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Chapter 12

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Yun Luoshan narrows his eyes . When he is about to say something, Gongsun Bo, the grand master of the Gongsun Clan, laughs and says: “Oldman Yun, according to the rules, this boy called Yun Chuan in your Yun Clan will also become the Core Disciple of this Martial Arts Assessment . In this case, in the contest for the Water of Icy Spring, Yun Chuan will also have a place . ”

Zhao Chunyang nods his head and shows his approval, implying a trace of taking pleasure in the misfortune of the Yun Clan . In their eyes, Yun Chuan is only of the lowest blood and poor martial arts qualifications, and he will never break through the stage of Martial Core in his life without special opportunities . But the Water of Icy Spring can only be used when the cultivator is preparing to break through the stage from Body Cultivation to Martial Core . Giving one of the chances to Yun Chuan merely means to waste a place of the Yun Clan—a result that the Zhao Clan and the Gongsun Clan are glad to see, for they two clans will get more Water .

“Yun Chuan, what kind of tricks did you use in the Martial Arts Assessment? Grand master, I propose that we should remove Yun Chuan from the list of Core Disciples of our Yun Clan this time!” As the elder master of the Yun Clan, Yun Qiyang is totally shocked, and he suggests in a sharp voice .

He never thought that Yun Chuan would pass the Martial Arts Assessment under the premise that its difficulty would be increased by several times . If Yun Chuan becomes one of the Core Disciples of the Clan, it will take a lot for him to get back at Yun Chuan .

“Hha, tricks? Elder master, let me tell you another story . Once there was a dog, or more precisely, an old dog . When the old dog looked at people, he always thought that the man was much lower than the dog . Is it funny?”


Yun Qiyang becomes furious, but at the moment he cannot just hit out under the watchful eyes of the people around . With his white goatee trembling he says, “You know nothing! The Martial Arts Assessment of this time is about the ownership of the Water of Icy Spring, about the future prosperity of the clan! You wrong-headed guy, do you want to be the sinner of the whole clan?!”

“Moreover, the three great clans will all send their disciples this time to practice the martial skills of collecting the Water of Icy Spring . Your poor martial arts qualifications may be not enough for you to get in the entry of skill learning, not to mention the insight and perfect-stage . Choosing you will only be a waste of the quotas of the clan!”

As soon as the elder master’s words end, the whole ground falls into an uproar .

“No wonder that the difficulty of this assessment becomes so high…that’s the reason!”

“Only those elites of our Yun Clan will be selected, but Yun Chuan is only of the lowest blood with such poor martial arts qualifications… he is destined to be unable to break through to the stage of Martial Core! If he goes to practice, the future of our entire Yun Clan will be ruined!”

Yun Chuan goes forward to the center of the martial arts field in his spotless white clothes, and his face remains unchanged . He smiles and says, “Elder master, I suddenly feel that your eyes are not very good . You just said that I couldn’t practice the skills to their entry-stage . But what would you do if I really comprehend them, even to a higher level?”

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“Stop daydreaming, you ignorant boy! It will take several months for an ordinary qualified martial cultivator to practice a skill, even an inferior skill of the Yellow level, to its entry-stage . Without special opportunity, the perfect-stage will take more than decades to achieve . The nonsense you have told and those little tricks you have used all prove that you have many moral problems . You will not become one of the Core Disciples of our Yun Clan this time!”

Yun Qiyang stands high, overlooking Yun Chuan with disdain in his words .

Yun Luoshan coughs and says, “Elder master, why are you targeting a young boy so much today? It’s not like you . Since Yun Chuan has passed the assessment, you and I should abide by the rules, shouldn’t we?”

He has discovered the martial skills used by Yun Chuan before, but now for some reason, he doesn’t remind Yun Qiyang but takes a deep glance at Yun Chuan .

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“I don’t know what kind of trick this boy has used, but I’m sure that this is clearly a violation of the rules . Grand master, unless he can prove how to defeat the giant iron-wood wolf in the later-stage of Body Cultivation with his poor qualification of the early-stage of Body Cultivation, otherwise his being admitted to be one of the Core Disciples will inevitably make other members of our clan feel unfair . ”

Yun Chuan also can tell the preference for him in the words of the grand master . At first he was a little confused, but when he sees that Yun Qing’er is smiling at him behind Yun Luoshan, he suddenly understands . At the moment, he opens his mouth:

 “In this case, elder master, if I can prove it, what will you do?”

“If it were not the help of those tricks, how about I apologize to you in public?”

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