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Chapter 14

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Those disciples including Yun Chuan all nod their heads to show their consent, and Yun Chuan also takes over the jade slips . Yun Chenghe nods his head and says with a softer complexion, “Now that you have become the Core Disciples of this year, I will then take you to the Martial Skill Pavilion of our clan and get the reward of the Core Disciples for you all . ”

Yun Chuan’s eyes light up . Although the Water of Icy Spring is of great benefit to the promotion to the stage of Martial Core, it is not very useful for him at present . Therefore, he is not so interested in it . However, the reward of the Core Disciples, usually Primordial Stone and martial skills, has great attraction for him .

He glances at Yun Tian nearby secretly . Yun Tian is still dashing, not moved at all . To Yun Tian, the Water of Icy Spring that will greatly enhance him to the stage of Martial Core is what he cares most . Others, including Yun Chuan, the boy who has just shocked so many people, have come into his sight but not his mind .

Yun Chuan shakes his head and goes in the direction of the Martial Skill Pavilion . After all, the Yun Tian of the previous life was always a specially privileged person all his life . Even if now he has seized the chance that once belonged to Yun Tian, his growth is still on the way, which means that now he is not strong enough to surpass Yun Tian with the fourth-level blood .

“But now, I also have a seat in the Core Disciples of the Yun Clan . The fate of my previous life has changed! The protagonist in my previous life was not me, but now, I have the qualifications to change my life against Heaven!”

The Martial Arts Pavilion stands in the center of the Yun Clan . It is a high-rise pavilion of great momentum, and no doubt it is the core place of the Yun Clan .

After all, for a clan of martial arts, martial skills are the foundation of a clan . There are a lot of scripts of martial skills stored in the Martial Arts Pavilion, the important place of the Yun family . Only the Core Disciples of the clan have the access to this place .

Now Yun Chuan has become the Core Disciple, and according to the usual practice, he enjoys the opportunity to come to the Martial Arts Pavilion to choose a martial skill once a year .

Under the leadership of Yun Chenghe, the disciples follow him one by one and walk into the Martial Arts Pavilion . Yun Chuan looks around and finds that there is no guardian in the pavilion, but a vague sense of the powerful atmosphere hidden in the dark can be sensed .

“Well, now you can choose a martial skill in the Martial Arts Pavilion as you wish . But I must remind all of you that big mouthfuls often choke . The higher level a martial skill is, the harder it will be to practice . The superior Yellow-level skills at the entry-stage may not be so powerful as the inferior Yellow-level skills at the insight-stage, so you should make a choice according to your own ability . ”

The disciples all nod their heads and say yes with their faces showing recognition, and then they scatter to find their own martial skills . Yun Chuan also doesn’t show any difference; he nods and walks toward these rows of martial skills .

“Grand Mist Formula, inferior skill of the Yellow level”

 “Thousand Fantasy Hands, middle skill of the Yellow level”

“Burning Fist, inferior skill of the Yellow level”

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Yun Chuan browses those skills in rows and frowns slightly . Now most of these martial skills are just the inferior or middle ones of the Yellow level . For him, those skills are limited in terms of improving his strength .

“The higher the grade of martial skills are, the more difficult it is for a practitioner to cultivate them to a higher level . I am afraid that most of those skills open to us in the Martial Arts Pavilion are of low-grade martial skills . ”

Yun Chuan feels some regret . At that moment, Yun Qing’er walks towards him with a pleasant and melodious smiling voice, “Brother Chuan, what martial skill have you chosen this time?”

Yun Chuan shakes his head: “I have not yet found an appropriate one . Those skills’ grades are too low, and they are not so helpful to my development . ”

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Yun Qing’er feels surprise and says, “Brother Chuan, this is your first time to come to the Martial Arts Pavilion . Maybe you are not clear that all the martial skills in the Pavilion are inferior and middle skills of the Yellow level . There are only a few other high-grade skills in the Yun Clan, and only those who have made great contributions to the clan will be rewarded . Of course, it’s no chance to see them here . Oh, by the way, I remember that there is only one high-grade martial skill of the Yellow level, but no one in our Yun Clan has ever succeeded in practicing it . Would you like to have a look?”

Yun Chuan’s eyes light up and he says, “Let’s go!”

Yun Qing’er leads Yun Chuan to a lattice . The Jade slip in it is covered with dust, and it seems that no one has touched it for a very long time .

“Five-wound Explosive Fist, superior skill of the Yellow level . Practice it to the perfect-stage, and it will be comparable to the inferior skill of the Xuan level?”

After Yun Chuan reads the introduction, his face is filled with pleasure: “Wonderful! Finally, I have found a powerful martial skill! But since this martial skill is of such great power, how can it be left here with dust so long without anyone touching it?”

Yun Chuan picks up this martial skill . When Yun Qing’er is surprised and about to persuade him to stop, the gentle voice with inborn superiority of Yun Tian suddenly comes behind these two .

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