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Chapter 946 - Take This Seriously

Whether it was inside or outside the game, Mo Fan never showed any response towards Ye Xiu’s instructions. However, the discussion between Ye Xiu and Wei Chen had struck an alarm bell to everyone in Happy.

Bullying normal players wasn’t difficult for them, so they wouldn’t usually consider any losses in battle. This time’s training was different though. They were facing pro players. Running into one or two wasn’t a big deal. After all, they were a team; they had the numbers advantage! But this time, the other side came out with six in one breath. These six were all All Stars this year. There was no need to question their strength. Moreover, while these six had come out, who knew if there was anyone else hiding within the guild? One dragon after the other had appeared just before, no?

In the past, Ye Xiu would have certainly waited until enough had happened before calling everyone to move out, doing whatever was convenient for them. It was different this time. They weren’t here to snatch the boss. They were here to use the boss as a business item and fight with these pro players, so they obviously couldn’t wait until these guys weakened and then come out to directly attack the biggest problems*. Everyone was spirited and full of energy. It would only be meaningful if this battle went back and forth three hundred rounds!

"Wealth and glory goes to those who takes risks! Comrades, forward!" Ye Xiu mobilized his troops.

"What type of stupid speech is that?" Chen Guo complained.

"Huh? Why are you here?" Ye Xiu questioned.

Chen Guo gave Ye Xiu a death glare outside of the game. That guy always disregarded her. Her Chasing Haze was also a member of the team. Why couldn’t she practice together with them?


Team Happy didn’t lack a spirited person like Lu Hanwen. Tang Rou supported Ye Xiu’s decision. Her Soft Mist was the first to charge forward.  

Qiao Yifan continued to mature during this period of time. His ability to grasp the overall situation and to coordinate with others had become more outstanding. His understanding towards a Phantom Demon had reached a pro level. When he saw Soft Mist move, he didn’t dare dally and immediately followed after her, ready to cast a ghost formation at any moment. 

"Let’s go then!" Seeing how two of his teammates had charged forward, Wei Chen didn’t say anything more. Even though he really really wanted to hide his Death’s Hand first, his teammates had already rushed out. He couldn’t just go back and make a trip to the city.

"Humph!" Chen Guo’s anger hadn’t subsided yet. She glared fiercely at Ye Xiu and then controlled her Chasing Haze to move forward as well. She lift the steel cannon in her hands and started taking aim at the alternate accounts of those Gods. Not long afterwards, the summons from Concealed Light blocked her line of sight.

"Concealed Light, move your things aside!" Chen Guo was furious. Luo Ji’s skill level had risen. He could skillfully control several summons now, so when the battlefield became chaotic, he could increase that number a bit. Summoners weren’t a welcome class in teams. It wasn’t without reason. For example, long-ranged classes would feel annoyed if something like this happened to them.

Lou Ji heard her boss shout at him. He felt embarrassed and immediately had his summons give way. At this moment, Ye Xiu mercilessly pointed out: "You moving away is much easier than him moving his summons away."

"WHAT?!" Chen Guo flared up. Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle strode over behind her and said kindly: "Follow me!"

Wu Chen didn’t say anything more, but Chen Guo could feel that it was her Chasing Haze that had been positioned poorly. However, she had yelled at Concealed Light to move his summons away. It made it seem like she was doing things randomly…...

"It’s all because of you!" Chen Guo humphed at Ye Xiu. That wasn’t her playstyle.

"Haha, I know you didn’t do it on purpose." Ye Xiu said.

"..." Chen Guo hated how she couldn’t bring out her steel cannon from the game! If she had that in her hands, she would have certainly blasted Ye Xiu into oblivion.

Everyone in Team Happy came out one after the other. The players of the three guilds went into an uproar.

If it could be said that watching All Stars fight was a joyous scene for everyone, then Happy was a plague to be avoided.

"Lord Grim is here!"

For a moment, howls echoed as if wolves had come. In the chats of the three guilds, people were constantly shouting and typing.

"It seems like the famous ones are here..."

The Gods fighting each other also noticed them. When Lin Jingyan heard the cries from the players, he couldn’t help but glance over and felt all sorts of emotions.

"How about we ally together to crush that guy first?" Zhang Jiale suddenly came up with a grand proposal. Among everyone here, apart from those young rookies, who didn’t want to crush that guy rushing over? It was a good opportunity right now!

"I support this suggestion! Hahahahaha!" Huang Shaotian shouted.

"Then let’s go!" Wang Jiexi expressed his approval.

"Should we call over Old Han too?" Lin Jingyan wasn’t satisfied with just this.

"Call him out in the chat group. Whoever wants to come can come! We’ll go first." Zhang Jiale was clearly more ruthless. After saying these words, he stopped fighting and turned his gun around. His Hundred Blossoms fighting style instantly provided cover for everyone.

Wang Jiexi didn’t raise any objections. Just when he was about to jump on his broom and fly away, a sword pierced through his stomach. He had actually been struck from behind.  

"Huang Shaotian..." Wang Jiexi’s voice was filled with helplessness.  

"Hahahaha, this is revenge for the previous 3v1!!!" Huang Shaotian laughed wildly.

How could Wang Jiexi let him run rampant? His character turned around and flew down. Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master lifted his sword into a defensive position. Zhang Jiale’s Spitfire had already let loose a gorgeous display of explosions. Then, he heard the sounds of fighting behind him. He turned around and almost died from anger.

"Can’t you guys be a bit more serious?" Zhang Jiale was furious! His Hundred Blossoms style consumed lots of his skill cooldowns and mana. In particular, when facing a top-tier expert like Ye Qiu, throwing two or three bombs at him wouldn’t be enough, so he needed to go all out. His hard work wasn’t just to let loose some fireworks for those two to enjoy.

Lin Jingyan actually went to the pro player chat group and typed out a message. When he went back to the game from QQ, he saw this scene. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

Lu Hanwen and Gao Yingjie were following their seniors blindly. Their seniors seemed to have stopped fighting, so they stopped too. Then, they saw Huang Shaotian and Wang Jiexi battling again. Without another word, the two did the same.  

During this short period of time, while the Gods were in-fighting, Happy approached. Artillery fire boomed. Summoned creatures charged forward chaotically. Happy had been formed for such a long time already. They practiced together every day. They were no longer three-legged cats when they went into battle, especially for this type of unmanned initiation with the purpose of causing chaos for the opponents. Their fighting was sharp and professional.

As a result, this wave of sharp coordination crashed against scattered sand. Even if each piece of sand was a God, they were instantly struck silly. Each character suffered different levels of damage. Zhang Jiale’s Spitfire was thrown onto the ground by a Circle Swing from Tang Rou’s Soft Mist. He even heard that sister mumble to herself in disappointment: "God?"

"A warrior can be killed but not disrespected!" Zhang Jiale roared. He threw a grenade at Soft Mist’s face. Tang Rou was experienced now. She was no stranger to any class. When she saw that it was just a normal grenade, she didn’t take it too seriously. She swung her spear, striking the grenade and stabbing towards the Spitfire on the ground. But when her spear passed through the smoke and light from the grenade’s explosion, it didn’t hit anything. Then, she heard a voice from behind her.

"Girl, turn around and take look at a God!"

Tang Rou was startled.

Using a grenade’s explosion to achieve the same effects as Ninja’s Smoke Bomb was something that Tang Rou had never seen before by Spitfire.

But no matter how great you were, it wouldn’t scare Tang Rou. She didn’t listen to his words and turn around. Instead, she directly sent her spear backwards.

"Wow! Impressive!" Zhang Jiale saw her directly attack behind her. It was quite a difficult move to execute. There were practically no normal players who could do it in a real battle. It was only a small praise though. Normal players might not be able to do it, but in the pro scene, who couldn’t perform such a basic move?

Bang bang bang bang!

Tang Rou’s attack wasn’t faster than Zhang Jiale’s bomb. As soon as the first bomb exploded, Zhang Jiale started his combo show. Four explosions in a row all dealing additional back attack damage.   

Soft Mist ate four explosions in a row. Tang Rou stared blankly. She couldn’t do anything at all. Only then did she understand that getting an attack in on a God wasn’t a reason to underestimate him. That could only happen if she attacked him until he died.

After these four chain explosions, there was no more. It wasn’t that Zhang Jiale wanted to stop his combo, but someone had disrupted him. It was a team fight. In these moments, everyone had to help each other. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun still lacked this awareness, but Qiao Yifan was quite accomplished in this area. His One Inch Ash used Ghost Slash, accurately creating a gap between Zhang Jiale’s Spirtfire and Tang Rou’s Soft Mist.

"Yifan!" Gao Yingjie saw One Inch Ash appear and immediately called out. One Inch Ash was Qiao Yifan. That was no secret.

"Your friend?" Lu Hanwen saw Gao Yingjie’s Witch look over there and even give a shout, so he asked.  

"Yeah!" Gao Yingjie replied.

"Is he strong?" Lu Hanwen asked.

"Uh..." Gao Yingjie wasn’t able to reply. He didn’t want to look down on his good friend, but for a pro player, "strong" wasn’t a good description for Qiao Yifan’s class.

"I’ll go see for myself." Lu Hanwen suddenly said and then Triple Slashed towards Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash.

"Ah!" Gao Yingjie was startled. After a bit, he woke up.

For a moment, he had forgotten that Qiao Yifan was no longer part of Team Tiny Herb. They were no longer teammates. He instinctively rushed over to protect him; his Witch immediately jumped onto his broom and flew over.

Qiao Yifan had an outstanding grasp of the overall situation. He naturally noticed Lu Hanwen heading towards him. His One Inch Ash swung his sword and activated an Ice Boundary in front of him, creating a protective zone.

Lu Hanwen saw it and could only go around. However, Gao Yingjie’s Witch caught up and rushed down from above, sending Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master into a stumble.

One Inch Ash was in his own Ice Boundary. He obviously wouldn’t be affected by it. He moved through the Ice Boundary and followed up Gao Yingie’s attack. His sword let out a Moonlight Slash, Full Moon Slash, and then a Ghost Slash to knock Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master far far away.

"To think we would fight side by side in this type of situation." Gao Yingjie realized that the two were not teammates. He forced out a smile somewhat sadly.

Before Qiao Yifan could say anything, Gao Yingjie’s character was lifted up from behind and then thrown. He was unable to Quick Recover. It was a grab.

"What side by side? You guys are enemies! Take this seriously!" Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim threw Gao Yingjie’s Witch away.

*TLN: The original phrase is "directly attack Huanglong".

The origin of this phrase comes from this:
(Song Dynasty General) Yue Fei studied martial under Zhou Tong. After Zhou Tong died, he would sweep Zhou Tong’s tomb every month. His father praised him for his faithfulness: "If there’s a chance for you to serve your country, then you should take it!" In 1122, Yue Fei enlisted into the army. Due to his bravery and skill at fighting, he soared from a normal soldier to a great leader. Yue Fei was very kind to his subordinates: If a soldier fell ill, he would personally brew medicine for him. The remunerations to a family for a soldier’s death was small, so he would divide a portion of the rewards given by the court to those who died. Whenever there was a military operation, he would gather everyone over to discuss and agree upon it before setting out. Thus, when his troops suddenly encountered enemies, they would not panic. However, his military morals were very strict: One time, a soldier took a saddle from a commoner. That soldier was immediately put to death under martial law. His troops would sometimes need to pass the night on the road. The commoners opened their doors to welcome them, but no one dared to go. The commoners called them "The Yue Family Army."

The Yue Family Army fought bravely for ten years and recovered a large portion of lost land. In the Zhuxian Town campaign, they broke through Jin Wuzhu’s army. The morale of the Jin soldiers were at the lowest, while the morale of the Song soldiers were at their highest. The people occupied by the Great Jin stood up and rallied together. Recovery of the Central Plains was imminent. Yue Fei spoke to his army with excitement: "Directly attack the Huanglong Prefecture and then drink to your heart’s content!" The Huanglong Prefecture is the current-day Jilin Province Nong’an County. Back then, it was the central region of the Great Jin.

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