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Chapter 947 - Free-for-all Brawl

Qiao Yifan’s manners were indeed proper, and Gao Yingjie’s Witch had already been thrown far away, no longer able continue fighting. Qiao Yifan continued to control One Inch Ash to clean up the scene.

"Nice Phantom Demon!"

A voice from above called out. Another Witch flew by on a broom, but this time, it wasn’t Gao Yingjie.

Coming face to face with his former captain, Qiao Yifan couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. For a moment, he forgot how to respond. Seeing Steamed Bun Invasion’s Brawler quietly snuck up on Wang Jiexi’s Witch with a brick, he actually subconsciously yelled out, "Watch out!"

In reality, how could Wang Jiexi fall for such an obvious sneak attack? He had even noticed Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master attack from another side. How could Steamed Bun’s far less clever attack ever hope to hit him? While dodging Huang Shaotian’s blade, Wang Jiexi simply maneuvered to avoid Steamed Bun’s brick in passing.

"Traitor!" Steamed Bun yelled out angrily, actually acting as if Qiao Yifan’s warning was the sole reason his attack had failed.

"What?" Qiao Yifan instantly reacted, feeling ashamed. He felt like he couldn’t show his face in front of this entire room of people anymore. Regardless of whether or not his warning actually helped, at that moment, he had truly betrayed the team. Although he had only been in Tiny Herb for one year, his feelings towards the team were quite complicated.

After avoiding two sneak attacks, Wang Jiexi pushed his Witch forward, like a race car drifting within a crowd. Huang Shaotian couldn’t keep up with his rhythm for a moment. As his Blade Master raised his sword, he easily slashed towards Steamed Bun Invasion.

"Ack!" Steamed Bun cried out in fear, controlling his character to jump away, but Huang Shaotian’s unleashed sword skill had already arrived.

Qiao Yifan anxiously cleared his mind. One Inch Ash moved like a Berserker, bravely pouncing forward to protect Steamed Bun Invasion. Because of this, Concealed Light’s summoned beast attacked one step ahead, joining Steamed Bun Invasion to surround and trap Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master.

"Wait it’s me! Don’t make a mistake!" Steamed Bun quickly shouted at Luo Ji.

Luo Ji didn’t know what to say. Did he really look foolish to the point where he couldn’t distinguish friend from foe?

Sword light burst out and Concealed Light’s ring of summoned beasts were actually all scattered by Huang Shaotian. Luo Ji was dumbstruck. A God’s strength indeed couldn’t be estimated with normal reasoning. Even like this, they couldn’t surround him?

Suddenly, a Warlock’s Hexagram Prison emerged from the ground in a flash of light, trapping Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master. A moment later, Huang Shaotian also felt deeply moved. He controlled his Blade Master to turn and look at the Warlock who had just cast Death’s Door.

Wei Chen was bragging. "Thinking back to those days, my single Hexagram Prison was able to completely trap Huang Shaotian. The best BOSS hunter in the online game? A joke, as soon as he ran into me…..."

While talking, he only saw one side of Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master. In the split second before the Hexagram Prison was complete, Huang Shaotian dodged sideways into the gap between two beams of light, making his escape.

"How did he run into you?" Steamed Bun asked, actually listening to Wei Chen’s bragging.

"Ah, times have really changed…..." Seeing that Huang Shaotian was able to escape even in this situation, Wei Chen felt wistful. Nowadays, Huang Shaotian was no longer that naive youth he could easily pin down. As a peak God in the Glory Alliance, him pinning down Wei Chen was much more likely.

Indeed, after cutting through Concealed Light’s summoned beasts and breaking out of the Hexagram Prison, Huang Shaotian completely ignored Steamed Bun Invasion, directly charging towards Wei Chen’s Windward Formation to pin him down.

"Damn! Protect me!" Wei Chen really didn’t hold back. When meeting a strong opponent, he quickly turned and ran away, moving smoothly and confidently.

"You have nowhere to run!" Suddenly, in front of him Lu Hanwen appeared, who had returned once again after Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash had knocked him flying. He coordinated with Huang Shaotian’s offensive, blocking Wei Chen’s Windward Formation.

This was the confrontation between Team Blue Rain’s most senior retired player and its youngest new recruit.

Team Happy’s members couldn’t hold back their emotions, all turning to watch.

"Help! Help!!"

Except, all they saw was Wei Chen simultaneously yelling and controlling Windward Formation to continue running away. Meeting Lu Hanwen, who wasn’t even half his age, Wei Chen still had no reservations about fleeing.

Support quickly arrived.

Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle aimed the muzzle of his cannon, coming over to provide cover fire for Windward Formation. Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze copied him. However, Lu Hanwen’s mechanics were good. His Blade Master stubbornly blew through two Launchers’ attacks. From this, it was easy to see the difference in the ability levels of the two Launchers. Chasing Haze’s attacks clearly landed a bit further away from Lu Hanwen. This wasn’t because she wasn’t coordinating with Wu Chen’s Launcher; her aim was just much worse.

Thus, even under the artillery fire, Lu Hanwen still put Wei Chen in a difficult situation, making him dart around wildly. Huang Shaotian was embarrassed to run over and 2v1.

As a result, no one noticed that at this moment, Happy’s cleric and quietly started to chant.

Lu Hanwen’s stepped forward.

An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands waved his cross.

The flames of Sacred Fire spread almost instantly, engulfing Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master entirely. He didn’t have a chance to dodge; he didn’t even see Sacred Fire’s little flame. By the time he managed to react, he had already fallen into the trap and been silenced.


Wei Chen laughed, changing from fleeing wildly to suddenly striking back in high spirits, all in an instant. He transitioned back to being entirely at ease. Was this also a type of experience that could be gained? No one knew for sure.

At this moment, all attacks were focused on Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master.

It appeared as if the little Blade Master only had to suffer through three seconds of being silenced, still able to move normally. However, every expert knew that only relying on forward, backward, and sideway movements in battle was not enough to deal with complicated situations. Sometimes skills could be used during battle to increase mobility in specific ways. A character’s movement would also appear faster.

Now, Lu Hanwen was completely unable to use these skills for three seconds. If his opponents were all at Chen Guo’s level, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all. However, there was Wu Chen, and the even more ruthless Wei Chen.

By the time the three second silence ended, Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master was trapped by Windward Formation’s binding curse for another five seconds.

This time, using skills wasn’t a problem. The problem was that his character couldn’t even move. Facing long-range classes, Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master immediately became a sandbag to soak damage. Even Chasing Haze’s Satellite Beam hit its mark, engulfing him from head to toe.

"Little Lu!" How could Huang Shaotian just sit by and watch? He had come over to save Lu Hanwen long ago, yet before he could even move half a step, he was blocked by another sword light. Lord Grim’s figure appeared, his sword returning to its sheath in the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella.

"You! Perfect timing. Let me teach you a lesson!" Huang Shaotian concentrated, drawing his sword, before he was immediately surrounded by summoned beasts. One by one they crowded around him, as if waiting for him to give out free candy.

"Bastard! Fight me 1v1!" Huang Shaotian fumed.

"Lunatic." Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella spit out a tongue of flames, and three anti-tank missiles shot out, coordinating with the summoned beasts, directly exploding on Huang Shaotian and sending him flying. From his spinning camera, he examined the situation.

Lin Jingyan, Steamed Bun.

The two Brawlers attacked at the same time, fighting hand-to-hand.

"Your skill isn’t bad!" Steamed Bun was amazed. "How is it compared to the number one Brawler?"

This one sentence stabbed Lin Jingyan’s sore spot. What was this natural talent in trash-talking?

Saying that I’m the number one Brawler with a straight face? Lin Jingyan wasn’t Wei Chen. He knew very well that his current skill level was below Tang Hao. Even at his peak, if he were pitted against the current Tang Hao, he might still lose more matches than he would win. Yet even if it was like this, Lin Jingyan didn’t have time to give Steamed Bun an analysis of how he was inferior to Tang Hao, right?

"Becoming the number one Brawler, is that your goal?" Lin Jingyan could only steer the conversation in a different direction.

"Nope! My goal is to defeat you!" Steamed Bun replied.

"Oh?" Lin Jingyan was surprised. So he was Steamed Bun Invasion’s goal? This also counted as a type of fan enthusiasm right? Just as he was preparing to act like a Senior, opening his mouth to give a word of encouragement, he heard Steamed Bun continue, "Come, tell me your name!"

Lin Jingyan’s heart broke.

So you don’t even know who I am?

After thinking about it once again, he really was too pompous! Just hearing something along the lines of "your skill isn’t bad" should have told him that his opponent didn’t know who he was! Except, in these present circumstances, he was still wearing Tyrannical Ambition’s guild tag and playing a Brawler! Was it really that hard to tell who he was? Furthermore, without knowing who he was, this guy actually made him his goal? Was this not an overly ambitious claim, but instead a temporary target?

Lin Jingyan was at a bit of a loss.

"Hey, I was asking for your name!" In reality the other side was still unforgiving.

"You . . . guess!" Lin Jingyan really couldn’t tell whether or not this guy was doing this on purpose.

"Damn, so boring! Childish! Child!" Steamed Bun said.

"..." Lin Jingyan really wished this guy would go and challenge Tang Hao.

This was a battle scene, leaving the spectating players completely speechless. They all knew that the players from the present guilds were all All Stars. Except, right now they were fighting with Team Happy, and they didn’t appear dominant at all!

The most tragic case was Blue Rain. Lu Hanwen chased too fiercely, and was now captured. It looked like he would die at any moment.

Blue Brook Guild therefore also became the first guild to react, the guild leader Changing Spring stomping with anger, "Why are you all standing around and watching? Charge!"

"To kill the BOSS, or . . . ?" Someone asked.

Everyone once again became distracted, turning around to look. The Barrier Mountains wild boss Shadow Tactician Shaan was very lonely at this moment, silently wandering to one side. He had been surrounded by so many players, yet no one moved forward to fight him. They were all ignoring him! This kind of treatment, he’s probably never experienced before right?

"Uh…" Changing Spring thought for a moment, before immediately deciding that looking for a PvP confrontation was probably not a good idea. As a proper guild, they should have a proper attitude. Going to the BOSS was the right course of action.

Except, if they turned to make a move on the BOSS, what about the others? Changing Spring turned to look at the other two guilds

Oh, it wasn’t just two. Changing Spring immediately discovered, the guilds present weren’t just those Three Great Guilds anymore. Happy, Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, Parade, and Radiant, this Five Guild Alliance, had finally arrived. From the east came another group, Blossom Valley’s players. From the west came Misty Castle, from the south Samsara, from the north . . . oh, it was the long absent Excellent Dynasty!

So lively . . . Changing Spring thought. Except, as a guild leader, he’d experienced even more spectacular and chaotic battles. Yet, now that he paid attention, how many pro players were hidden among all the guild troops present?

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