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Chapter 730 - Blue River’s Suicide Squad

Blue Brook Guild, Samsara, and Seaside were in an awkward situation. It seemed pointless to fight. One of the two Gods was going to take the boss, but retreating felt shameful! Even though you could say, oh, we came across two Gods, just fleeing at the sight of them was too cowardly, no? If word spread around, it could easily turn into one team being afraid of the other team. That wasn’t acceptable.

As a result, although the three guilds felt uneasy, they had no choice but to continue fighting foolishly. Even if they knew that they had no chance, they still had to follow the proper steps. Being a Club guild came with its own problems!

Meanwhile, Tyrannical Ambition and the alliance stood opposite from each other. The atmosphere was quite heavy, but neither side moved. The respective group chats on both sides were filled with messages though. Ye Xiu and Zhang Xinjie were currently arranging their troops. From a communication perspective, Tyrannical Ambition had the clear advantage. Zhang Xinjie could use the guild chat to give everyone orders.

It was more troublesome for Ye Xiu’s side though. The four guilds each had their own troops. He had to type his instructions into the QQ chat group and then have the guild leaders pass down the orders to their respective troops.

The first to move was Tyrannical Ambition.

The Tyrannical Ambition troops split into two. One half moved into a defensive formation like a wall, blocking off Ye Xiu’s side from the battlefield. The other half directly joined the chaotic boss fight and started contesting with the other three guilds.

The first to make a move may have the initiative, but it also revealed their strategy. The last to make a move could come up with a more direct countermeasure. Of course, as one of the four Master Tacticians, Zhang Xinjie accounted for it. Tyrannical Ambition acted swiftly, not wanting to give the other side enough time to respond. Although the defensive side formed a wall, they didn’t just stand there and wait. They pressed towards Ye Xiu’s side as if wanting to push them out of the battle.

The other side had to respond to an attack from the front. Zhang Xinjie hoped Ye Xiu would directly contend with them and crash into the wall. Zhang Xinjie didn’t think that they would be able to completely block the enemy troops, but he only needed time. It was only a Level 55 boss. With their level advantage, they would kill it very fast.

It had to be said that Blue River’s initial plan was no different from Zhang Xinjie’s. However, he overestimated the influence an individual could make on the battlefield and tried to let Lu Hanwen stall the enemy troops. However, the following events proved that in front of a well-organized group, an individual’s strength was too insignificant to matter.

How were things going for Lu Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud? Not many were paying attention to him at this moment. Even Blue River, who had originally been leading the rescue team, ran back dejectedly to fight the boss after seeing those two forces collide.

“How is it going, Little Lu?” Blue River could only message Lu Hanwen to let the other know that he hadn’t been forgotten.

“Ye Qiu really is a difficult opponent. Not only did he see through the flaw in my Shadow Steps, he even used Knight taunt skills to put a collar on me!!!” Lu Hanwen liked to use exclamation marks, making it sound like he was always excited.

The words “put a collar on me” made Blue River sweat. This little kid really had a way with words. What kind of person are you regarding yourself as?

“Can you still hold on?” Blue River asked.

“They don’t seem to want to spend the time to kill me!” Lu Hanwen replied.

“Yeah, they’ve got a formidable opponent.” Blue River said.

“Who?” Lu Hanwen asked.

“Zhang Xinjie. Tyrannical Ambition’s vice-captain.” Blue River replied.

“Ah! The one who’s a Master Tactician like Ye Qiu and Xiao Shiqin! That Zhang Xinjie!!!” Lu Hanwen exclaimed.

“That’s him.”

“I should go watch and learn from them!!”

“What are you doing right now?” Blue River was a bit depressed. Lu Hanwen didn’t seem very busy. He was chatting quite happily.

“There’s no point doing anything. It depends on what they want to do!” Lu Hanwen finally expressed his helplessness. He clearly felt powerless in his current situation.

“Don’t worry. I’ll think of some way to rescue you.” Blue River said. He circled around with his small rescue squad. With those two Gods competing, was there any point trying to fight for the boss? None at all! Blue River felt like if he could stop those two Gods with his troops, he would be qualified to take over Yu Wenzhou’s shotcalling position in Team Blue Rain.

Blue River clearly knew his own capabilities. Although he didn’t say it out loud, he had already given up on the boss. But he wasn’t the type to do things half-heartedly. If Lu Hanwen wasn’t deep within enemy ranks, he would still definitely be trying his hardest leading his troops. But that wasn’t the case, so Blue River just send a suicide squad into the the enemy ranks. As for the fight with the other guilds, he had someone else take over.

When that someone else heard about the arrangement, he nearly pissed himself. If he didn’t know about Blue Bridge Spring Snow’s kindly reputation, he would have thought that Blue Bridge was leaving everyone here to sacrifice themselves, so he could run away safely. Facing Zhang Xinjie and Ye Qiu was too heavy of a responsibility!

“Try your best.” Blue River was quite serious, “We’re going to go rescue Little Lu.”

Blue River led his suicide squad away. Meanwhile, the two forces were already clashing with each other. All sorts of skills and players being blown away flew around everywhere. The two Master Tacticians lived up to their name. Blue River doubted that he could grasp the mind games being played, so he simply watched as if it were a movie. At the same time, he circled around to the back with his suicide squad and found a rooftop to jump onto. The squad leaped up and then lay on their bellies, crawling until they got to the edges of the rooftop to look down covertly.

How terrible!

Lu Hanwen was having a hard time. Ye Xiu’s group as fighting against Tyrannical Ambition. The Knights were the defensive core of the troops. How could they not be used? As a result, they didn’t have the manpower to keep Lu Hanwen under control. But leaving a skilled expert like Lu Hanwen alone was the same as lighting their own home’s backyard on fire. They had to kill him off.

Being restricted by taunts, Lu Hanwen was truly struggling to survive. It was only because his skill level was much higher than a normal player’s that he was still alive. A normal player would have died many times over by now. Even so, Flowing Cloud was just barely hanging on by a thread.

“Buff him!!” Blue River hastily ordered. A Knight and a Qi Master rushed forward immediately.

“Protect!” Blue River ordered. He led the way and jumped down from the rooftop with a Falling Light Blade. The other squad members occupied the high ground and released their long-ranged attacks. The Knight and Qi Master also leaped down. The Knight used a Heroic Leap, while the Qi Master used Slipstream. Along with Blue River and the other squad members, they began fighting fiercely.

These ten players came out of nowhere. They really did surprise the alliance players. However, over here, hundred player groups were the unit of measurement. Ten players weren’t anything to be frightened of, unless these ten were all pro players. That wasn’t possible though. The entire Team Blue Rain being dispatched for a Level 55 wild boss? A commemoration for the level 55 era would be more believable!

“Ah! Leader!!!” The kid had good eyes. The sudden ambush surprised everyone, including Lu Hanwen. But once he looked at them, he noticed Blue Bridge Sprint Snow among them, who descended with a Falling Light Blade. Unfortunately, the Falling Light Blade didn’t hit anyone. The surrounding players had all scattered away to avoid it.

“Leader, you used your Falling Light Blade waaayy too early!!” Lu Hanwen criticized Blue River.

“Shut up!” Blue River blushed. He had to admit though. He really had used his skill too early. But that was to show off their strength, right?

“Buff!” Blue River roared.

“Understood!” The Knight and the Qi Master had been brought over by Blue River to get Lu Hanwen out of his predicament. Just one was enough actually. If their buffs overlapped, it wouldn’t extend the duration or anything. Blue River still brought two over for insurance. 

Heroic Leap and Slipstream both had slight AoE effects, so the surrounding enemies dodged the attacks, giving the two players time to cast their buffs onto Flowing Cloud.

Immovable Mountain.

Calm and Composed.

When these two skills were used, a Knight from the four guild alliance used a Roar, affecting the entire suicide squad, except for Flowing Cloud.

Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud had one of the two buffs, so he wouldn’t be affected by taunts.

“You go first!” Blue River shouted.

“Then what about you guys!” Lu Hanwen said.

“We’ll come back from the revival point!” Blue River said the truth and expressed how they might not be able to escape. But at the same time, he reminded Lu Hanwen: this is a game. If we die, we can just come back. Don’t be like a hero from a drama and insist on dying with everyone else. We’re too old for that sort of thing.

“Don’t jump to conclusions. Buff me and I’ll bring you guys out! Why’d you bring so few people!” Lu Hanwen didn’t leave Blue River and the others. His words sounded quite heroic, making Blue River feel a bit ashamed. He came here thinking he would die. Had he been thinking too negatively?

Headwind Strike!

Flowing Cloud’s sword began to glow to open a path for these ten players. The ten players were affected by Roar, so they all pounced on that Knight. Before reaching the Knight, they were already attacking. If their attacks hit, Roar would disappear. These ten were experienced players. They had already reached this step. How could they let the Knight go so easily? The ten surrounded him. He brought it upon himself. Even if they couldn’t kill him, they could put more pressure on the healers and waste their healing skills.


Blue River and the other nine players were still beating up that Knight, when they heard Lu Hanwen’s shout. They turned their heads. D*mn! In such a short amount of time, there were already quite a few players in front of Flowing Cloud, who were swaying unsteadily. How many skills had he used?

Afterwards, he used Shadow Steps. This was the suicide squad’s first time seeing it. They gasped in shock: “Eight shadows?”

There was no Ye Xiu here. These eight shadows were like eight real shadows to those normal players. The enemies were in a panic. One of the enemy Knights was about to use Roar, but the Knight in the suicide squad activated Knight’s Spirit and re-applied Immovable Mountain on Lu Hanwen. Roar wasn’t going to work. Flowing Cloud forced open a path. The ten players followed behind him. The Knights, who still wanted to taunt them, didn’t have any methods left. There weren’t many Knights remaining here.

“We got out! Ha ha!” Lu Hanwen quickly rushed out. Blue River was ecstatic as well. But at this moment, he received a message from the substitute group leader: “We can’t hold on! The boss has been snatched away!”

Their enemies weren’t any slower…...

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