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Chapter 11

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Yun Chuan looks up at the iron-wood giant wolf . This kind of iron-wood puppet is made with very hard iron-wood by those puppet masters . Their real strength, he can feel, is definitely at the later-stage of Body Cultivation .

It is said that there are powerful puppet masters who can even produce puppets at the later or higher stage of the Martial Core stage .

“I wonder if the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves at the perfect-stage can blow the giant wolf up…”


At this moment, the iron-wood giant wolf suddenly howls and rushes toward Yun Chuan with bloody eyes .

Its huge wolf claws set off the thunder-like sound which shocks Yun Chuan a lot . He releases Seven Stars Chasing the Sun and dodges to avoid this blow .

 “Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves!”

The speed of the wolf is very fast, but when it comes to the ability of instantaneous change of direction, it is not as good as Yun Chuan’s Seven Stars Chasing the Sun at the insight-stage . In the twinkling of an eye they brush against each other, and then Yun Chuan bursts out with hundreds or even thousands shadows of palms! Instantly those shadows merge into one giant palm, which is then printed so hard on the waist of the giant wolf .


A teeth-souring voice sounds, the wolf suddenly staggers with its outer skin made by iron and wood directly shaken off . Its inside parts of mechanical organs are all exposed then .

With just one palm, the wolf has lost the power of fighting .

Just as the old saying goes, “head as copper, tail as iron but waist as tofu”! Whoever has beaten a wolf knows that although the wolf has a hard head and a powerful tail, its waist is the weakest part of its whole body .

Even though this giant wolf is only a puppet, its waist is also the weakest place to defend . But with its fast moving speed, people can seldom grasp this flaw .

If Yun Chuan did not seize the short opportunity at the beginning and let the wolf completely release its speed, the one to lose would surely be him .

However, Yun Chuan’s moving skill of Seven Stars Chasing the Sun has reached the insight-stage, making his momentary deflection ability surpass the wolf . The Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves at the perfect-stage, however, also provides him with enough attack to seize that fleeting opportunity to break the wolf’s defense .

After all, puppets are puppets . If it were a martial cultivator at the later-stage of Body Cultivation, Yun Chuan might surely need to have a fierce battle, and perhaps with difficulty, to win . But for such a puppet, the chance to win merely lies in the very moment .

And outside the ground, this kind of scene causes a buzz in the crowd in the whole martial field of the Yun Clan immediately .

“Am I dazzled? What have I seen?!”

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 “Yun Chuan just has beaten the wolf up so simply and fast…Is he not of the lowest blood? A waste with such poor martial arts qualifications, a waste doomed to fail to break through the stage of Body Cultivation . . . And even now he is just at the early-stage of Body Cultivation! How did this happen?!”

“He defeated the giant iron-wood giant wolf… Does it mean that Yun Chuan will be among those Core Disciples? Oh, my God, I’m of the second-level blood and the middle-stage of Body Cultivation, but I can’t be one of the Core Disciples of the clan… That’s unfair!”

A great disturbance spreads throughout the martial field .

Yun Tian gives a pointed and pedantic stare at Yun Chuan in the field, and suddenly a sense of threat rises in his heart . He can tell that Yun Chuan is still of the lowest blood and the early-stage of Body Cultivation, but the exquisite consciousness Yun Chuan has just displayed with that palm still impresses him a lot--- it even puts him to shame .

“His martial arts qualifications are still so poor . But I have the best martial arts qualifications of the younger generation of the Yun Clan, and my fourth-level blood enables me to be four times faster than Yun Chuan in martial arts training… all the time, he may, and must look up to me . ”

The previous self-confidence and warm smile reappear on Yun Tian’s face .

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“Congratulations, Brother Luoshan! Talents emerge in your Yun Clan one after another, Congratulations!” Zhao Chunyang laughs out loudly .

Yun Luoshan’s eyebrows slightly wrinkle and he shows a pondering look . It is indeed beyond his expectation that Yun Chuan can defeat the iron-wood puppet of the later-stage of Body Cultivation and acquire the qualifications of Core Disciples .

He waves his hand and summons Yun Chenghe, the teaching master of the martial field, and asks him, “Chenghe, what’s the matter with Yun Chuan?”

The beard on this master Yun Chenghe’s cheeks is in the shape of a halberd, which together with his stern look makes his face fearful . And this furry face is now full of doubts, he answers in a low and muffled voice: “How could he be so vigorous today? A few days ago he is still a chicken guy…But I find that the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves and Seven Stars Chasing the Sun used by him just now seem to be a little bit different . ”

“Oh, the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves and Seven Stars Chasing the Sun are just the inferior skills of the Yellow level, and you know clearly the power of these two skills . This boy, he has already realized the perfect-stage of the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves . Even the Seven Stars Chasing the Sun, if I’m not mistaken, it’s already of the insight-stage!”

“The Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves at the perfect-stage and the Seven Stars Chasing the Sun at the insight-stage! Grand Master, you are kidding, aren’t you? How could it be? Yun Chuan’s blood is only of the lowest first-level blood—not only he will be extremely slow in training, but he will also unable to break through the Body Cultivation stage, and his perception of martial skills should be even worse . As for the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves, although it ranks lowly of the Yellow level, I have not reached the perfect-stage even if I have been practicing for decades!” Yun Chenghe is astonished at the unbelievable truth .

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