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Chapter 732 - A God’s Way of Fighting

After breaking through the blockade, Ye Xiu had Enlightened Lord look back. Tyrannical Ambition’s defense was just as complete as before. Zhang Xinjie handled their ten-man team the same way he had dealt with Blue Brook Guild’s Lu Hanwen. Ignoring the threat was the best way to deal with it. Trying to deal with it only made it worse.

Ye Xiu was helpless. Had he made the decision too hastily?

When Ye Xiu looked ahead, the boss had been trapped by Tyrannical Ambition. The aggro still wasn’t stable, but seeing Blue Brook Guild’s helplessness, Tyrannical Ambition thoroughly stabilizing the boss’s aggro was simply a matter of time.

“Let’s go!” Ye Xiu called out to his teammates. Enlightened Lord rushed towards the boss.

“To steal the boss?” Loulan Slash and the others asked.

“That’s a bit too difficult, but we can at least give them some trouble.” Ye Xiu said.

“Alright. We’ll just do as you say!” Loulan Slash said.

“Where’s Zhang Xinjie?” Ye Xiu surveyed the surroundings, but he didn’t see any signs of Zhang Xinjie’s current character, Misty Mountains. Although the value he brought to the table was more than just what a character could bring, being too conspicuous would still certainly make him a target. It was better to stay low. It was something Ye Xiu also did.

“Let’s go from here!” Unable to find Zhang Xinjie, Ye Xiu found an opening.


For this charge, they directly flocked over without the same sort of coordination as before. One Inch Ash threw down a ghost formation. The eleven gathered inside, sending out their skills or coordinating or acting at opportunities. They fought as they pleased. Ye Xiu’s only instruction was to attack whoever was attacking the boss.

For example, when they fought against Howling Heights for the boss, eliminating the Knight, who had the boss’s aggro, was obviously the best way to disrupt the enemy. However, facing Zhang Xinjie, Ye Xiu couldn’t find a big enough opening to do so. They could only keep working at it.

The eleven naturally closed in on the long-ranged classes surrounding the boss first. They were the most convenient targets for them. Tyrannical Ambition quickly formed countermeasures. The long-ranged classes shrunk away and switched places with the melee classes, who fended them off.

“Stick closely!” Ye Xiu instructed.

Qiao Yifan placed his ghost formations tightly. The eleven chased after the long-ranged classes and continued bullying them. However, the enemy gunners threw grenades together and the enemy mages erected Fire Walls. They were clearly being directed by someone. In an instant, Ye Xiu’s team was separated from Tyrannical Ambition.

“Turn right!” Ye Xiu ordered again.

A shotcaller needed to make swift decisions and quickly adjust depending on the situations.

They continued to follow their original strategy of attacking anyone who was fighting the boss. Strategy gave a general direction. Tactics were the details. Tactics needed to be constantly adjusted. This was where the value of a shotcaller could be displayed. Having a shotcaller who couldn’t adapt was the same as having none at all.

“Second group leader, break through there!”

The person telling the second group leader where to go wasn’t his own ally, but the name of an enemy player. Ye Xiu had targeted a Tyrannical Ambition player called Second Group Leader. This player wasn’t actually a priority target. Ye Xiu was using him as an indicator for the general direction. A Holy Commandment soon fell. Steamed Bun’s Brawler rushed over the fastest and initiated with a Strangle. Holy Commandment increased damage from all sources by 30%. Strangle dealt 150% of his physical attack. With another wave of attacks following, how could this Second Group Leader survive?

Even worse, the people who killed him didn’t care about him. He was just an indicator for where Ye Xiu’s team would move to. Killing him was simply because he was a convenient target for tactical purposes. 

Tyrannical Ambition switched out their melee classes to defend. The enemies quickly moved.

“Cut off their rear. Have four teams gather at the 10 o’clock direction to confront them. Long-ranged classes cover the field. Push them towards Blue Brook Guild’s side.” Zhang Xinjie was watching Ye Xiu’s team closely! He gave command after command. It was his main work right now.

“Long-ranged classes, attack. Hurry! Rush forward and break through!”

Zhang Xinjie ordered four teams to meet Ye Xiu’s team, but such a gathering couldn’t be done in an instant. Ye Xiu also gave a command swiftly. Seeing the other side’s intentions, he decided to forcefully break through while the other side’s formation wasn’t complete yet. In this confrontation, Ye Xiu’s team had fewer people, so it was more agile. Their battle strength could be displayed without restraint.

Before Tyrannical Ambition’s four teams could reach 60% of what Zhang Xinjie hoped, the eleven charged over. Chasing Haze began firing a barrage of bullets. Ocean Ahead covered the team with spells. One Inch Ash paved a path with his ghost formations. The two Battle Mages once again became the spearpoint. Loulan Slash rampaged. Steamed Bun’s Brawler and Night Tide’s Grappler didn’t have good AoE attacks, so they specifically looked for any openings. If they saw a player, who was at a loss for what to do, they immediately went over to bully him.

With this sudden and violent attack, how could the four teams finish assembling? The eleven instantly broke through. The four teams were at a loss for a moment. They obviously knew why Zhang Xinjie wanted them to gather together, but they failed to do so, so should still continue gathering together? 

“Two teams move left and converge. Long-ranged classes go in and cover the gap. Chase after them with your long-ranged attacks.” Zhang Xinjie felt sorry that it didn’t works, but it was never realistic to expect something to happen for sure. His troops were temporary ones, so their ability to carry out his orders was limited. If he had Tyrannical Ambition’s elite troops, perhaps it might have worked.

It was just a maybe though.

No one could guarantee something would happen in a battle.

“Knights, chain three Provokes and lead the boss in the 7 o’clock direction. Everyone else follow after the boss.” Zhang Xinjie said.

When the boss moved, the entire battlefield slowly shifted. Ye Xiu’s team stayed in the same place, but their relative location to the boss was changing. Ye Xiu turned around to check the overall situation. Zhang Xinjie wanted to throw them into Blue Brook Guild. Along with the long-ranged classes pressuring them, he wanted them to clash with Blue Brook Guild.

Ye Xiu wasn’t going to fall for it.

“Charge! Continue charging forward!”

It was a simple order. He was banking on their team’s far superior strength. Tyrannical Ambition had to guard the boss and block Blue Brook Guild. There was no way for them to concentrate their forces onto them. In this situation, Zhang Xinjie being able to distance the boss from Ye Xiu’s team was worthy of being called a God.

“This isn’t good!” Ye Xiu surmised. Even though their team was unstoppable, they were still unable to close in on the boss. Zhang Xinjie utilized his numbers advantage, minimizing the damage their team could bring.

“We have to break in.” Ye Xiu decided.He knew Tyrannical Ambition’s core defense would be like an iron wall, but they had no choice. They needed to tear through the iron wall. If they didn’t, there would be no more opportunities.

“Tofu Pudding Cake, kill!”

Tofu Pudding Cake was another unfortunate player to be named. Ye Xiu saw him and picked him. The eleven charged. Tofu Pudding Cake died and his corpse marked the team’s new path.

“This time, we’ll be relying on you and Little Bei.” Ye Xiu told Loulan Slash. Opening up a path fit Tang Rou the best, but Tang Rou’s current equipment wasn’t doing enough. Poor equipment meant low damage. No matter how hard she tried, there were things she couldn’t do. Their following plan required power and force.

If it were One Autumn Leaf…...

Ye Xiu couldn’t help but think. If he had One Autumn Leaf, he might have been able to open a path earlier.

“Relax. Leave it to me!” Loulan Slash replied. As a guild leader and team captain, Loulan Slash knew when to take responsibility. It wouldn’t be right to have Ye Xiu give him a task only for him to say “I can’t do it. Let someone else do it.”

“Little Tang, you follow after them. Steamed Bun and Night Tide act as support. Chasing Haze and Ocean Ahead protect them. Everyone else knows what to do, right? Okay, let’s go!” Ye Xiu arranged their formation and they put their plan into motion. He wanted to make an abrupt move to fluster Zhang Xinjie.

“So he really did decide to charge, huh.”

Ye Xiu’s tactics truly made it difficult for Zhang Xinjie to contend against. His troops were constantly rushing about, but he had figured out Ye Xiu’s general intent long ago. Someone as cautious as him had already made preparations for this stage before it was necessary.

“Too bad! His team’s DPS isn’t high enough!” Zhang Xinjie had noticed their team’s brave charge and had noticed this unfortunate problem. Heavenly Justice’s five players had top-tier equipment, but the others were underwhelming.

“If your equipment is lacking, you can make up for it with your skill. If you were a damage dealer, even with poor equipment, it might have been enough. But too bad! You’re using a Cleric. Despite your support, it isn’t enough!” Zhang Xinjie was completely calm now. No one was more familiar with Clerics than him. The support skills weren’t enough to be a deciding factor. According to the enemy team’s coordination, Zhang Xinjie had made adjustments to their defense. He believed that there were no holes. The ten-man team wouldn’t be able to break through. After a while, the team might even be surrounded and eventually be killed alongside the boss.

“Not good…..” Their initial assault went well, but Ye Xiu soon noticed the enemy’s swift response. The enemy defense soon became difficult to penetrate. Seeing the enemies ahead, none of the ideas that Ye Xiu thought up of would work. They couldn’t tear through the iron wall. The reason was heartbreaking: their DPS wasn’t high enough.

“Prepare to retreat.”

“Prepare to surround them.”

The two Gods gave their respective orders simultaneously. Who knew at this moment, someone from outside rushed over: “Ah! There’s an opening here! I’m in!!!!”

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