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Chapter 731 - The Intention Isn’t to Break Through

Blue Brook Guild’s second group leader was in a state of agony. He didn’t know who he should express it to. Blue River told him that it was good enough if he tried his best, and he had resolved to do as he had been told. In the end, he felt like before he could even try his best, Tyrannical Ambition swarmed Scarlet Ribbon Janna and snatched her away. That sort of feeling, where he had the power yet couldn’t use it, made him feel miserable.

Tyrannical Ambition had split into numerous small teams to carry away the boss. They forced their way into the battlefield, instantly cutting apart Blue Brook Guild’s troops into several sections. The second group leader hastily gave an order, but before the message could even be passed down, the players fighting the boss reported: the main tank has been killed. The boss is being forcefully pushed away.

Being forcefully pushed away meant that the boss’s aggro wasn’t actually on anyone in Tyrannical Ambition. Rather, Tyrannical Ambition blocked the boss from moving towards its target. The boss couldn’t just only lock in on a target and refuse to attack anyone else. In order to close in on its target, the boss would try to get rid of any obstructions. In this case, the obstruction was Tyrannical Ambition, who had wedged their way between the boss and its target.

Obstructing the boss in this way could generate aggro as well. In addition, Tyrannical Ambition was attacking, while Blue Brook Guild was unable to reach the boss, slowly swaying the boss’s aggro from Blue Brook Guild to Tyrannical Ambition. If this situation continued, Tyrannical Ambition would successfully steal away the boss.

The second group leader obviously understood the situation. He immediately ordered his troops to clash with Tyrannical Ambition. However, Tyrannical Ambition’s layer up layer defense prevented them from closing in on the boss. What made the second group leader even angrier was that Samsara and Seaside seemed to have given up on the boss. They fought half-heartedly, not at all with the same energy as Blue Brook Guild. 

All in all, their situation was different from Blue Brook Guild’s. Blue Brook Guild had the advantage up until now. The more Blue Brook Guild fought Tyrannical Ambition to a deadlock, the better of a chance they would have to steal the boss. After all, Tyrannical Ambition couldn’t focus all of their attention on the boss. They split their forces into two to deal with another powerful enemy on the other side.

As for Samsara and Seaside? They had been on the disadvantage against Blue Brook Guild previously. Rushing over and burning up all of their energy wouldn’t improve their situation much. Their efforts might even help Blue Brook Guild, who was in the lead. A deadlock would obviously be advantageous to the one in the lead. They wouldn’t gain much from helping.

If there was no thing to gain, why bother? Why not just keep faking it? If Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition continued to injure each other, who knew if an opportunity would appear. However, after seeing Tyrannical Ambition swiftly take the initiative, the two guilds no longer had any hope for Blue Brook Guild. But what if the alliance broke through Tyrannical Ambition’s defense and threw the battlefield into disorder?

“Fourth group charge! Everyone else, look for an opening!”

“2 o’clock! Gather towards the 2 o’clock direction!”

“Ai, too slow……”

Ye Xiu observed the field and adjusted accordingly, but passing down orders through twists and turns illustrated a problem: by the time the troops started carrying out the orders, the other side already finished fixing it. The alliance was unable to break through the opening in one go. They still slowly nibbled away at the enemy defenses, but it was progressing too slowly. At this rate, by the time they broke through, Tyrannical Ambition would have gained enough of an insurmountable lead. With Zhang Xinjie commanding Tyrannical Ambition, forcefully pushing the boss away or annihilating Tyrannical Ambition along with the boss was too difficult.

“Steamed Bun, Little Tang, Little Qiao, Little Hands, Loulan Slash, Little Bei, Ocean, Night Tide, Thousand Leaves, come with me!” Ye Xiu saw that this wasn’t an issue that could be solved in a short amount of time, so he picked out an elite team and prepared to breakthrough the enemy defenses using a small but powerful team. Of the nine people picked out, four were from Happy, while five were the main core of Heavenly Justice’s team.

“What about me!” Chen Guo had come with them to the boss. Ye Xiu had picked out a bunch of people, but she wasn’t one of them. It made her angry.

“Uh…... a team can only have ten people maximum…..” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo wanted to cry. She was the boss, yet no face was given to her.

“Don’t you have too many Clerics!” Chen Guo noticed. Of the ten, Ye Xiu, Little Cold Hands, and Heavenly Justice’s Thousand Falling Leaves were all clerics. There were times when three healers when needed, albeit rare. Chen Guo didn’t care though. She wanted a spot.

“You can just come along with us.” Ye Xiu said.

Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord quickly formed a team with the other nine players. After gathering together, Chen Guo pitifully followed along like an outsider. She waited for instructions, but she didn’t hear Ye Xiu say anything. When she turned to look, he was actually typing.

“How am I supposed to see it if you type!” Chen Guo got angry. Ye Xiu was giving instructions to the team through the team chat. Chen Guo wasn’t a part of the team though, so she couldn’t see any of the messages.

“Okay, so it’s like that. Everyone, get ready. Chasing Haze, follow us.” Ye Xiu immediately shouted. Chen Guo wanted to cry again. Ye Xiu said a few words to appease her anger. How could that be considered as giving her any face?

“Everyone else, pay attention to our movements and coordinate with us.” Ye Xiu said in the QQ group chat and then began leading the team.

“Chasing Haze, Satellite Beam!” Ye Xiu gave Chen Guo a task. Chen Guo didn’t know whether this was a consolation prize or not. In any case, she carried out her given task. A brilliant Satellite Beam descended from the skies, directly towards Tyrannical Ambition. Tyrannical Ambition refused to budge though. The healers simply had more work to do. The sacred light matched the strength of the Satellite Beam, quickly rendering it null. The other side had more players. Clerics were also one of Tyrannical Ambition’s two best classes. A single Satellite Beam wouldn’t do much.

“Forward!” But the team charged forward nonetheless. The one at the front was Tang Rou’s Battle Mage. Her Dragon Breaks the Ranks sent three flying. Tyrant’s Destruction and Falling Flower Palm sent several more away as well. However, soon afterwards, three Sacred Fires surrounded Tang Rou’s Battle Mage in a triangle, trapping her inside. The long-ranged mages fired a barrage of spells. The gunners focused their fire. They made every effort to kill this reckless lone wolf.

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire!

Crimson Storm!

Ocean Ahead and Loulan Slash timed their attacks perfectly alongside Tang Rou’s attacks. Lightning and fire covered the ground. Blood aura boiled about. Yet Tyrannical Ambition stood strong. They just couldn’t see Tang Rou’s Battle Mage anymore. 

“Keep up her health!!”

Ye Xiu personally led the healing. The three Clerics focused their heals onto Tang Rou’s Battle Mage. At the same time, everyone rushed into the enemy ranks. From the very beginning, every one of them carried an automatic heal over time buff.

“Holy Commandment!” Ye Xiu shouted again. The three cast Holy Commandment. Ye Xiu had told them where to cast the spell beforehand. Their Holy Commandments landed on the enemy troops ahead. Despite being inside Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire’s spell range, the three players immersed in the sacred light glowed brightly.

After being hit by the skill, the three became the focus of everyone’s attacks. The three obviously understood this reasoning and hastily retreated, but a Dragon Breaks the Ranks welcomed them. Tang Rou wasn’t the only Battle Mage in the team. Little Bei was there too.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks, Tyrant’s Destruction, Falling Flower Palm swept the field clean. A common combo like this was something an aspiring pro player like Little Bei could easily do. His usage was even better than Tang Rou’s too. Many Tyrannical Ambition players were once again sent tumbling. Night Tide and Steamed Bun rushed out. They didn’t attack towards a specific direction, but rather revolved around the team, protecting them. The team was now deep in enemy territory. The next person to attack was Qiao Yifan. One Inch Ash set up an Ice Formation, instantly freezing several Tyrannical Ambition players. The team quickly wiped the frozen blocks away. The ten players along with Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze stood together, fending off enemy attacks around them, while slowly advancing forward using Qiao Yifan’s ghost formations.

The assault began with Tang Rou’s initial attack, but the one to lead the way was Qiao Yifan’s Ghostblade. The pressure was huge for the three Clerics though. Deep in enemy territory, the melee attacks weren’t too difficult to deal with, but the long-range attacks, especially the AoE ones, were difficult to avoid. They all depended on the healing from the three Clerics to survive. The mana costs for the Clerics were immense, but support soon came from behind. The alliance troops attacked the two sides along the path set by the team. If Tyrannical Ambition was only concerned with Ye Xiu’s small team, Ye Xiu would be happy. Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses would fall even faster in that case.

Unfortunately, Zhang Xinjie wouldn’t make such a low leveled mistake. His troops continued to prioritize the large-scale assault, which reduced the pressure on the ten-man team, allowing them to quickly advance. Zhang Xinjie’s defensive formation had a fair amount of depth to it, but by not prioritizing the small team, the small team easily broke through.

“D*mn, we’ve been ignored!” Ye Xiu wasn’t happy about breaking through the defensive lines. He sighed instead because he knew they were let through. Getting the team through wasn’t his intent. He hoped that their team would put pressure on Tyrannical Ambition and disrupt the enemy’s flow. Zhang Xinjie saw through it though. He still focused on the overall situation. A ten-man team? Letting them through was fine. A ten-man team stealing away the boss under Zhang Xinjie’s eyes was at all possible.

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