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Chapter 13

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Many people are taken by surprise at the words of Yun Qiyang .

As the elder master of the Yun Clan with a high status, Yun Qiyang now is going to lower his profile and apologize to a young junior with such low first-level blood .

Yun Chuan shakes his head and smiles softly, “An apology, and that’s all? How beautifully you think! Kneel down and admit your mistake then! Just watch, how I defeated the giant wolf!”

With his white clothes fluttering he suddenly releases a palm, and innumerable palm shadows come out like falling leaves . In a moment the giant wolf, which had been unable to move in the distance, is covered by those shadows and bursts into pieces at once .

“Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves at the perfect-stage!”

Yun Chuan slows down his action deliberately . In this case, almost everyone on the martial field sees the countless palm shadows like falling leaves . At once, many people are then shocked with astonishment crawling on their faces .

“It may take nearly ten years for an ordinary person to have the chance to practice the martial skills to the perfect-stage . . . How could Yun Chuan make it with only first-level blood like a waste?”

“Even though the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves is only an inferior martial skill of the Yellow level, I have practiced it for several years with my second-level blood but it is still at the entry-level . . . ”

“If it really is a skill at the perfect-stage, then the failure of the giant iron-wood wolf can also be explained . After all, with the power of the perfect-stage the skill is enough to be enhanced two steps or more, which is comparable to the superior martial skill of the Yellow level . But according to the common sense, the worse the martial arts qualifications are, the worse the understanding of martial skills will be . How can he comprehend the martial skill at the perfect-stage then?”

Yun Luoshan shows a sure-enough look and thinks: “It seems that Yun Chuan does have some secrets . In this case, I may take this opportunity to have a good look at him . The elder master of our Yun clan has been running high recently . This time, Yun Chuan has made him lose face, and it can also be a good chance to give him a lesson . ”

“Elder master, are you satisfied with this explanation? If you are, keep your promise and kneel down to admit your mistake to me then . Of course, you can also choose to lay it off, for you have chosen not to care your reputation, and I can do nothing . ”

Yun Chuan stands with his hands crossed behind, and he narrows his eyes and laughs at the rapidly changing face of Yun Qiyang .

Yun Qiyang wears a changing complexion, and without any words, he suddenly claps on the stone table in front of him . With one palm he crashes the table directly into pieces, and then turns away with a grunt .

Even if he wants to kill Yun Chuan at this moment, he will only humiliate himself by staying here when all eyes are watching and he himself is in the wrong .

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Yun Chuan does not care at all . Yun Qiyang is a man who always seeks revenge even for the smallest grievance . Since he has made Yun Qiyang his enemy, there is no such thing as good ending . In this case, of course, he will do whatever he likes .

In the past generations he had always been subjected to petty annoyances, so in this life he will naturally make the best of it to live a free life . To restrain oneself for a momentary calm time, in Yun Chuan’s eyes, is only an excuse of the weak .

When the last disciple also completes the assessment, dozens of positions originally expected by disciples of the Yun Clan who participate in the assessment do not exist at all . Including Yun Chuan, there are only a dozen disciples who have passed the assessment .

After all, in the previous assessments, as long as you have the qualification of the middle-stage of Body Cultivation, you stand a fair chance of success . But this time, without the strength at the later-stage of Body Cultivation, there is no chance to pass at all .

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Of course, Yun Chuan is the only exception among them, which has also caused a lot of controversy .

The teaching master of the martial field Yun Chenghe gathers those disciples who have passed the assessment, and then he looks around and says with a loud voice:

“You must have heard it before that the Core disciples selected by this Martial Arts Assessment will fight for the Water of Icy Spring . Not long ago, a spring eye appeared in the Sunset Mountains, and inside it is the extremely rare Water of Icy Spring, the chilliest thing in the world . Previously, many people were sent from the three great Clans to collect the Water, but all failed . Only later did it appear that the collection needs the martial skill called Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle . ”

Yun Chenghe takes out several pieces of jade slips which record martial skills and gives them to those disciples including Yun Chuan . He says, “Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle is a martial skill without any power of attack . The three great clans pulled some strings and managed to exchange it from an alchemist . Its grade can be divided into the middle-stage of the Yellow level, which is specially used to collect the Water of Icy Spring . The higher the level of understanding you reach, the more spring water can be collected, and accordingly, the higher the share of the Water distribution in the clan in the future will be . ”

“In order to encourage all of you, the collection of the Water of Icy Sping this time will be entirely yours, and the family will not bother to manage it . You have the time of one month to comprehend deeply and practice this martial skill . A month later, I hope you can all give me a surprise . After all, you are the elites of the elites in the young generation of our Yun Clan . ”

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