flesh sound comes, and the floating smell of blood becomes more powerful once again .

Hiding himself behind a huge rock, Yun Chuan looks ahead under the cover of the dense forest .

Before a dark cave covered by thick vines, there are more than a dozen corpses lying on the ground . Each of them is dressed like a slave, but without any scar on their bodies . It is evident from the scent that they have just died .

The bloody smell detected by Yun Chuan just now comes from there: an old man grabs a corpse up, cuts out more than a dozen wounds on the body and throws it into the cave . The blood flows freely, forming a stream, which gradually makes a gurgling sound in the cave .

Imitating his uncle, Zhao Yang then does the same thing . He also cuts a corpse and throws it into the cave . He asks, “Uncle Jiu, you are now going to reach the stage of Martial Core . Can’t you deal with the monster that guards the Fruit of Blood and Fire?”

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“Oh, nephew, you probably don’t know that the monster inside, named Bloody Ape, likes to drink human blood most . Surely I have almost reached the stage of Martial Core, but if judged correctly, this monster has only a slight gap to reach the stage of Martial Core according to its scent . If an unreserved fight has to start between us, I have only half the chance to defeat this beast . But in my plan, with these slaves the Bloody Ape will be led away, and when I attract its attention, your chance to collect the Fruit of Blood and Fire comes . As long as you get the Fruit successfully, the death of these slaves will be worthwhile then . ”

The old man named Zhao Jiu grabs another corpse of a slave again . He cuts the wound, letting the blood run, and he explains to his nephew with a smile .

“What a vicious mind!”

These cold words send a chill to Yun Chuan’s heart . Regarding human life as grass is the traditional style of the big clan, and the blood of more than a dozen slaves is just to draw off a monster .

At about the same time, suddenly a violent and extremely evil scent rises from the cave, and then the cave shakes . A monster covered with red hair comes out . With a scarlet tongue it sucks all the blood up from the ground, and rushes towards the blood stream that they made before .

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“Nephew, do it according to our plan!”

A scent of terror erupts from Zhao Jiu’s body . Holding two blood-dripping corpses in his hands, he jumps quickly and dashes towards the distance . The Bloody Ape is attracted by Zhao Jiu and makes a furious roar; then it follows him closely and disappears in a flash .

“A good opportunity comes! If I get the Fruit of Blood Fire and make great achievements this time, there will be a great possibility that I can get a quota for entering the Taoist Pill Sect!”

Zhao Yang’s eyes are bright and his face shows excitement . When those two huge scents disappear completely, which means that the Bloody Ape has been lured far away, he steps over the bodies in front of the cave and walks towards the cave’s black open mouth .

But at that moment, a strong sound of wind behind him suddenly comes and makes Zhao Yang’s hair stand on end . The attack is so quick that he cannot even turn around, so he waves a palm backwards directly . The next moment, an unparalleled strong power makes his whole body fly upside down uncontrollably, hitting the rocks directly with the clear sound of cracking bones .

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